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Warning (3/2020). SaunaSpace, who sells reddish heat lamp saunas, is telling people their sauna is better because they shield and ground the wiring, which reduces the EMF from the wiring a little more.  We don’t think this matters for most people.  Also, any sauna can be shielded and grounded for much less money than they charge.  Also, their brand of red heat lamps are harmful, in our experience, and should be strictly avoided.


Definition. Electromagnetic stress is the subtle, or not so subtle, effects of stray or chaotic electrical and magnetic fields on the human body. 

It is an important cause of stress today for almost everyone.  It is particularly bad for people in certain occupations such as airline personnel and those that work with computers or television sets, for example. 

In this article, electromagnetic fields will be abbreviated as EMFs.  This is not our area of expertise and this article is general, in nature.  For more details, we suggest visiting


Warning:  Recently, we have become aware of the dangers of Smart Electric Meters and the proliferation of microwave generators that look exactly like cell phone towers, but are not cell phone towers.  Instead, they are powerful microwave generators that have only one purpose – to disrupt the human body and harm people.  They are springing up all over the world, but particularly in the United States and Europe.

If you notice these in your area, please write to your Congressman complaining about them.  This is the only way our government will become informed so they can be stopped.  This is nothing less than a kind of cyber warfare or psychotronic attack on people’s health, and nothing less.

Cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, routers, TV boxes, satellite receivers, and even new cars are being fitted with oscillator circuits designed to emit harmful disruptive frequencies.  We know this sounds paranoid, but anyone who is sensitive knows this is going on.




One hears quite a range of information about EMFs.  In part, this is because sensitivity to them varies greatly.  Some people apparently are not bothered by even strong electromagnetic fields. 

However, others are so sensitive they cannot live in cities, cannot drive in cars or fly in aircraft, and can hardly function around cell phone towers, smart meters, and other powerful sources of EMFs. 

We believe, however, that we are all affected by EMFs.  It is just that some people are either healthier or less aware, so they do not realize it.  This is analogous to the effects of junk food or sugar, for example.  Some people seem to be unaffected by them, while other notice immediately when they eat poor quality food.

We know from testing thousands of people, however, that in reality, we are all affected by junk food, whether we feel it or not.  So it is with electromagnetic stress.

Even if one seems less affected, living or working near stray and usually harmful electromagnetic fields is dangerous and stupid, and needs to be stopped.  There is a need to inform many more people, as well as our health and governmental authorities, of the dangers of electromagnetic stress.




Where they are found. Stray electrical and magnetic fields are found everywhere, except perhaps very rural areas where no one lives, or in the middle of the oceans.  In other words, we live in a sea of EMFs today, thanks mainly to modern radio and microwave technologies.

Even in very rural areas, one may encounter stray EMFs that are natural in origin, or that may be manmade, such as radar installations and other military or other installations.

Most EMFs are in the radio frequency and microwave ranges.  Common sources are:


1. All portable and cell phones.  We suggest a land phone line, if possible, and do not use portable phones.  Instead, have simple corded phones, as these give off much less radiation.  Bluetooth wireless is less harmful than cell phone radiation because Bluetooth is a short range wireless system.  However, we still prefer wired phones.

If you must use portable or cell phones, use a headset or speakerphone with them and keep your conversations as short as possible.  Also, turn off the phone when not needed.

Also, do not wear the phone on the body, if possible, but rather carry it in a purse or briefcase to keep it away from the body.


2. Cell phone towers (which may be disguised as trees, sculptures, telephone poles, or even as rocks or cactus plants).  Don’t buy a house that is within half a mile of one of these.  The locations are supposed to be available to the public via the internet for all cities and towns.

These towers are multiplying because utilities are being paid or bribed to set up more and more of them, even when they are redundant and not needed.  This is horrible, and the public is often not aware of them, although some websites may publish their locations.

Cell phone towers close by can ruin the value of one’s home because a cell phone tower too close to the home can make the home unlivable for some people.  Some cell phone towers are definitely weaponized, making them even more dangerous.


3. All computers.  Do not sit right in front of the screen.  Enlarge the image and use a remote keyboard so you can be further away from the machine.  On ours, we reduce the resolution of the screen and the print becomes larger.

Laptops are generally better because they have smaller screens and operate on less power.  Smaller monitors are also better.  Just enlarge the print so you can read it.

An idea that will help with computer usage is to ground yourself.  Attach a piece of lamp cord to the middle screw on an electrical outlet.  Attach the other end to your skin, such as tucking it inside your sock so the bare wire touches your skin.

Also, if you use computers, drive a car a lot or travel on planes, go out into the sun for a few minutes whenever possible.  This can also slightly reduce the damage of electromagnetic stress. 

Another idea that may help if you use a computer a lot is to install behind you or to the side a reddish, 250-watt heat lamp.  This is the same lamp we recommend for saunas.  They are sold inexpensively at most hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s and other outlets where electrical objects are sold.  You will also need a socket designed for a 250-watt bulb.  Do not shine it directly on your head, but rather at the body.


