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Universalism is the belief that all souls can and will someday be saved. The opposite of this doctrine is the belief that some souls will not be saved and will spend eternity in torment, hell or damnation.


Universalism has been part of some religions on earth for thousands of years. More recently, it is part of some branches of the Hebrew and Christian religions.

An excellent website that traces the history of univeralist thought from early Christian times to the present is https://religion.wikia.org/wiki/Christian_Universalism.


Hebrew groups. Some orthodox Hebrew people do not subscribe to universalism. However, most who are in the conservative and reform branches of the Hebrew religion believe in universalism.

Christian groups. Three main groups of Christian churches are “universalist churches”. They are 1) the charismatic or pentecostal movement, 2) some evangelical or Bible churches, and 3) the liberal or Unitarian movement. This includes churches such as Unity, Science Of Mind, and other New Age churches and organizations.

These three groups of Christian denominations differ widely in their core beliefs. However, they share a belief in universalism – that all souls can and will eventually be saved.

The Catholic church does not explicitly teach universalism. However, a number of well-known Christian saints such as Saint Augustine taught that all souls can and will eventually be saved.


Most people do not know much about pentecostalism. Today, the Pentecostal movement is the fastest growing religious group in the world. It includes about 170 different christian denominations. About 400-500 million people identify as Pentecostals.

The core doctrine of the Pentecostal branch of Christianity is that Jesus left us the Holy Spirit, which can inform us and direct our lives. The Holy Spirit descended upon the earth on the day of Pentecost – hence the name Pentecostalism.

This group believes in and encourages direct guidance from the Holy Spirit for each person. It does not believe in the necessity for a hierarchy of priests or administrators, as do most other religious groups.


The importance of knowing about universalism is that the development program is a universalist program. That is, we believe that everyone is capable of following the program and if they do, they will get good results.

Some readers will say will object and say that developing oneself is not the same as saving one’s soul. This is true in the sense that the program is not specifically about salvation through Jesus Christ.

Also, we do not believe the program can reverse original sin, meaning the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This was the sin of eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

However, many souls tell us that the program has literally saved them. Many souls tell us that the program has helped them mature and made them much more intelligent. It is a very physical and modern scientific approach to salvation that can change every aspect of life.

They tell us that the program has caused them to have a new attitude. Formerly, they believed and acted like Adam and Eve in the Garden. They mainly wanted to satisfy sensual cravings and were disobedient. They tell us they are now much smarter and more mature. They now want to remain close to God and live a godly life.

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