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An unusual and interesting subject is the way the aura of a person or creature shifts away from being perfectly centered on the body.  It may shift a little to the right, left, up, down, back, forward, twist right, twist left and more.  We don’t know exactly why the shifts and tilts occur, but they seem to be accurate indicators.

While most people cannot see the aura, a few developed people can see it.  They are helping write this article.

Program assessment.  The aura shifts are very helpful to assess how well a person is following a development program.  Our medical team, though not the author personally, may use this information to check our clients when they submit a hair mineral test or, at times, when they submit a question.

Following are the meanings of the main aura patterns.  For convenience, we will separate them into shifts, tilts, twists and shapes.  In addition, we will begin with general motion.




            The aura should shimmer and vibrate a little at all times.  In addition, it should pulse up and down and back and forth at a gentle, slow pace that is even and rhythmic.  This is healthful and helpful for development.

            In some people, particularly if there has been a lot of trauma, the movement of the aura is jerky or worse, it is missing or very little.  This slows development a lot.

            Practice that can help this problem include walking, sailing, riding a bicycle or doing something else that requires shifting your weight often and quickly to maintain your balance.






A right shift means a person is eating plenty of well-cooked vegetables, especially the preferred vegetables as described on this website in the Food For Daily Use article and others.  This is helpful for development.  Few people have a right shift, however.

A left shift means that proportionately, a person is not eating enough cooked vegetables and is eating too much grain, or some other food.  Most people have a left shift to their aura, which interferes with or stops development.

Need for more vegetables.  If a person is eating a lot of well-cooked vegetables and if the aura is shifted left, it indicates that even more cooked vegetables are needed.  This is why we may suggest more cooked vegetables to someone who is already eating a lot of cooked vegetables. 

The reason for the need for more vegetables can be related to the diet in the past, a retracing one is going through, a health condition or illness that is present, or for some other reason.

Salads, stir-fry, and al dente or crunchy vegetables.  When we view the aura of people who eat salads, stir-fry or crunchy vegetables, they are all shifted left.  This means that raw or lightly cooked  vegetables are not able to shift the aura to the right.  The reason is the human body cannot extract enough nutrition from raw or slightly cooked vegetables.




            An aura that is shifted forward indicates a person is eating enough or perhaps too much meat.  This includes red meat such as lamb, goat or beef, white meat such as chicken and turkey, and eggs.  A slight shift forward is considered healthy and helpful for development.  This is one reason why we discourage vegetarian diets.

            When the aura shifts back, it indicates a person is eating too little meat, as occurs with vegetarians.  Vegans have the worst backward aura imbalance.  It interferes and may stop development.




            An aura shifted slightly upward indicates the person is getting plenty of rest.  This is absolutely required for development.

            An aura shifted downward means a person is not getting enough rest.  This one is fairly simple, but very important.  Not getting enough rest and sleep is a critical problem for millions of people.

Some people don’t value sleep time, while others have a busy schedule and do not rest enough for this reason.  Still others are so tired that they don’t notice much benefit from sleeping more.  However, in all cases, development will slow or stop if one does not sleep and rest enough.

Insomnia.  Some people sleep less due to insomnia, or problems falling or staying asleep.  However, if one lies in bed most of the night and takes a nap during the day, one will show enough rest in the aura shift even if one does not sleep deeply.  In fact, sleeping very deeply slows development somewhat.




These also occur.  They are basically a combination of right and left shifts, up and down shifts, and backward and forward shifts.  They have more subtle meaning, but they are not as important as the basic shifts described above.






            This pattern has to do with political leanings – no pun intended.

Those with a right tilt are religious in orientation, while those with a left tilt are secular and do not believe in God or organized religions at all.

Small tilts to either the left or the right do not affect development.  However, more extreme left or right tilts will interfere with development.

            For example, Adolf Hitler really believed he was the new Christ, and he wrote and spoke about it.  He honestly believed this and believed that the Hebrew people had murdered Jesus and it was his job to murder all of them.  This is an extreme right wing or right tilt attitude.  Indeed, Naziism or National Socialism in Germany under Adolf Hitler was considered an extreme right-wing political movement.

