by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Force is a kind of pressure of atoms.  This is a physics definition, but it is the only one that covers all types of force.  For example, we speak of the gravity force, or the force of a wave, or the force of a car hitting a pole.  In all cases, there is a certain pressure of atoms that is present.

Power is the ability to control and manipulate force.  These are the basic definitions I will use for this article, though they may not be complete.




Everyone wants to be powerful, but this can mean many different things to various people:


Š           Physical power. This can refer to the power of an engine that turns a shaft at a particular speed, for example.  The ‘power of nature’ is also a physical power, such as the power of the wind or the ocean waves to smash into the beach.  A piece of glass or plastic cut in the proper shape forms a prism.  The prism somehow manipulates light rays and bend some of them more than others to form a rainbow of colors.
            Human muscle power is a physical control and manipulation of force.  Others are the power of a rifle, or the power of any machine to apply pressure or to move objects, for example.  Even the ability to play the piano is a type of power in which one carefully controls and manipulates physical steel strings by pressing on keys that activate hammers that hit the strings in just the right way.

Š           Enzyme power or strength. This is a critical aspect of health.  It refers to the power of your digestive enzymes, and the body’s ability to make enough ATP to power all bodily activities.  Nutritional balancing restores this power better than other programs I have tested.  For more on this topic, read The Electron Transport System And The Work Of WF Koch.

Š           Mental power.  Power, however, can also refer to the ability to manipulate more subtle forces.  Just as a high-powered computer can manipulate electrons in wires and semi-conductor materials, a powerful mind seems to be able to manipulate ideas and even forces of nature.
            For example, some humans can communicate telepathically.  This is a type of power to communicate by controlling and manipulating very refined forces in nature that form ‘thought waves’ that go from person to person.
            Some people can apparently bend spoons or otherwise alter matter just with their minds.  This is called telekinesis.  Many other types of subtle powers are possible, such as healing another person with energy from your body.

Š           Emotional power.  This may mean very steady or stable, able to argue forcefully without becoming angry perhaps, and able to be emotionally flexible and yet in control of one’s emotions.  This is an excellent human trait that one can develop with some simple training to become aware of one’s emotions, for example.

Š           Financial power. This means not only that one has some money, but also that one knows how to use it or earn, invest, and spend it wisely to achieve one’s financial goals.

Š           Professional power.  This may mean that one is a real expert in one’s career, or is in charge of a lot of people, or is very well-respected and listened to by others in one’s chosen area of expertise.

Š           Religious figures who are powerful.  For example, one may think of the miracles of Jesus.  Many other instances of spiritual power could be cited and fill the bible, for example.  In these instances, however, the real power was not the person who commanded the miracle, but was an unseen hand, or being or force that we will call God.  Jesus said “not my will, but Thine be done” and “Of myself I do nothing.  The Father in me doeth all these things”.
            Religions also teach that anyone can theoretically move toward, and eventually achieve this kind of extraordinary power through right living and perhaps special types of training.  For example in the New Testament, Jesus stated that “Greater miracles than this shall you do”.  This would seem to indicate that such power is not limited to one soul, but can be learned or developed in anyone.




            God is power.  This is an important idea.  God, for many people, is a powerful man who sits on a throne and decides our fate.  But this is just one definition of God.  Other definitions of God are more subtle, such as thinking of God as a power or force, like the “power of nature and nature’s god”, to use an old phrase from the bible.

God can also be thought of as a spiritual power that rules the planets and the universe and keeps the universe spinning and moving in the correct way so the planets do not just fall into the sun or smash into each other.

So God is power.  Know this and align yourself with God.  This is a great secret.  Too many in the modern world hate the idea of God because it was shoved down their throat as a child, or they were forced to go to church and it didn’t make sense, or their hypocritical parents and teachers invoked the “power of God” while they were molesting or abusing them.  So they are angry with God, and would rather do yoga and chant mantras.  You make yourselves weak this way. 

Give up running away from God, however you conceive him or her, and run toward God and you will gain great power.  You will essentially hook up with the “Great Spirit” or great power of this world.  This is what is meant when I say that God is power.


All of these ideas of power have to do with acting in the world in an effective way, and the ability to manipulate the world around you.




