by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Homeopathy is appealing because the remedies are inexpensive and one does not have to change one’s diet or make other lifestyle changes to use it.  However, it has serious problems! We never recommend homeopathy.


The problems are:

1. The remedies are extremely yin.  This is a very serious problem, though it is subtle. One or two uses won’t harm the body much, but repeated use weakens the body badly, even if the remedies cause symptomatic improvement.

2. The remedies are toxic in other ways.  Very subtle toxins from homeopathy build up throughout the body.  They are actually shapes.  For details, see Shape Science.

One of the areas most attacked is the frontal lobe of the brain.

3. Homeopathic shape toxins surround and cloak other types of toxins in the body. This can reduce the harmful effects of other toxins. This is one mechanism of how homeopathy works. One may feel better. The problem is that the homeopathy does not remove the other toxins. It just covers them up.

4. Homeopathy causes serious lymph congestion. This occurs because the lymph system attempts to remove the homeopathic toxins.

5. Homeopathy causes fairly severe liver damage. It occurs because the liver attempts to remove the homeopathic toxins.

6. Homeopathic toxins appear to cause a serious mold infection. The infection causes extreme sensitivity to all mold. The only way to heal the mold infection that we have found is to remove the homeopathy toxins, which can require about 5 to 10 years on a complete development program.

The mold infection is also related to mercury toxicity, which a development program will also take care of better than chelation therapy, in our experience.  In the meantime, one must avoid all larger fish and corn may flare up the mold problem.

This is problematic because we need certain chemicals found in blue corn chips in order for development to occur. It may be possible to partially substitute the cereal grain teff and millet for blue corn, but only do this if absolutely necessary. However, this is still being researched. We will update this article as we learn more.


1. Stop using all homeopathy, including the Bach flower remedies and others. Also, get these remedies out of your house and other places you spend time such as your office.

The use of radionic machines and frequency machines is not quite as harmful, but these are also yin and harmful, so stop these as well.

2. The development program slowly makes the body more yang.

3. Coffee enemas, in particular, slowly can remove homeopathic toxins. An African coffee – especially one from the Congo or Zambia, in particular, may work best to remove homeopathic toxins. The reason is these coffees can contain souls that understand the problem and can see the toxins better than some others. This is a new finding with coffee enemas (2023).

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