by Madeline McFadden Nunez

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There are many pieces to the development program and beginners especially, can be easily overwhelmed. However, with a little structure and forethought you can simplify things to make your plan more “user friendly.”

Developing your own routines and habits may involve some trial and error, but having them is a sure way of succeeding. The following might give you some ideas to try. In the end, it all depends on finding a realistic framework that you can live with and will adhere to.


That was a favorite phrase of my grandmother, but it is very true.  Anything you know you want to accomplish in the day, do it in the morning before you get distracted or too tired.  Do as much of your program in the morning as possible and you've set yourself up for a great day and eliminated any excuses for not doing it.


By using a little creative thinking, you can accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time.

For example, if you set up your sauna so you can lie down, you can do a coffee enema, vaginal coffee hold (for women) oral coffee hold, meridian leg rub, foot rub/toe pop, neck pull, deep breathing and meditation all in the same session.  Top it off with a shower eye massage, genital bath and skin brushing and you’ve covered a lot of ground in a little time!


If you are going to make a little, it’s not too much more effort to make a lot.  When you are laying out your supplements, might as well make a couple days, or even, a week’s worth.  

A convenient way to store the pills are in small plastic zip lock plastic bags made specifically for this purpose.  They are about two inches by two inches with an airtight zipper seal.  Having some pre-packaged pills makes it very easy to grab some to take if you are heading out to work or on a trip.  With them conveniently packaged there is never an excuse to skip your supplements!

Another way to maximize your efforts is to make coffee ahead of time.  Instead of preparing it daily, make enough to last two days. Don’t make more than two days worth, however, as it won’t stay fresh.


It’s easy to lose track of how much water drink, especially if you are drinking from various bottles throughout the day.  If you pre-measure your daily dose of water it’s much easier to see wether you’ve consumed the allotted amount.  

The same goes with your vegetables.  It’s easy to either over or under estimate what 6-9 cups looks like.  If you measure them out and cook a day’s serving early on, there’s no cheating or short changing yourself. (Remember, that making vegetables more than a day in advance isn’t recommended.)


Very thinly sliced meats or ground meat cook quickly and simplify your meal prep. Ground meat can be stirred into freshly pressure cooked vegetables and cooked with almost no additional heat.  Once ground turkey or chicken turns opaque, it is ready to go.  Remember, you do not want to overcook proteins!


Instead of waiting and watching for the water on your pressure cooker to boil, make it a game and see how much you can get done!  Is it possible to lay out all your pills before it’s time to remove the pan from the heat?

Can you clean up the kitchen or measure out your water for the day?  It’s quite amazing what you can do in minutes if you apply yourself!


Alarms wake you up, but can also be used to remind you that it is time to wind down. Especially in the summer months when daylight hours can stretch out well into evening, it can be very easy to lose track of time and push your bed time into the red zone.  A bedtime alarm, will never let you forget when it’s time to wrap up the day.


This one is for the family members who “don’t/won’t eat onions or cauliflower.” Pressure cook three or more varieties of onions and some cauliflower.  The pressure cooking makes the onions very sweet.  The cauliflower will add some creaminess and texture.  Blend them all until smooth.  You can drain some of the liquid through a cheese cloth or just cook it down to thicken.

This mixture can be used as a base in chili, or other sauces.  I have mixed it with carrots that I blended and added some taco seasoning sauce and a little ground meat at the end.  The family loved the meal and had no idea they had just eaten a good potion of the vegetables they all claim they don’t like!


Be kind to yourself and go step by step. This is not a game of “perfect.”   Do the best you can and keep moving in the right direction.  Momentum and desire for more will build as you feel yourself gaining  energy, clarity and overall vitality. Lose the mentality that “if I can’t do it all, then I won’t do any of it.”

Every little bit you do helps and leads to a path to more.  It may takes some practice and some trial and error, but keep plugging along. It’s worth it!

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