Another kind of power is power over oneself.  It is sometimes called will power or self-discipline.  It is the ability to resist temptations, and to overcome resistance in oneself to doing or saying certain things.  It can also be the ability to force oneself to think in certain ways or certain thoughts, while avoiding other thoughts that others want you to think, perhaps.




At the highest level, the journey to power really does not exist.  You have had full power all along.  However, most people have given away their power to their parents as children, to their peers and friends, to their teachers, and later to their husbands and wives, to the government, and so on.  This is the truth, whether or not you believe it.

So at one level there is no journey to power.  There is only recognizing that you give away your power most of the time, and this needs to stop.  Then you will slowly realize you have the power to do all things.

On a more practical level, however, today one must indeed embark on a journey to power because giving power away for so many years has weakened the body and the mind severely.  Thus, on a practical level there is a journey to power that anyone can and should undertake at once.




Begin with power over oneself.  Learning to have power over oneself is definitely the best way to begin your journey to power.  Here are just a few of the reasons why:


1. To prevent the abuse of power. Most people begin to subtly take advantage of others as soon as they gain some power.  They may push them around physically, or perhaps they mistreat them financially or emotionally.  This is harmful for all involved, and it frightens many away from the journey to power.  Developing your self-control and self-discipline is one way to minimize, and perhaps avoid, falling into this trap. 


2. To build a solid foundation for later development of more power.  Developing your inner strength, discipline and will power will bring a kind of balance and strength that will serve you later on.  It is forming a solid foundation for the future.


3. As a secret shortcut to real and solid power.  Working on yourself is the fastest way, in most cases, to become truly powerful in the outer world.  This is explained in more detail below.




Many have heard the phrase “health is wealth”.  However, another correct idea is that true health is power.  It is physical power because without health one’s muscles, timing, coordination and other physical functions do not work as well.

Health is also related to emotional power because without a balanced body chemistry, controlling one’s emotions is more difficult.

Real health also promotes intellectual power, which then can translate into professional and financial power as well.  A secret that the brightest of our leaders in business and elsewhere must be healthy.  Otherwise, they could not keep up the hours of work, and deal effectively with the stress of the job and their busy lives.

Finally, excellent health is required for mental and spiritual power.  This means that good basic health will help the development of the subtle human bodies, the aura, the energy centers that are needed by all people for their mental functioning.




A goal of nutritional balancing, in my view, is not simply to remove symptoms, but to enhance a person’s power as well.  Dr. Eck, who founded nutritional balancing science, did not speak much about this.  However, he realized that his healing system was capable of making powerful changes in a human body.

A primarily nutritional method may seem like a very ordinary or mundane way to develop oneself.  However, as many articles on this website explain, the problem holding many people back today is that their physical bodies are extremely depleted and toxic.  This prevents many people from exercising their potential in every area, including the development of their gifts or powers, as well.

Nutritional balancing always works to increase the cellular energy output of the body.  This was a key idea of Dr. Paul Eck’s.  It is enzyme power, or cellular power production that is just like the electrical power that one generates with gasoline in the car, or with other means.


Nutritional balancing versus stimulants.  By balancing the key mineral ratios in the body, the body’s energy production rises quite dramatically in many cases.  This is totally different from using stimulant substances such as ginseng, caffeine, maca, hormone replacement or other means to give a person more energy.  It is about restoring the natural energy-producing mechanisms of the body, which increases its power to heal, and to accomplish all other body functions.  This is a true type of power at the deepest level.


Toxic metals reduce one’s true power.  Developing biochemical force or power requires removing most toxic metals.  It is not enough to remove just a few with a chelation program or a “cleansing program” for a few months.  It must go much deeper, in my experience.


Nutrient replacement means more power.  Reaching for power also requires replenishing dozens of nutrients, not just a handful.  That is why a “mineral supplement” is not good enough.  It is why I insist on 70-80% cooked vegetables in the diet, as nothing else will do it.  That is, nothing else seems to supply enough of the many minerals the body requires, and not just a select few.  It is also the reason to recommend kelp and certain other products for everyone that are described in other articles on this website.  These also supply many minerals, not just a few.


Raw food eventually causes a lack of power.  Most raw food does not offer the body enough minerals.  It offers many vitamins, lots of fiber, lots of phytochemicals, but not enough minerals because the minerals are locked inside the fibrous tissues of the plant and our bodies cannot release enough of them to really gain all the goodness of the raw food. 

