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î November 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


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            Ear infections are very common in babies and young children.  Reasons for this are:

1. The architecture of the ear in babies.  This tends to make babies and young children more susceptible to ear infections.

2. Poor health of many babies.  This can be from birth (congenital impaired health).  It is often made worse by quitting breast feeding before 3 years of age, improper diets, vaccines and use of medical drugs.

3. A diet containing pasteurized, homogenized milk and/or other dairy products.  This often seems to make ear infections worse in babies and children.

4. Giving antibiotics for ear infections can cause a chronic persistent ear infection.  This is known in medicine, but many doctors continue to do it anyway.




            Pevention.  Most ear infections can be prevented by continuing breast feeding and avoiding other food for babies, avoiding vaccines and most other medical drugs, and by feeding and caring for babies correctly.

            Never feed babies or children sweets, fruit juices, or fruit.  These upset a childŐs body chemistry badly because most babies and young children are fast oxidizers. 

Also, babies and children should avoid pasteurized cows milk and all wheat products.

Correction.  We recommend a development program for all children over about 6 months of age.  It can help with both prevention and correction of ear infections in babies and children.

Symptomatic remedies such as vitamin A may be helpful, but are not as good as a complete program.


Onion juice for ear infections.

We received an email with the following instructions.  If you try this, let us know the results:

Put a whole onion into a pressure cooker for three minutes.  Then squeeze the juice into a small cup.  Let it cool until it is a comfortable temperature.  Then put the juice in the ear – as much as possible.  Put the personŐs head to one side so the juice will stay inside and stay there until the juice is absorbed.  In a few cases, you may have to repeat the treatment.





            Many people retrace and clean up chronic ear infections when they follow a development program.  This occurs because:

1. Most people have some chronic ear problems.

2. The program will bring up these infections for healing.




            1. Slow to retrace.  Often these reactions take a while to retrace.  Symptoms may come and go for a few months, or longer.


2. Symptoms.  These reactions are not a disease.  A development program never causes an ear infection.  However, the symptoms can be similar to a regular ear infection.  These include some hearing loss, ringing in the ears, vertigo or ear pain.


            3. Confusing.  Doctors may be confused by the signs and symptoms because they are not typical.  There are often some signs and symptoms of infection, but it does not look like a typical infection because it is different.


4. Drug use.  So far, medical drugs are not required or helpful for this retracing.  The healing reaction will pass by itself.  At times, a remedy such as vitamin A or colloidal silver may be helpful.


            5. Cyclical.  Ear retracing reactions may come and go several times before they go away completely.  This usually means the body is unable to completely resolve the infection or condition at one time.


            6. Check in.  Have your Helper check with Dr. Wilson whether to continue with a full program or not.  For example, during an acute retracing episode, the regular supplements are often not needed.  If the retracing is chronic, then the regular supplements may be needed.


7. Procedures.  In addition to the diet and supplements, the following may be most helpful:

- Shine a red heat lamp on the ear(s) 7 or 8 times daily for about 1-2 minutes.  Move the lamp around or move your head around.  Move the lamp as close to your ear as is comfortable – perhaps 6 inches or about 15 centimeters away.

- Do foot and hand reflexology on the ear reflex areas.  The areas are the tips of the third and fourth toes.

- Pull on the ear lobe all around.  Pull in all directions, as well.  Do this for about 1-2 minutes on each ear.  This stimulates blood circulation to the ears.

- Ear coning.  This may or may not help.

- The Oral Coffee procedure.  This brings coffee very close to the ears.


For more about retracing, read Retracing And Healing Reactions on this site.




Definition of chronic ear syndrome.  This is are-activation in adulthood of old ear problems, often dating back to childhood.  Usually, the original problem was an ear infection that was treated with antibiotics.




As a personŐs health declines with age, and one reaches the age of about 40 or older, one begins to experience hearing loss, ringing in the ears, pain in the ears, or vertigo.

