by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© April 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


              Common Core is a new educational program that is being promoted by the US national government.  Here are some features of it:


1. The government is gathering information about our children.  Normally, information about children is kept private.  They changed the law so that information must be shared not only with school officials, but with those who supply the school such as textbook makers and others.


2. Pornography in high school.  Common core includes “modern” standards – condoms for all, sex is fine, “experiment” with sex, and much more.


3. The US Constitution is not studied in its entirety.  Instead, children are taught to follow the government.  Children are taught that the government’s decisions are best.  This is the opposite of the attitude of the founders of the Amercan nation.

The founder’s views are not taught.  Freedom is not taught.  This is censorship by omission.


4. Math is to be taught as “fuzzy math”.  In some cases, it does not even matter if the child gets the wrong answer – it doesn’t matter, they say.  What matters is that the student tried and has a reason why he or she tried in the way they did.  This is quite insane, but is an example of moral relativism – the doctrine that there is no right or wrong.


5. Classic books are no longer read.  Instead of the Western classic literature, children are told to read books such as Frankenstein, and to study Saturday Night Live.  These are the new “classics”, according to common core.


6. Common core pushes the homosexual agenda.  Young children are taught that having two parents of the same sex is “normal”, when it is not normal.


7. The American Revolution is not taught.  In fact, revolutionary ideas, which are at the basis of the American Revolution, are not taught or encouraged, at all.  Instead, children are taught to obey and go along.


8. One of the weirdest things is that common core does not teach young children cursive or script writing.  They say it is not needed because everyone learns to type on keyboards.  However, if one does not learn cursive, one will not be able to read it, and our founding documents are all written in cursive.  So this will make it easy to deceive people because they won’t be able to read the actual documents.


9. Global warming nonsense, population control, abortion and perhaps forced sterilization are all tucked away in common core.


10. Sadly, the Bill Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and several others are supporting all this to the tune of millions of dollars.


11. Cesar chavez is hailed as a hero in second grade, seventh grade and eleventh grade.  However, he was a communist and a terrorist. 


12. Patriotism is not in common core.  Going along with the government is the new “patriotic” attitude in common core.


13. Common core removes parental and local control of education.


14. Common core is a re-run of the UN Agenda For The Children from the 1990s.




1. Know that every state in America now has organized groups to oppose common core.  Join your state group.


2. Tell your state representatives that you want your state to pull out of any connection with common core. 

Also, you do not want the No Child Left Behind program in your state, either.  They are tied together.


3. Tell your state and local Boards Of Education that you don’t want any tests given to your children that are aligned with common core.

One of their tricks is to force the children to take tests based on common core.  In order to pass the test, the children must learn it.  Don’t fall for this trick.


4. Tell your state governor to issue an executive order dissociating the state from common core.


5. Tell your national senators and congressmen that you do not want any Department Of Education at the national level.  Education should be a state and local matter.


6. There is plenty more information about common core opposition on the internet.



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