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These are newer hair analysis patterns that are not in the Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis textbook (2010 edition or earlier editions). 

Definition of the L Pattern:  The calcium/magnesium ratio is greater than about 20, the sodium/potassium ratio is about normal (2.5) and the sodium/magnesium ratio is about normal.  It is often a three lows pattern, although it could be a three or four highs pattern, and it could be a four lows pattern, although I have not seen this as yet.


Visual identification. It is seen visually in most cases when the first four numbers - calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, form the shape of a capital L.  That is, the levels of magnesium, sodium, and potassium on a calibrated graph from Analytical Research Labs are all about on the same relative level on the graph.  Meanwhile, the calcium level is much higher.


Meaning: The L pattern indicates a severe lifestyle or attitude imbalance that is affecting one’s health.  It is an extreme “holding on” pattern.

Symptoms include usually holding on to some anger, depression, and irritability.  The person is usually feeling tired, weak, with weight loss, impaired memory in some cases, irritable bowel syndrome in some cases, perhaps adrenal exhaustion, copper toxicity, slow oxidation in all cases, most have a 3 lows pattern and some have a sympathetic dominance pattern.  There can be a four highs pattern, though this appears to be rare.

It is an exhaustion pattern associated with NOT LIVING ONE’S OWN TRUTH.  Many of these people do not like anything about their lives and some are hypercritical, a little crazy, very yin and perhaps vegetarian types.




This is also a more recently identified pattern on a hair mineral analysis graph from Analytical Research Labs.


Definition of the reverse L pattern.  The calcium/magnesium ratio is about normal, and the sodium/magnesium ratio is about normal.  However, the sodium/potassium ratio is less than about 1.  It may be a three lows pattern, although not necessarily.


Visual identification.  The first three macrominerals appear to form a straight line across the chart, while the potassium level is much higher than this.  This appears visibly as a backwards capital L.


Meaning.  This is an extreme chronic stress pattern.  Usually, the person is in fast oxidation or fast mixed oxidation.

The reverse L pattern may also be related to one’s lifestyle.  It may be caused by lack of rest and sleep, or some other type of chronic stress.  It can also indicate homosexuality.


Related patterns.  It can overlap with the pattern called I’d Rather Die.  This is a person who wants to stay in fast oxidation no matter what.    It may overlap with the pattern called Stuck in Fast.  This is a person who is stuck in fast oxidation because the person needs copper, usually, along with a fast oxidizer diet in most cases.


As these are newer patterns, research continues as to their meaning.


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