By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Whenever the hair tissue calcium level is above about 100 mg% or the magnesium level is above about 9 mg%, in most cases there is some degree of biologically unavailable calcium or magnesium present in the tissues.  This article discusses this important concept, its causes, symptoms and correction.




            The most common cause for this phenomenon is slow oxidation with weakened adrenal and thyroid activity.  This causes a reduced level of sodium and potassium in the serum, to some extent, and later in the tissue of the body.

            The result of this situation is that calcium and magnesium are not kept in a soluble form in the blood to a great enough extent.  Sodium and potassium are the body’s “solvent minerals” and are needed to keep calcium and magnesium in solution.  So as the levels of sodium and potassium decrease, some calcium and magnesium cannot be kept in an ionized or soluble form. 

As a result, it appears to begin to precipitate out of the blood and accumulate in the tissues, including the hair.  It also accumulates in the arteries, joints, kidneys, brain and elsewhere.  This is a cardinal sign of aging.  Sadly, it often starts today when a child is just a teenager or, at times, even earlier.  This appears to be the essential mechanism.




            This phenomenon causes a somewhat unusual mix of symptoms of both calcium and magnesium deficiency, mixed with symptoms of mineral excess as well.  the deficiency symptoms may include irritability, nervousness, anxiety, muscle tightness, muscle cramps, osteopenia, osteoporosis and others.

            Symptoms of calcium and magnesium excess include fatigue, depression, weakness, arthritis, tendonitis, high blood pressure, hardened arteries, memory loss, and other symptoms as these minerals build up in the tissues where they do not belong.  More on this interesting subject is found in the article entitled Calcium Mysteries.



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