The Iranian mulas of today have the same attitude and Iran is considered an extreme right wing government.  The same is true of many of the Arab nations.  Everything is done in the name of God or Allah.  It is very dangerous, but it is not exactly lying because the people really believe in what they are doing.

            A left tilt is secular and lying.  In contrast, a left tilt in the aura is associated with a godless or secular political tendency.  A common example of this is the philosophy of Karl Marx, founder of Marxism or communism.  He wrote,  “Religion is the opiate of the people.”  Mark had nothing but disdain and contempt for the Bible and for all religion.

Communism, socialism, progressivism, modern liberalism, humanism, uptopianism, political correctness, social justice, and moral relativism are ALL left wing ideologies or ideas.  The auras of these people tend to show a left tilt.

These people tend to lie because they believe in moral relativism, which is that there is no absolute truth, and that whatever works or is pragmatic is okay.  This is sometimes expressed as the Communist slogan, “the ends justify the means”.  In other words, if you need to lie, steal, cheat, murder, rape or otherwise harm others to achieve your goals, that is fine.

Both of these tilts tend to be deluded, arrogant and grandiose.  They are quite dangerous for any society and must be fought and defeated if the society is to survive.




            A forward tilt is a more assertive or aggressive personality.  This is more common among men and among somewhat older people.  It is generally helpful for development unless it is very extreme, which is pathological and often criminal.

            A backward tilt is a more reserved or fearful or holding back attitude or personality.  It is somewhat more common among women and younger people.  Victims tend to have this type of aura tilt.  It is harmful for development and it is important to let go of victim attitudes in order to develop quickly.  We suggest he articles, Victimhood, I Choose, and The Real Self to help let go of victim attitudes.




            These are usually a combination of the tilts discussed above.




The aura or energy field of a person in the head area tends to have the shape of a dome, a flat top or level surface, or a bowl shape.  The meaning of these is given below.

However, in addition to these shapes, the aura around the head often tilts to the front, back or sides.

A head tilt that goes up in front is a happier or happy person.  Babies almost all have this type of tilt.  Men are more likely to have this than women, and young people are more likely to have it than people over the age of 50 to 60.  It is helpful for development.

A head tilt that goes up in the back indicates a sadder or more lonely and forlorn person.  This is more common in women and in older people, and less common in the young, in general.  It can occur after a trauma and this indicator may be used by some rapists, for example, to decide when to stop raping.

 A head tilt that goes downward to the right is a more God-centered or God-oriented person.  It often correlates with a right tilt of the political kind (see below), but not necessarily.  This is very helpful for development.

A head tilt that goes downward to the left is rather common today and indicates a person for whom God is not an important force or person in their life.  They would be called secular humanist, atheistic or agnostic in their beliefs.  This does not always correspond to a left-tilt political orientation, but often they are associated.  This tilt seems to interfere with rapid development.






            The aura also tends to twist relative to the body – either a little to the right or to the left.  A right twist means that a person is holding on to their sexual fluid.  It does not mean no sex because one can possibly do Down Sex, which does not deplete sexual fluid.  This practice is excellent for development.

            A left twist means that a person is depleting their sexual fluid.  This applies to both men and women.  It is bad for development and too much of a left twist will stop development altogether.






The dome indicates an interest in spiritual learning and matters.  A dome indicates a good seventh energy center. 

A flat head pattern indicates a lack of interest in spiritual matters.

A bowl indicates a lack of interest in spiritual matters, and a resentful and usually very depressed attitude.  A bowl usually indicates a poorly developed or less open seventh energy center.




            These are extreme versions of the dome and bowl patterns described above.  A peak indicates an extreme interest in or attraction to matters that are spiritual.  It is not indicative of interest in the rituals and dogma of any particular religion, but rather spiritual principles and practices.

            The opposite to the peak is called a crevice or a tear.  That is exactly how it appears in the aura.  It is fortunately uncommon and indicates a mentally deranged person who is usually a psychopath and a killer.

            If a crevice appears with another pattern such as a dome, it indicates that the dome is not quite complete and there is a problem with it.




            When the shape is nearer the head, it indicates a more practical and grounded or earthy person.  This is usually helpful for development.

            When the shape is further away from the head above it, it may indicate a less grounded or more ‘spacey’ person.  This is often less helpful for rapid development.



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