Vegetable Capsules Such As Endo-Veggies And Others

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© March 2012, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Almost everyone today needs to eat more cooked vegetables.  This is my assessment, based on hair mineral analysis research and clinical experience.  The question becomes how to obtain these.  The best way is to simply eat them, about three times daily in most cases, making them at least 70 % of your daily food intake by volume.

Anyone can enhance them with toppings.  These include such things as grated cheese, butter, cream, soy sauce, pesto sauce, salad dressings and other tasty toppings. 




 In addition, one can use dried vegetables in capsules.  One of the best is kelp.  It needs to be kelp sold by Nature’s Way, endomet, Solaray, NOW Foods, Country Life, Frontier Herbs, and tablets by Solgar.  Others are either a different species of kelp, or have some toxic metals and are not recommended.


Endo-veggies.  These are vegetable capsules sold by Endomet Labs.  They are okay, too. 


Juice Plus Vegetable Capsules.  These are okay, as well.  However, I think they force you to buy the dried fruit capsules along with the vegetable capsules, and we do not want those.  They are too yin.  So beware of this problem.


Most other brands of dried vegetable capsules are not as good, however.  Below are some reasons.




Many people today are using green superfoods to provide more vegetables in their diet.  This is a step in the right direction.  However, problems with most green superfood powders are:


1. They are very yin because they are raw. This, however, is true of vegetable capsules as well, and just means one must limit the amount one uses.

2. They spoil very quickly and really should be kept in the freezer.  The reason is they are exposed to the air, unlike vegetable capsules. Even if the powders are frozen, they oxidize quickly.  Unfortunately, most are sold on the store shelf where they are not even refrigerated, so they are generally not fresh and not as healthful.

3. They are hard on the digestive system.  This may not seem too important, but in nutritional balancing science, restoring excellent digestion is a top priority.  Using most green powders can make this impossible.  The reasons are: a)  Eating them requires adding liquid to them, which dilutes the stomach acid and weakens digestion, b) most people add a sweetener to them, such as fruit juice or stevia, and this also weakens digestion, 3) they are often taken in a combination with various other nutrients or foods that is a terrible food combination, which is also difficult to digest.  For all these reasons, the use of green powders is not a good idea.

4. Most contain algaes such as spirulina, chlorella and/or blue-green algae.  Although those who manufacture these products mean well, I find that the algaes are for some reason not that compatible with human physiology.  They always leave a toxic residue in the liver and they are not helpful.  A very small amount, such as that found in Endo-Veggies product, is fine, but more is not good.

Green superfood powders that just contain vegetables such as carrots, onions, brocolli and the others are much better.


Advantages of capsules over vegetable powders.  While capsules are more costly, their advantages are:

1. They stay fresh much longer because oxygen is excluded from the capsules.

2. They do not require a sweetener to consume them.

3. They do not require mixing them in a drink or smoothie, which means they are better for the digestive system, a prime consideration in nutritional balancing science.

4. They need not be stored in the freezer or refrigerator, which is more convenient.



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