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The following are the worst habits if one wishes to develop:

- Unforgiveness and holding on to anger and resentments. For details, read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents.

- Raw food diets. For details, read Raw Food.

- Vegetarian diets. For details, read Vegetarianism.

- Not eating enough cooked vegetables. For details, read Fifty Reasons For The Cooked Vegetable Diet.

- Eating any refined flour, refined sugar or fast food.

- Fasting, including intermittent fasting.

- Eating any fruit at all.

- Going to bed later than 9 PM or not enough rest and sleep.

- Not drinking enough water.

- Drinking more than one cup of coffee daily.

- Using random nutritional supplements, herbs, IV vitamins, chelation or homeopathy.

- Ordinary sex more than once a week. Down Sex is excellent and very healing, however, as often as you wish.

- More than 4 ounces of dairy products daily.

- Eating a lot of rice or rice products.

- Eating products of pigs (pork, ham, bacon, lard and others).

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