By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© May 2020, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            At the risk of sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist, it is clear to me that the American people and, indeed, the entire planet, is the target of a sophisticated attempt to control our thinking and behavior.  It is done with chemical, biological, psychotronic, and psychological warfare.  This is modern warfare in the post-nuclear age!  Briefly, the people are being weakened and manipulated by:


1. Poisons in the food, air and water.  This fact is discussed on this website in articles such as Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted.  To confirm this, one only needs to perform hair mineral tests that clearly show the extent of metal toxicity, for example.  There is no good reason to add toxic manganese or lead to gasoline, for example, or to allow thousands of chemicals to be added to our food supply. 

The government also lies to the people about the safety of eating mercury-laden fish, the use of aluminum-containing anti-perspirants, the safety of adding toxic fluoride to the water supply, the safety of food chemicals, and much more.

Drug ads saturate the airwaves and the medical journals, and the people are told to “just ask your doctor about the latest drug”.  They are not safe, and statistics prove it clearly.


2. Biological poisons given in vaccines and perhaps other methods.  The truth about vaccines is withheld from the people, despite mountains of scientific evidence.  This fact is undeniable, discussed in the Vaccination article and others on this site.


3.  The use of electronic implants.  These are tiny nano-transmitters and receivers placed inside the body.  This technology has been available for at least 50 years.  Please read Implants for many more details about how it is done and how it works.


4. Psychotronic weapons.  These are basically weapons that beam messages directly into the brains of human beings from a distance.  This technology has been around for at least 100 years.  For details, read Psychotronics.


5. The same tactics used by dictators and propagandists throughout history.   Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were 20th century masters of lies, deception, distraction, and divide and conquer. Mr. Obama is a fine student of these methods.  To see the parallels, one need only watch the programs about the Nazis on the History Channel on cable television.  The identical methods are being used today in America and elsewhere to confuse, demoralize, deceive, lie to and manipulate the people.



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