Cows, horses and other vegetarian animals, even apes, can release enough minerals from raw foods, and of course have no choice, but not human beings.  This is my observation, which I know is not shared by most physicians and health authorities.  This is why raw food is not part of nutritional balancing science, except for raw dairy products, and why the more raw vegetables and fruits a person eats, the weaker he will generally become, over time.  Do not be fooled by the temporary stimulation that occurs with fruit and even salads.  This is not the same as true power.

Another problem with raw salads and fruits is they fill up the stomach, so there is literally less room for the cooked vegetables and meats that most people need.  This is important if one is looking for true power.  For more on this subject, read Raw Foods on this website.


Vegetarian diets reduce your power.  Vegetarian diets are lacking in too many minerals and other substances our bodies require such as bioavailable sulfur, zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, carnitine, vitamins A and D, and others.  Animals process grass and other vegetable matter and are able to extract or synthesize these and other vital nutrients.  When we eat their flesh, we get these nutrients easily and we don’t need to work as hard to obtain them.

Sadly, most strict vegetarians die young, in my experience, even if they seem to live healthfully for a while.  They simply run out of minerals because a vegetable-based diet will not supply enough of them. 

Dr. Eck was also very clear that “a vegetarian” does not just mean a person who does not eat meat.  It also means a person who only eats it once, twice or three times weekly.  To be a meat eater means to have animal quality food every day, assuming you can afford it.  Of course, it must be good quality and it does not include pig products, and highly processed products like Egg Beaters, powdered milk, protein powders, processed cheeses, and processed or canned meats.  It does include some fresh, lightly cooked eggs, lightly cooked meats, poultry and perhaps small fish such as sardines.  It should also include raw dairy products that are preferably uncooked, such as fresh cream, milk, yogurt and butter.  Dairy is the only category of food that we find works well in the raw state, and only in moderation.  For more on this subject, read The China Study: A Book Review and Vegetarian Diets.


Too many vitamin pills mean less power.  Many people today believe they can become strong and healthy by taking hundreds of supplements of amino acids, for example, or even mineral supplements.  This does not work well, in my experience.  The reason has to do with the next problem – that of yin disease.


Yin disease.  This is a subtle imbalance in the body related more to physics than to medical care.  Yin is a Chinese word meaning expanded, cold and feminine.  Yang is its opposite, and means masculine and contracted, and hot.  Most bodies today are yin thanks to nutrient deficiencies, toxic metals and chemicals in everyone’s body, and radiation poisoning in everyone.

Power development requires balancing the physics forces of yin and yang.  It is done most easily with the diet, and secondly with yang procedures such as near infrared sauna therapy, but not nearly as well with far infrared saunas.  Among foods, raw food, vegetarianism and fruit are the worst foods to eat if you wish to develop your biochemical power today.  This is why in nutritional balancing does not recommend these.

Fruit is not part of the nutritional balancing diet at all.  Fruit juices are even worse, as are most smoothies, frappes, milk shakes and other liquid concoctions, no matter how healthful the ingredients may seem such as a raw egg or raw, uncooked honey, or raw yogurt, or various protein powders.  All of these are extremely yin, and they form poor food combinations that irritate and damage the intestines because they are so yin.  Balancing yin and yang in your food is quite critical today, and most bodies are very yin, so the food needs to be a little more yang, but not too yang such as eating red meat every day.  That is not helpful, in my experience.

Yin and yang balancing must also be done with every aspect of your lifestyle, supplements, activities, and even your thinking.  For more on this fascinating area of nutrition, read Yin Disease and Yin And Yang Healing.


All drugs are yin and lead to less power.  This applies to recreational drugs like marijuana or cannabis, and to all the others, as well. It also applies to most medical drugs and to many over-the-counter drugs.  Other harmful yin chemicals are found in most skin care products, shampoos, nail polish, hair spray, creams and lotions that many people lavish on their bodies without realizing the damage they are doing to themselves.

The less you put on your skin, the better for it.  Even vitamin C used in skin creams is not good.  Vitamin E is better, because it is much less yin.  The fat-soluble vitamins are less yin, such as vitamins A, D, E and K.  Vitamin K is easy to get from vegetables.  The others are often needed in supplement form as they are critical for health and not plentiful in the diet.