4. Smart meters.  So-called smart electrical meters are a newer problem, and a bad one.  These electrical meters are being installed on homes and businesses.  Instead of requiring a person to read the meter, the meter contains a radio transmitter that sends the data directly from the home to a central location.  This requires a fairly powerful radio transmitter that is located right at your home and work place.

Even more sinister, these devices may transmit up to 10 frequencies, day and night, which seem to be particularly harmful for some people.  Some would say they are weaponized, meaning they are very harmful for some people to be around or even close to. 

Some states allow one to refuse such a meter on one’s home, while other states in America require that you accept the meter.  However, even if you can refuse it on your home, your neighbors may have one that is broadcasting right into your home.  Also, your place of work may have one, as well.

Laws need to be changed to stop the implementation of these possibly weaponized devices.


5. Satellite TV boxes (receiver boxes).  These also give off EMFs today, even though they don’t need to.  They have been weaponized, as well.  We have no simple answers for dealing with this problem other than to get rid of the box.


6. Television sets.  All have been weaponized and give off EMFs that they do not need to give off.  Some older CRT televisions (the ones with the old picture tube) are better, but not all of them.  Always sit back as far away as possible from televisions, especially the large ones (which we do not recommend).  Projection TV systems do not seem any better.


7. Navigation systems.  These are the small GPS-guided units people buy for their older cars to help them find addresses.  It is possible some of these are weaponized.


8. Newer cars.  These may also be weaponized, believe it or not.  Some cars give off large electromagnetic fields, particularly near the motor.  The only way to check is with an EMF meter.  Older vehicles are usually a little better.


9. Radio and television transmission towers.  If possible, do not work right underneath one of these towers, which are often placed on the roof of a tall building or near a mountain top.


10. Other EMF sources that appear to be less important, in most cases.  These include:

A. Wi-fi units or wireless modems and routers found in most homes, offices, apartment buildings and everywhere today.  They are on computers, printers, scanners, fax machines, telephone systems and elsewhere.  These are generally less powerful than cell phone and smart meter technology, but they add some EMFs to the environment.

B. High-voltage power lines and line transformers found on power poles.  We would not live or work underneath one of these.  Some are built near schoolyards, where they cause problems for children.

C. All electrical and gasoline motors found in appliances such as refrigerators, and in automobiles, aircraft, ship and others.  These give off small fields, in most cases.

D. Fluorescent lights and dimmer switches that are on some light fixtures.  Some people are very sensitive to fluorescent lights.  We are not sure whether the problem is the light frequency or EMFs, or both.  Try to avoid using these close to you. 

If you must work or live under standard fluorescent lights all day, set up a full spectrum bulb shining on you, if possible, to help balance the light rays.  Full spectrum fluorescent tubes or LED tubes are also available.  The LED tubes are much better, if you can install them in your work area.

The best is to have natural light in your work and home area.  Skylights and “light tubes” are sometimes easy to install in any home.  They save electricity and improve the light in your home and office.

E. Radar installations.  These are usually near airports and military bases.  Some people are very sensitive to them, however.

F. Underground wiring can also emit electrical fields such as in-floor electric heating wires used to heat some homes.

G. Standard electrical wiring emits some stray electrical energies.  220-volt installations are worse than 110-volt appliances. 

H. All far infrared saunas and other far-infrared appliances such as heating pads emit stray EMFs that can be powerful enough to upset some people’s health.  We would avoid ALL far infrared saunas and appliances. 

In contrast, the “heat lamps” of the type we recommend for use in saunas do not emit any noticeable fields.  




X-rays.  Avoid these as much as possible.  The worst source is CT scans at the hospital or scanning center.  One of these is often the equivalent of getting up to 400 regular x-rays. 

X-rays are quite damaging to human tissue.  The major sources are all x-ray machines used in medical and dental offices, airports and perhaps package screening locations.

Other sources include living near nuclear power plants or in areas with naturally occurring x-radiation emissions from radon gas.  Living near uranium mining sites or nuclear waste dump sites are other sources of radiation toxicity.  The radiation can affect drinking water, for example, and other things like food.  Minimize all of these for best health.


Geopathic stress.  A different type of subtle EMFs are produced in some areas of the planet and are related to underground rivers and currents of water.  Some sensitive people can feel geopathic energy disturbances.  Some dowsers can find these and it is possible to move your bed or a favorite chair so that you do not sleep or sit right over a geopathic disturbance.


Psychotronic or radionic fields.  These are very subtle EMFs intentionally produced by machines, usually to upset people.  They are very dangerous, at times, almost impossible to detect, and are used as a weapon of war.  They are being used continuously today throughout the world by various governments and others, mainly to upset, anger, scare, and sicken people.

They can also arouse a population to commit violence and terror.  For details, read Psychotronic Warfare.




Critical to understand is that EMFs may seem to cause little damage until one reaches a threshold level.  One never knows when this level will be reached.

Another important concept with EMFs is that of spreading.  This is a curious effect in which once one becomes sensitive to EMFs, one seems to become sensitive to them from many sources.  For example, one may be fine until one buys a large screen TV, or a smart meter is installed nearby.  Then, mysteriously, one suddenly becomes sickened not only by these, but by other stray EMFs found in wi-fi, or from a formerly “safe” computer screen or something else.




