by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition.  This is a simple, powerful and safe healing method that involves moving oneÕs hands through a personÕs energy field above the body.  When done correctly, the person goes into a light trance state that is very healing.

A helper:  To do this procedure, you will need a helper.

Location: It can be done anywhere, but should a place that is comfortable and safe.

Positions: The person who will enter the trance lies down on a massage table or therapy table, on their back, fully clothed,.  The person can ask to be covered with a blanket to stay warm, if needed. 

The helper stands or usually sits on one side of the person receiving the session.

NOTE: Odd feelings or sensations are possible during the trance state.  Just ignore them.




The helper, sitting on one side of the person receiving the session, slowly moves his or her hands over the midline of the other personÕs body.  The hands move only in one direction – from the head and moving toward the feet, and finally a little beyond the feet.

It usually works best if the helperÕs hands are about 8 inches or 4-5 centimeters above the personÕs body.

When the helperÕs hands reach just below the feet, the helper brings his or her hands in toward himself or herself, away from the other personÕs body, and moves them back up to the head of the person receiving the session.

Then the helper begins another cycle of moving the hands over the body of the other person from the head to the feet.

The trance.  After about 5 to 10 minutes of this activity, the person lying on the table will go into a light trance state.  The person on the table will stay in this state for as long as the helper moves the hands down the body.

It is not a deep trance.  The person on the table can hear things spoken to him or her, and may be able to speak answers.

Do not touch the body because this will bring the person out of the trance.


Sessions can be as long as one wishes.  A session of at least an hour is very healing.  The main problem is that the helper will usually become tired after half an hour or so.

One solution to this problem is to have two helpers who alternate helping.  Another idea is that the two people could change places every half an hour or so.

To end the session, the helper just stops moving the hands over the body.  In a few minutes, the person on the table will return to full consciousness.


Safety.  So far, no problems have been reported.  We will report any cautions or problems that arise in updates to this article.



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