by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            This article was inspired by talks with many children and their parents about what their children asked for the most.  Here is what they said:


1. Adopt more children.  There are millions of children who have no home.  They need you.  You don’t have to be rich, or young or older.  You just have to be willing to take in a child.  If every family in America did this, there would be many fewer homeless or orphan children in America, and that is the goal.

If you would like to consider adopting or fostering a child (fostering is adopting temporarily until a permanent home can be found), get started now.  Read about it online.  Be sure to use a good adoption agency to avoid getting stuck with a very difficult child.  A group called Orphan’s Promise (www.OrphansPromise.org) is one excellent group, and there are several others. 

Be careful with most government programs, although we, the children, applaud governments that try to help.  The problem with government adoption programs is they tend to be very bureaucratic.  Most don’t care that much, so they delay the process with paperwork that can be a killer, at times.  Adoption and fostering is our first wish, the children say.


2. Children want their parents to stay together, and if possible, to love one another.  Do this in spite of your differences, which all couples have.  The children know this is difficult, in some cases.  They do not want a couple to stay together if it is unsafe for Mom, or if Mom or Dad is so miserable they are ready to commit suicide.  But if they can stand each other, they want their parents to stay together, at least until all their children are 18 or so.

The reasons for this are many.  For one thing, children do not understand divorce very well.  They tend to blame themselves for the divorce, and it usually carries through one’s entire life.  Also, it disrupts the home terribly, usually impoverishes the Mom, or maybe the Dad.  The children usually end up “in the middle” between the two, which is always bad.

The laws used to help keep couples together, but now the laws have been changed and divorce is “no fault” and too easy to get.  The laws are wrong, the children say.  They should make it hard to divorce.  Take time to get to know someone before marrying him or her.  Then you will be much less likely to divorce.

Do not take divorce lightly, ever.  It is very serious for your children, although you may not realize it and your children may not tell you how much it matters to them.  At least, wait until your children leave home to divorce, if you must.  Then the children will have a more normal home life to grow up in.  Divorce, like abortion, is always very serious and not to be taken lightly, ever. 


3. Birth Control.  Children want parents to know that having more children is a good thing today, not a bad one.  The Catholic church says don’t use birth control, and we agree, largely.  HAVE MORE CHILDREN, NOT FEWER.  Some couples understand this.  It does not matter if you are a little poor.  Do it anyway.  If you join a church to get help, that is fine.  But do not just have sex.  Have children, parents.  I know this sounds odd, but there is a great need for families and parents to have more children, and to adopt those that need homes, which is millions of them.


4. Abortion.  This harms families in all cases.  So be careful and think carefully about any abortions.  It does not matter what the laws, or the Supreme Court, or anyone else says.  Abortion is always serious business, and it always harms the women.  They won’t admit it a lot of the time, but it does.  So be careful and never take abortion lightly, and preferably carry the baby to term, even if you decide to put it up for adoption.  Even miscarriages affect women, so abortion is just worse.  We are sorry to sound so old-fashioned, but it is true.


5. Walls.  Wanting “walls” means that children want clear rules and boundaries, and a peaceful life.  They do not want chaos, confusion and a little of this and a little of that.

This is important because today a common word is tolerance.  Too often this means very few rules, no curfews, getting away with things, and other nonsense.  It is not good for children.  We want clear cut boundaries and rules, and we want them enforced strictly, consistently and fairly.

This is a large and important topic, but we, the children, want and need strict, no nonsense, do-what-you-say, say-what-you-mean, loving and communicative types of parents.  I know that is a tall order, at times, but please work at it and never give up, even if we area pain in the neck, at times.


6. Schooling.  Many, though perhaps not all children, do not want to go to public school.  They say it ranges from boring to promiscuous, from disease-ridden to unfair to some kids, from just plain stupid to learning wrong information and left-wing ideology.

Sadly, we tell you, parents have lost control of the schools, which now answer to teacher’s unions, liberal boards of education, state and federal government bureaucrats, and others besides the parents and the children themselves.  The schools today teach too much “politically correct” nonsense, “revisionist” history, and “moral relativism”.  The bible is not taught, although it used to be and should be, as it is a sound moral compass for children, unlike learning about condoms in 6th grade and other nonsense.

Some public schools teach very little at all and it becomes a babysitting operation, too often.  Others give lots of homework and stress and long hours, but not much real critical thinking and learning.

Some children still like the public schools, and it depends on one’s location and one’s temperament, and how good the home is.  However, most children would rather be taught at home, away from the chaos of schools of any kind.  The internet and home schooling networks offer as much or more than any public school can offer, at a fraction of the cost in terms of money, time and effort.  Home schooling is also a lot safer for girls of all ages, since the schools are where the predator boys find most of their prey.

College can also be online or local.  Most children do not want to go away to college!  College has become a big party in too many instances, with lots of drugs, casual and sick sex, with resulting diseases, depression, pregnancies, abortions and moral decay.  Until this changes and the government gets out of education, stay away from almost all of them, even some “religious” colleges, which can be little better in a few cases.


7.  Healthy food.  We need real, natural foods, not junk foods and packaged meals.  We also need real mealtimes together, not something left in the refrigerator because Mom or Dad doesn’t have time to cook or prepare meals.  If you don’t know how to cook simple, nutritious meals, learn, please.  It is not hard and we will always help.  Meals need not be fancy or 5-course.  We mostly like simple food, anyway, not fancy adult food.  And please set a great example for us, not expecting us to eat one way while you slobber over alcohol and bad food.


8. No drugs.  Please stay away from so-called “recreational” drugs!  Don’t be an idiot.  Only idiots smoke dope, do ecstasy, meth, cocaine and all the others!  We cannot say this loud enough.  No drugs in the house, certainly, and no drugs, period!

Also, try to keep us away from most medical drugs and vaccines.  We hate shots, by the way.  Medical drugs can be horrible, and poisoning the body is not the way to heal it deeply.  Don’t believe the doctors that say there are no alternatives to drugs and surgeries.  In almost all cases, there are alternatives.  They just don’t know what the alternatives are.  Keep searching!  Try nutritional balancing – it works!


9. Love, above all.  We need to be loved.  Never forget that amidst the haste and the noise of everyday life.  Love matters.  Other things do not matter nearly as much, like pressure for grades, sports and all competition.  Competition is stupid, by the way, and we do not want pressure to compete for grades or anything.

Sports, but the way, are also much less important and not great, really.  There is too much competitive spirit, and too many opportunities for trouble, especially for the girls who have to be around the boys in their skimpy outfits, often, or even bathing suits.  We don’t like showering in groups, we don’t like long bus rides to games, and we don’t like what happens after the games.  We are also not strong enough, in many cases, for long workouts and grueling practice sessions that some coaches just seem to love.  So please skip the sports, for the most part, even if we beg.


            This list will be continued soon, we hope.



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