By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© May 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.



Definition.  The jolt is an unusual movement of the human body.  It is a coordinated muscular contraction of the neck and trunk that starts at the head and moves toward the feet.  As it occurs, the body moves from side to side, like the movement of a snake.

The movement can occur spontaneously, especially when one is doing the Pushing Down Exercise.  However, it can occur at any time.  With a little practice, one can also cause it to occur consciously.




The jolt is an attempt by the body to produce a layer of protection around the body that is called an etheric sheath.  It is part of the early development of a human being or animal.




Lie down flat on your back on a bed or on the floor.  Do not have a pillow under your head.  You must have a little room to move around on the bed.

Close your eyes.  Now, visualize two points of light, one in the left eye and one in the right eye.  Imagine these points near the inside edge of your field of vision.  Now move the points in a large circle, moving them upward and outward along the edge of your field of vision.

If you do this correctly, often you will experience a jolt.  The body wiggles to one side first, and then to other.  It is somewhat funny-looking, but it feel very good when done correctly.  It loosens the muscles, and should not tighten them up.

You can do up to 10 or more jolts daily, and it will help move more etheric energy downward from your head to your feet.




The jolt procedure moves a lot of etheric energy down the body from the head to the feet.  This is always helpful for health.  You can use jolts to help clear blockages, to promote and speed up your development, and just for fun.  It is relaxing and purely healthful with no risks of which I am aware.




  Some call the jolt a down orgasm.  The reason is that it is a type of orgasm.  Both feel good and involve some muscular contraction.

Both regular orgasms and jolts bring together pairs of subtle human energy fields or so-called “subtle bodies”. 

Regular orgasms bring together the two etheric energy fields or bodies.  Jolts brings together the two oval energy fields or oval bodies.  This is a more advanced subtle energy field or body.  A jolt differs from a standard orgasm in that:

- A jolt begins in the head area and moves down the body.

- Jolts do not involve the sexual organs and do not require any sexual stimulation.

- There is also no ejaculation or fluid release with a jolt, as with a regular orgasm.

- A jolt spins the seven major energy centers of the body faster and in the correct direction.  A regular orgasm spins them faster, but in the wrong direction. 

  As a result of the previous two paragraphs, a jolt or down orgasm is much healthier for you than a standard orgasm.  You can do as many as you wish with only beneficial effects.



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