So-called vegetarian forms of vitamin A such as beta-carotene and astazanthin and other carotenes are not nearly as good for your power, however.  They are not as well utilized.  This is another problem with vegetarian diets, which are always lower in animal-quality vitamins A and D, in particular.  It is one reason the vegetarians do not live as long, though they may stay healthy while they are alive.




Your living habits either build power or destroy it. Smart people live a power lifestyle.  This does not mean lifting weights, riding your mountain bike or skiing on the weekends.  It means getting plenty of rest and sleep, eating well, and avoiding all toxins as well as you can.  It also means breathing deeply of pure air, and preserving your mind by not indulging in stupid and degrading lifestyle practices.  These include, in this order, any alcohol or drugs at all, too much sex, too much TV, too much computer or cell phone use, or too much food and drink.

For example, alcohol is particularly yin in nature, which is why it gives one a high as it destroys your brain cells.


Sauna therapy with a near infrared light sauna builds power, while the other types of saunas do not do this as well.

Infrared energy is very special for the human body.  The near infrared spectrum is more yang than the far infrared spectrum and thus much better.  In fact, true far infrared saunas always emit somewhat harmful electromagnetic fields.  The near infrared light sauna does not do this.

A traditional hot rocks sauna or sweat lodge is not too bad, but not nearly as good as a near infrared lamp type.  We currently sell one for under $600.00 US.  If you cannot afford one, you can buy a single reddish, 250-watt “heat lamp” and use it on yourself each day for about an hour, on your abdomen, in particular, and perhaps on the kidneys as well.  This will build some enzyme power, too.  For more on this subject, read Sauna Therapy or see the book, Sauna Therapy.


Coffee enemas build a lot of power.  This may sound unusual, as well, since coffee drinking is basically stimulating and toxic.  Yet the coffee enemas work excellently, in my experience with thousands of people using them.  The main reason is that they move energy downward through the body in a rhythmic fashion, using caffeine, the stimulant drug, in a different way.  They also clean many toxins from the lower part of the body, a seat of power.  They also balance certain meridians by enhancing liver energy.  This is the essence of coffee enemas and power.  To read much more about them, read Coffee Enemas.


The pushing down exercise builds a type of power in the body, while most other meditations leak and destroy this power.  This is a very important subject, since many people are “experimenting” with meditation.  Please be warned.  Most are harmful for the development of what I will call etheric power.  Other mental exercises, prayers, affirmations, chants and mantras may bring peace, joy, love, balance, and some harmony to you, but not etheric power.  Only the procedure described below, which is about moving mental energy downward forcefully into and through the body builds this etheric power.  This type of power, in turn, builds many other types of mental, emotional and what may be called spiritual power.

This is critical because many people spend years investing their time and money in their Buddhist, Vipassana, Zen and so many other meditations that do not build power and actually deplete power if they move energy circularly in the body or worse, move it upwards.  For more on this subject, read Meditation For Healing and Downward Motion And Healing.


Most yoga is harmful to your power.  This is difficult to write about, as yoga is so popular today.  Most yoga seems to damage one’s true power by developing a person unevenly.  This is a complex topic.  It is true that yoga can build physical strength and flexibility, relax the body and the mind, and has other benefits.  However, the power is not balanced in most cases, in our experience.  The exception is very, very gentle rejuvenative yoga, which is closer to meditation and relaxation than it is to yoga. 

Power must be built by moving energy down the body, and never upward, as occurs with too many yoga postures, chi kung regimens, and other Oriental healing practices.  This is why the Christians are leery of all Oriental healing arts, and with good reason.  For more on this subject, read Yoga, Its Benefits and Dangers.




A word that denotes or connotes a person of power is the word warrior.  A warrior does not necessarily mean a person with a sword, a shield or a gun.  A warrior can be someone who works at a desk, or perhaps may describe a single mother taking care of her children.

A warrior, in this expanded sense of the word, is perhaps best understood as a particular personality style or type.  And the word that best describes this type of person is one of power.  The warrior seeks for, understands and knows how to use power to his or her advantage, for good purposes only.  I do not want to give the impression that every soldier is a warrior.  A warrior is someone who knows how to use force and power to build a better world.  For more on this topic, read two articles on this website, The Secret Society Of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors and The Warrior’s Creed.  



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