by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            A newly recognized retest pattern on hair mineral tests is called the flip or flip over pattern.  The definition is a drastic change in a mineral level, ratio, or pattern.  Usually the change is from very high to very low, or vice versa.




            Common examples include:


1. Drastic change in a level:

A. A toxic flip over might be a toxic metal level that changes from a poor eliminator level, such as 0.003 mg% cadmium, to an elevated hair level such as a cadmium level of 0.013 mg%.

B. A nutrient mineral flip over might be a manganese level or a calcium level that changes from very high to very low, or vice versa.


2. Drastic change in a ratio.

A. The Na/K ratio changes from less than 2 to greater than about 4, or vice versa.  This is an important flip over pattern in almost all cases because the Na/K ratio is so critical for health and healing.

B. The Ca/Mg ratio may change from 30 to 1.5.   Drastic change in the Ca/Mg ratio may have to do with resolution or bringing up of father or mother-related issues in a person.


3. Drastic change in a pattern:

A. The oxidation rate may go from very fast to very slow or vice versa.  Moving from fast to slow oxidation usually means moving into a more introverted, quiet, and lower energy pattern.  Moving from slow to fast usually means moving into a more outgoing, higher energy, and perhaps more aggressive and “speedy” pattern.

B. A bowl pattern may change to a hill pattern, or vice versa.  The bowl and the hill patterns are related in that they appear the opposite visually on an ARL mineral test chart.  The hill is basically a bowl turned upside down.  When a bowl turns to a hill pattern, there is usually a great feeling of being freed or released from a difficult or confusing situation.

C. An amigo flip over pattern. This occurs when all of the three amigos (iron, aluminum and manganese) move from very low to very high, or vice versa.  If they are all released together, a person usually has gotten rid of many oxidant and irritating toxins quickly, and usually feels much better.

D. A thyroid/adrenal flip.  These are of several types:

1) The oxidation rate shifts from fast to slow or slow to fast.  In this case, one of the ratios goes up a lot, while the other goes down significantly.

2) However, it can also occur in mixed oxidation.  In this case, both the adrenal ratio (Na/Mg) and the thyroid ratio (Ca/K) switch from high to low, or vice versa.


            Forward flips and back flips.  By definition, we say that a positive change in a level, ratio or pattern such as the Na/K ratio is called a positive flip or just a flip.  A negative change (from an elevated to a low Na/K ratio, for example) is called a back flip.


            Multiple flips on the same retest.  One can have two or even three flips on the same hair chart.  These may be called double or triple flips.  Sometimes they are all forward flips or all back flips, or they could be a combination of the two.


            Double or triple forward flips and the Moving Fast pattern.  An interesting newer hair analysis pattern

Consists of 2 or 3 forward flips, combined with an amigo dump and a phosphorus level greater than about 25 mg%.  It signifies very rapid positive change.  For this reason, it is called Moving Fast pattern.  It is relatively rare, however.




            In general, when a flip over pattern occurs, even a back flip, it is very positive and indicates a significant amount of progress in healing at deep levels.

The healing is usually not just physical in nature.  According to our empirical research, the appearance of a flip over pattern often correlates to a major change or shift in a person’s mind or personality, in many cases.  This is interesting, as it signals a relationship between a person’s thoughts and feelings, and a drastic change in a major mineral level, ratio or pattern.  It is not surprising, but it is interesting.

For example, many people whose hair mineral retest show a flip over pattern report feeling very differently about their lives, their attitudes, or perhaps have just retraced an important trauma that has literally changed their life.

As we research more, we may discover more specific correlations between particular flip over patterns and symptom changes or other life events.


An analogy that is sometimes helpful, but not always, is that a back flip pattern is similar to suddenly turning over a rock lying on the ground.  It exposes a whole new surface, and causes hidden things to be brought out into the open to be processed or cleaned up.  A forward flip is like turning the rock back over after you have cleaned up whatever was discovered that was hidden.  Again, it is a sudden change, and it often indicates a person has dealt with an old illness or trauma or other situation, as is now ready to move on.


Back flips are often associated with moving into a trauma quickly in order to resolve it.  Forward flips can mean moving out of a retracing of a trauma quickly because the trauma has been retraced.  This is not always the case, but it is common.



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