            While we cannot prove it conclusively, we believe that people in poorer health may be more affected by EMFs than some others.  It is also possible that these people just feel the effects more than others, particularly if the adrenal glands are weak.

            Toxic metals in the body can also act like antennas that worsen the effects of some EMFs.  This is important because the load of toxic metals can be reduced significantly with a development program.

We do not recommend chelation therapy to remove toxic metals, however.  It is not powerful enough, not safe, and not needed if one follows a development program.

A development program will lower toxic metals much more over time than chelation therapy.  For more details, read Chelation Therapy.




            The main difficulty with cell phones, portable phones, smart meters, wi-fi, cell phone base stations and relay stations is the frequency range in which they operate.  Microwave radiation is quite penetrating, even at low power.

This is why your cell phone will work inside buildings and garages, and even in tunnels and other underground structures at times.  While it is an advantage for phone communication, it also means that the waves easily penetrate your cranium and can affect the brain and other organs and structures.

Here is an older summary of studies that have shown increased risk of brain tumors and other problems due to cell phone and mobile phone use.  For the details of these studies, go to the website of the Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST) at - summary.


* Finnish research confirms increased brain cancer risk from cell phones.


* Threefold increased cancer risk found among people in the vicinity of a GSM-base station.


* New Austrian research confirms health effects of base station radiation. Significant effects on wellbeing and psychological test performance found at levels far below recommended radiation intensity.


* Mobile Phone Tower causing brain tumors?  The top floors of a Melbourne office building were closed down and 100 people evacuated after a seventh worker in as many years was diagnosed with a brain tumor.


* DNA is damaged by mobile phone radiation.


* Large study reports 100% increase of malignant brain tumor risk.


* Three European studies indicate increased brain tumor risk.




1. Cities vs. rural living.  If possible, live in a rural area, as there are generally many fewer sources of electromagnetic exposure in rural areas.  The further away from large population centers, the better.


2. Removing smart electrical meters.  If possible, refuse to allow a smart meter on your home.  This is important.  If you have one, which most people do, then have it replaced with the older type.  This is possible in most areas.  If it is not, form a group of citizens and demand that the smart meters be removed.


3. Houses vs. apartments.  If possible, live in a detached residence such as a house, rather than an apartment.  The reason is simply that the higher the density of population, such as in apartments, the more likely there will be sources of EM fields such as computers, television sets and others.


4. Travel.  Ideally, do not travel too much, and avoid air travel, in particular.  Some day, we hope, things will get better, but travel is not good today because it usually exposes you to a lot of EMfs. 

The worst form of travel is by air.  Airplanes have many radar, radio, microwave and engine-related electromagnetic fields that can affect the passengers and crew.  Also, the x-ray machines at the airports and baggage handling stations are not healthful. 

Air travel also exposes you to many germs from other passengers, especially on long flights.  In almost all the airplanes today, the air is recycled a lot so you are exposed to many pathogens that other people are carrying.  For more details, read Traveling Safely.

Auto travel in your own car is probably the safest.  Buses and trains are not that bad, but today many people carry a laptop computer, and you may find yourself surrounded by them on a bus or train.

We are told that statistics show that air travel is the safest way to travel.  However, this is not really true because with auto travel you have much more control over when you travel, where you travel, how you drive and more.


5. Sleep.  Whenever you are not using an electronic device such as a television, computer or cell phone, turn it off.  You can install a timer on the power cord if you tend to fall asleep with the television set on, for example.

If possible, do an experiment and turn off the electrical power in your bedroom area when you go to sleep.  You may feel better.  If the experiment works, an electrician could probably install a cutoff switch for the bedroom area to make it easier.


6. Try grounding or earthing yourself.  This can help some people, especially if you live or work in a high-rise building.  To find the products, check under the heading of ‘Earthing’ on Google or other search engines.  Sites include and  For more, read Earthing.


7. Go to bed early and stay well nourished.  A lot of the sensitivity people feel in regards to EM fields is caused by fatigue, malnourishment, dehydration and other aspects of poor health.


8. Follow a properly designed development program.  This can and will eventually reduce extreme EM sensitivity, in most cases.  It does this by:

a. Restoring proper mineral nutrition and rebuilding the adrenal glands, which help us handle all types of stressors.

b. Rebuilding the lungs and bronchial tubes.  These have a lot to do with EMF sensitivity, for some reason.

c. Removing toxic forms of metals, including copper, iron and aluminum, that may conduct some of these frequencies in the brain.

For more details, read Introduction To Nutritional Balancing.


9. You can try devices to shield or divert EMFs.  These include such devices as Quantum Pendants and the Q-Link pendant.  They are not perfect, but may help.  The Quantum Pendant is actually more powerful and much less expensive.  Many other devices claim to reduce EM fields, but we have not tested them so we don’t know if they work.

A good website with more information and some good products is

For more on smart meters, read Smart Meters.




    George Louis Carlo, Ph.D., Martin Schram "Cell phones: Invisible hazards in the wireless age: An Insider's Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage." runs a lot of excellent articles on cell phone and other EMF hazards.


             There are many other articles and references for this problem on the internet.



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