Other possible symptoms are sinus congestion, chronic sinus drainage, or other sinus problems.  Headaches may also occur.




The causes for chronic ear syndrome may include:


1. Antibiotic treatment of childhood ear infections. This killed off most of the bacteria or other microorganisms, but not all of them.  It also left behind antibiotic-resistant germs that are now very hard to kill off.  In addition, the tissue quality is not good and this provides the terrain for the infection.

2. Tonsillectomy.  Surgical removal of the tonsils and adenoids in children may weaken the body and help give rise to chronic ear syndrome.  This operation is never necessary if a child is fed properly.

The removal of the tonsils does not really solve problems of tonsillitis.  Instead, it just weakens the body.

The causes of tonsillitis are usually improper diet, dehydration, and perhaps unbalanced body chemistry.  They usually are easy to take care of with a development program.

3. Chronic sinus congestion or infection, chronic tooth infections, cavitations or infected root canal-filled teeth.  These can also contribute to chronic ear syndrome.

4. Toxic metal deposits in the ears. These can cause irritation, weakness, nerve damage or other damage to the delicate structures of the ear.  Manganese toxicity affects the ears, at times.

5. Other.  Less commonly, one can have arteriosclerosis in the area of the ears, a narrowed dental arch, or kidney problems.  Arteriosclerosis reduces the blood supply to the ears, and can cause an old infection to flare up. 

Narrowing of the dental arch changes the architecture of the ear canals, sinus cavities, nose and other structures.  This may give rise or at least aggravate chronic ear problems. 

The idea of narrowed dental arches and all their implications was explored by Weston Price, DDS and discussed in his book, Nutrition And Physical Degeneration.

In Oriental medicine, there is a correspondence between the ears and the kidney/adrenal meridian.  Weakening of the kidneys as one ages may aggravate problems with the ears.




            The cause of chronic ear syndrome is often a very chronic ear infection.  However, finding the infection with medical methods is difficult or impossible.  X-rays of the area are rarely helpful because the pathology is very subtle, in most cases.  It does not take much to upset the delicate structures of the inner ear, in particular.




Medical therapy.  This is often not too successful.

Natural remedies.  These may help somewhat, but often do not stop the problem.

A development program.  This can often help chronic ear syndrome because it:


1. Brings up and resolves most chronic infections in throughout the body.

2. Helps stop and reverse arteriosclerosis.

3. Reduces toxic metal buildup.


Specifics.  The diet, lifestyle and supplement programs are quite essential.  In addition, the procedures are most helpful:


1. Red heat lamp therapy or use of a red heat lamp sauna.  A red heat lamp used on the ears for 30 seconds 4-7 times daily is sometimes very helpful.

2. Foot reflexology.  Pressing and rubbing the reflex points for the ears on the bottom of the feet can also speed up healing.  These points are at the tips of the third and fourth toes on both feet.  I suggest pressing and rubbing these areas firmly at least 4-7 times daily for only 30 seconds, at most, for any problem with the ears.

4. Coffee enemas.  These are also excellent for ear infections and other ear problems.

5. The pushing down exercise.  This is also excellent, done for an hour daily or more.

6. Ear candling.  This is an excellent, simple, gentle and safe method for removing wax from the ears.  The drawing action fo the ear candle also helps remove many toxins through the ears.  We recommend it for any ear problems.

To buy the ear cones at a reasonable cost, one outlet is www.massagewarehouse.com or 1-888-918-2253.  Repeat the procedure every day, or even twice daily.

7. Ozone therapy on the ear(s).  Ozone, an unstable form of oxygen, may help resolve ear infections faster by killing germs.

One can apply ozone directly to an ear by placing the output tube of an ozone generator directly inside an ear for about 5 minutes at a session.  One can do this 3 or 4 times daily.  It is a very safe procedure.

One can also drink ozonated water to obtain more oxygen.

For more details, please read Oxygen on this site.



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