by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The same physics principle that allows an airplane weighing 50 tons to get off the ground, and that allows one to easily steer a huge ocean liner, also applies to the development program.

The principle is to create a slight vacuum. Then the vacuum will be filled in order to cause powerful motion. A shorthand way to express this idea is that “nature abhors a vacuum”.

I learned about this physics principle from Buckminster Fuller. He said if you want to move something, it is much easier to draw it or pull it along it by creating a vacuum instead of trying to push it along.

The principle applies to many, if not all areas of life, including moving a lot of healing energy into the body. Here are a few examples.


The way a bird or aircraft rises and stays in the air is that the wings are shaped in a special way so that air moves faster over the top of the wing than over the bottom.

Bernoulli’s principle states that the faster that air (or other substances) move, the less pressure they create.

For this reason, the air moving faster on the top of the wing than on the bottom creates a slight vacuum or lower air pressure on the top of the wing. The bird or the airplane then moves upward to fill the vacuum.

The same principle is used to steer the aircraft to the right or to the left.


Let us say the captain of the ship wants to turn the ship to the right. He turns the rudder of the ship toward the right. When he does this, the water moving past the rudder has longer to travel on the left side of the ship, at the back of the ship.

As a result, the water moves faster on the left side of the ship near the back of the ship. This reduces the water pressure on this part of the ship (Bernoulli’s principle again).

This is the same as creating a slight vacuum on the left side of the ship near the back of the ship. Immediately, the entire back left side of the ship moves so as to fill the vacuum. As the left rear end of the ship swings to the left, it points the ship more to the right.

What is amazing about this is that the rudder of the ship need not be very large, and the ship can be enormous. Yet this method of steering still works beautifully.


When one does the Pulling Down Procedure, one “empties” the body by pulling downward. This can be felt. In fact, one of the visualizations is to imagine an enormous vacuum cleaner below one’s feet that is pulling or sucking everything out of the body – organs, bones and more.

When one creates this emptiness or slight vacuum with your mind, it immediately draws into the body more etheric energy or subtle energy. We call this new etheric energy.

This energy is a type of nutrient needed for life. It will heal and extend the life of the body. Various healing methods give it different names such as vital force, chi or qi. The more of it you draw into the body, the faster and more completely the body will heal. Draw in enough and the body will continue to live for a long time.

This is why it is so important to pull down forcefully. A common mistake is to do the exercise gently. The pulling down exercise needs to be done as forcefully as possible, and the more often you do it, the better!

Many people believe that the procedure is supposed to relax you. Eventually, it causes great relaxation because you will develop. However, the exercise must be done forcefully and is not relaxing when you do it. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.



Here is a psychological application of the same principle. If you want to find new friends, first let go of the old ones. This creates a type of vacuum or void and it will attract new friends.

A mistake some people make is they believe they can hold on to the old set of friends when they want to bring in the new. The principle of creating a vacuum says you must create the “lower pressure” or vacuum, and then the new will come in automatically.


Another example of the same vacuum idea has to do with motivating people. For example, if you want to assist others to follow the development program, you can either “push” them into it or you can “draw” them into it.

Sometimes, pushing can work. However, to keep a person interested, there needs to be a “longing” or “pull” for the benefits of the program and this pulls the person along. You can do this to yourself, by the way, to help motivate you. Keep in mind the benefits of the program to maintain a ‘longing’ or pull toward the program.

For example, reading the articles on this website and reading the Bible or similar spiritual texts can motivate a person because they help create a longing or pull toward a more spiritual and more wholesome life.

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