by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

December 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Many people do not think well today.  They dont concentrate well, and have difficulty following a thought to its logical conclusion.  The mind gets foggy, at times, and one can feel disoriented, stupid, or ignorant when you know you should not be this way.  Sometimes the mind may race out of control, and it is annoying and depressing.

A development program is often an amazing help.  One of its unusual benefits is to give you back your brain.




            The brain is exceedingly complex.  It has a processor, like a computer.  It has many kinds of memory, again like a modern computer.  It also has many other structures.  The purpose of some of these remains a mystery.

            The brain also communicates with the body in many ways.  There are sensory nerves, motor nerves, and the corpus callosum - a large bundle of nerve fibers that cross from the left to the right hemisphere.  This nerve bundle is larger in women.




              The answer is often not simple. It is usually a combination of problems, which can include nutrient deficiencies, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, yeast overgrowth, problems with brain architecture or how the brain sits in the head, and sometimes more.  All these problems must be corrected.




              Many people know their brain is not working right.  They have visited doctors, had scans, and tried diets, drugs, and vitamins with little success. 

A development program of the type we recommend on this website is different and often much better.  The reasons are:

- Eating many cooked vegetables restores dozens of minerals that are only found in vegetables, not in pills or other foods.

- The program delicately balances the nervous systems, both the voluntary nervous system and the autonomic or automatic nervous system and enables one to keep it balanced, which allows deeper healing to occur.

- The program makes the body much more yang in Macrobiotic terminology.  This is a subtle concept, but we find it quite important.  You can read about it in several articles such as Yin Disease.

            - The program cause deep removal of toxic metals and toxic chemicals – better and more safely than other methods such as Chelation.

-  The program causes development.  This is also subtle, but causes an increase in the number of neurons in the brain, and causes other important improvement in the nervous system.  It occurs on its own if you follow a development program for at least three years or so.

When it occurs, it is like a light going on inside your head.  People say I cannot believe I have lived the way I have for so many years.  Or My thinking is so much clearer that I just want to start life over again with my new brain.  This is how important mental development is for people.  For more details, read Introduction To Development.




Mrs. G.P. told me, I cannot believe how I have spent the last 30 years of my life.  I have not been myself, and I did not realize it.

A 10-year-old told me, I think so much clearer now than I did even a year ago.  I feel like a child prodigy, but I know it is really just normal.

Another woman shared the following: My husband says I am now a brilliant woman.  Before I was a space cadet.




            This website has a number of other articles about the brain:


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Brain Architecture has to do with problems in how the brain sits inside the cranium or skull, and how to fix it.  It is another very important article.


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Organic Brain Syndrome.  This is a medical term for a type of brain disorder that is becoming more and more common.  It is not the same as dementia, but it is related.


Dementia.  This is now a very common brain disorder that can start as early as the teenager years.



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