by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó February 2010, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Definition.  The passive-aggressive pattern consists of a combination of two simpler patterns:

1. A calcium shell AND

2. A four highs or three highs pattern. 


The pattern is reinforced if the sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5.


Who has this pattern?  it is seen almost always in adults, and is rare in children.  It is also more common in women than in men.


The hair test must be performed by a lab that does not wash the hair for accurate results.




            This pattern combines:

1. A very stable and emotionally “repressed” or “suppressed” pattern, the calcium shell.


2. A very unstable pattern – three highs or four highs. 


This creates an interesting stress response on the part of the person.  On the one hand, they are often emotionally shut down to some degree and unaware of their situation, to a degree.  This can cause a more passive attitude and approach to life.

            However, three highs/four highs indicates a significant degree of inflammation and volatility.  As a result, those with this pattern may keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves much of the time.  However, if they are provoked, tired, or more stressed, they may suddenly lash out at another.  Hence the name – passive-aggressive pattern.

            It may be called the “blow your top” pattern, because it is somewhat like having a pressure cooker with a heavy lid on it, but one that can be lifted off, at times.  Most of the time, the lid keeps things bottled up inside, but if the pressure builds up, the lid can blow.

            The pattern is more likely if the sodium/potassium ratio is low.  This low ratio indicates a tendency for resentment, frustration and hostility.  However, this is not needed for the pattern to be present.




Passive-aggressive pattern often goes away easily with a nutritional balancing program.  It can help a person relax, and come out of the four highs/three highs pattern.  Nutritional balancing is also excellent to get rid of a calcium shell pattern.  When this occurs, the person becomes more aware, and more able to express emotions in a healthier manner.



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