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The seven levels of creation is a basic science concept that is the truth but it is rarely taught today.  I am told it was once part of the Old Testament of the Bible, but was later separated from it, was altered and was made “mystical” and difficult to understand.  In fact, it is quite easy to understand.  

The basic idea is that creation is not just physical.  There are other realms of creation. 

Less dense matter.  The bodies and objects at the higher levels are made of less dense matter.  For that reason, most people cannot see them.  However, all of them exist together right here and right now.

The way it works is that beings who live at the lower levels, such as human beings, are not too aware of the higher levels.  However, beings who live at the higher levels are quite aware of the beings who live at the lower, more dense levels.

For an introduction, read Bodies – Anatomy And Physiology.

Other articles on this website discuss some of the creatures that live at these levels.  They include angels, elves, souls and many others.

Let us discuss the seven basic levels of creation.  Those familiar with mystical teachings will note that this presentation is somewhat different from the teaching in the Kabalah, for example.






This is the lowest level of creation and is also called the world of physical matter.  Human bodies are made of this type of matter, as are all of our objects and our planet.

Meaning.  The sh sound in the Ebre language, which is the basic language of the universe, means a reversal.  It is used in many English words such as shake, shock, shirk, shriek, sharp and shout.  These indicate a change of direction.

The Hebrew word Shabbat means a reversal day.

The Yiddush language also has many words that sound similar to sheka.  They include shiker, which means a drunkard.  The Yiddush word shiksa is a derogatory word used to describe some women.  It is used to describe either a Hebrew woman who either does have a lot of love, who eats improperly or who is sexually loose.  It can also refer to a non-Hebrew woman.

The word shekinah.  The Kabala uses the word shekinah for this level.  In the Ebre language, this word means the glow.  The meaning is that this level of creation has a little light of God, but not much – just a small glow.

In the evangelical Christian religion, people speak of shekinah glory, meaning the light of God.

Features.  The sheka level of creation is one of great violence and mixup.  This has been the history of planet earth, which has been at this level.

Some souls live mainly at this level in human bodies that are quite oppressed, deprived and ill.




This is the second level of creation.  It is where most of the fine matter beings live such as the angels and elves.  There is a lot of literature about these beings on earth because some people can see them and some communicate with them. 

The malka level of creation is still mixed up, but less so than sheka.  The word malka in the Ebre language means bad.  This is similar to the English words malcontent, maladapted, malaise and many others.  In Spanish and other languages, the word mal means bad.

Features.  This level of creation is still quite violent and unpleasant.  However, it is less so than the physical world. 

Many souls living in America, most of Europe and parts of Asia are at this level of creation.  For this reason, life is a little better in these nations than in some others.

Malkuth.  The Kabala uses the word malkuth for this level.




Meaning.  This word means still caught, similar to our word net.

Features.  Many fine matter creatures live at this level.  It is a better level of creation. 

This means there is less violence for those living at this level.  The fine matter creatures at this level are less visible so they are not easy to detect. For this reason, they are not too affected by beings who live at the lower (sheka or malka) levels.

A few human beings have a lot of souls who live at this level.  They have better lives with fewer problems.  They usually enjoy somewhat better health and a better financial and social life.   




This level of creation is the first of the ‘higher worlds’.  The word is pronounced like “yes, sir”.  It means ordered or made right.  The English expression Yes, sir, has a similar meaning.  It means it will be done or so ordered.  The Kabala uses the word yesod for one of the levels.


5. Kayter.  This is pronounced like our word “cater”.  It means to take care of.  We will cater your wedding means we will take care of it.  The Kabala uses the word ketter, which it places at the highest level.


6. Bina – This is a still higher level.  It is related to the English words benign, beneficent and beneficial.  The Kabala uses a similar word for one of the levels of creation.


7. Hesa – This means the culmination.  It is the highest level.  The Kabala uses the word Chesed for one of the levels of creation.


As you can see, the order of the levels is different in the Kabala. 



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