Dr. Wilson,


I need you to remove any reference about TheraBulb from your website.  We have had our bulbs tested and below is what we received regarding EMF.  See below from our test results.   At or below resolution of the testing equipment from a company that professionally tests for it says a lot.  


We went over this before and you took the reference to us down so this is the second time.  What you are doing is detrimental to our business and any further mention of us will result in us taking legal action.  If you do some research you will find that as stated below incandescent bulbs do not produce much EMF.  


Please do not continue to make this a problem for us.  We already view this as effecting our business financially as people read what you have up there much of which is not true scientifically or backed up in any way.  


Remove all references to TheraBulb immediately.  



Our response:


              We are sorry if our web page affects your sales.  However, the web pages are very clear that they express opinions only.  We are well within our rights to express an opinion about lamp products as part of our work.

              I am putting your email and this response on three web pages for all to see how your company does business.  


Best wishes,


Dr. Wilson




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