by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© August 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.



1. For the purposes of this article, an agent is one who wakes up or activates others.  This is a vital and much needed role at this time on earth.  For details about the meaning of activation, read Activation.

2.  A person who knows the truth and is willing to speak, teach and perhaps write or do other things in order to inform others about it.




            The truth is how things really work in the world, what the truth is about health, healing, vaccination, medical drugs, and lots more such as the truth about life on other planets, souls, other life forms, and more.

Qualities of the truth.  Truth is real and absolute.  There is no such thing as “my truth versus your truth”, as many believe and are taught today.

Truth is not about opinions.  Many people have an opinion about many things.  This is fine, but this is not the same as the truth.  The truth is also not about what one likes or prefers. 




Be wary of everything one reads or hears about.  In other words, one must be discerning and critical in one’s thinking.

            Learn safety and caution.  This is very important for agents today.  For example, certain places are not safe, especially for women.  This is unfortunate, but it is an aspect of reality.

            Learn and practice speaking up to others.  Many people are afraid to speak up to their friends, acquaintances or to strangers to tell them they must stop their illegal, immoral, or just plain nasty behavior or thought patterns or activities.  Yet you may save a life by speaking up properly.

Speaking up can be as simple as telling someone that their job is killing them because of the long hours and stress level.  It could be telling someone that they must get out of an abusive relationship, or to stop treating their spouse in a nasty way. 

If you have a strong feeling when hearing about a situation, consider speaking up to people.  Then apply good judgment as to exactly what to say and how to say it.  Learn how to do it without any anger, but instead with compassion and gentleness.  This requires a focus on truth, not on judging another person.

Speaking up with anger can land a man in a fight, or can cause a woman to be raped in revenge, so don’t speak up with anger.  Just point out what you are feeling or seeing gently and carefully, without judgment.

            Speaking up to children.  It is most important to speak up to children when you see them misbehaving.  This is also extremely important today.

Bring it to the child’s attention gently and without judgment, but firmly.  You can just say that the behavior was inappropriate or thoughtless, and it is not okay.

Children need this correction, or they grow up stupid, spoiled and ignorant of manners, like little animals who will never get anywhere in life because no one bothered to love them enough to point out their mistakes in behavior or speech.

Sadly, some parents and others don’t want to correct children, for fear the child will not like them or will run away.  This is never a good excuse.  So do your best to correct gently and firmly.




1. Listens to others carefully, asks for questions, and answers them directly and simply.  This means do not just go on and on, especially if your audience has lost interest.  It is often wise to stop after a few minutes and leave your audience wanting more information.

2. Able to understand people as wise souls who are confused.  This way you will like most people.  This is extremely important to be effective as an agent.

3. Gentleness at the deepest levels of your personality.  This is needed to avoid making enemies.  Some people will not like what you are saying or demonstrating, so you will make some enemies.  However, hopefully they will be few in number, since this adds danger.

4. Careful to live a wholesome lifestyle without drugs, alcohol, junk food or loose sex.  Looseness with anything gets agents in trouble, and sometimes get them killed.  While a few agents connect to others at bars or even through sexual episodes, this is very unsafe today.

5. “Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove”.  This means to be on the alert, always, and always exercise good judgment.  However, at the same time do your best to stay relaxed and happy.

6. Emotional and intellectual detachment.   This is the ability to just be present and witness without judging.  This trait develops automatically when one practices the Pulling Down Exercise each day for at least one hour and preferably two or three hours daily.

At first, you may not like the feeling of emotional detachment that occurs.  However, it is actually a wonderful perspective on life.

7. A sense of humor.  This is most helpful!  It can shift a situation away from being scary and serious so that another can hear and act on your words easily.

8. A happy, upbeat, relaxed and friendly nature.  This has the same effect a sense of humor.  In fact, the two are related because happy people can see the humorous or light-hearted side of every situation.

9. Willingness, at times, to be a little unusual, outrageous or ‘kooky’, but not so much that you turn people off.  This can be cultivated and is an important trait in some situations.  Once again, it breaks the seriousness of the situation and injects humor and a light-hearted quality into your interactions.

10. Willingness to dress and otherwise look “normal” to others, and yet feel relaxed and comfortable.  It can be important in some situations to help others relax by appearing quite ordinary or “normal” to them.  In other cases, looking out of the ordinary is good, but not in all situations.

11. Fairly healthy and preferably healthy-looking.  This also helps in some situations.  In others, appearing less healthy is better, however.  If you look healthy and beautiful, it will cause some others to listen, but it can turn off some people who either think it is phony or who just do not relate well to people who are mentally and physically healthy.

12. Able to talk with enthusiasm, but do not exaggerate and do not become overly emotional.  Maintain your composure always.

13. Able to provide proof or support for what you are saying.  This is most helpful for some who are skeptical, a trait that is actually beneficial in many instances.




            The basic requirements for becoming an agent for good are:


1. Read the articles on this website.  Also, we announce new or updated articles in the New Earth Newsletter. 

Doing this will greatly broaden your knowledge, which you can share with others.

There are other excellent sources of information, but many are a mixture of truth and lies.  In fact, often the lies predominate and there is just enough truth to lure you in and keep you reading it.

2. Use your head at all times.  In other words, do not live unconsciously, ever, even for five minutes.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whomever you are with, keep your wits about you and remember you are ever an agent, not just a bystander, observer, or “consumer”.  In this sense, an agent is always on duty.

3. Follow the complete development program.  This means do the entire program, including the procedures such as coffee enemas, red heat lamp sauna therapy, and the pulling down exercise.

This is first of all for safety.  The program steers you away from many temptations, hazards and horrors of living in modern societies.  The program also develops you, which will make you a much better agent.  For details on the concept of development, as the word is used on this website, read Introduction To Development.

4. Relax with your newly found occupation and do your best to enjoy it.  It is a wonderful life and a rewarding one as well.



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