by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A cycle is a repeating period of time during which important events occur.  Cycles are part of the natural order of things and have to do with creation, growth or expansion, slowing down or contraction, and finally endings or destruction.

Examples of well-known cycles are the:


1. Daily cycle of 24 hours.

2. Weekly cycle of seven days.

3. Monthly cycle of a woman’s menstrual period that is about 28 days.

4. Annual cycle of about 365+ days.

5. Cycle of the ages, which is about 2350 years.  Many people have heard of this, such as the age of Aquarius, the age of Pisces, and others.  This cycle has to do with the movement of our solar system around our central sun.  The central sun of our solar system is about 422 light years from the earth. We rotate around it about every 25,000 years.

6. Eon cycle of about 1.5 trillion years.




Cycles in nature are always related to the number seven.  This is sometimes obvious, while at other times it is not as clear.  For example, there are seven days in the week, and a woman’s menstrual cycle is a clear multiple of 7. 

However, some of the cycles above, such as the duration of a day (24 hours), a year (365 +days) and an age (about 2350 years), are closely tied to planetary cycles.  In these cases, the seven aspect is more hidden, but it is there.




The eon cycle is one of the longest cycles that affects many aspects of life on earth.  Its duration is about 1.5 trillion years.  Here are more details about it:


We are almost at maximum yin or expansion of the eon cycle at this time.  Maximum yin occurred around December 21, 2012.  We are now moving in the other direction toward yang and away from yin.


Expansion and contraction of the universe.  The first half of the eon cycle is one of expansion of the universe.  Scientists know this, and it is standard knowledge in astronomy that the universe is expanding.

During the second half of the eon cycle our universe contracts.  This has slowly started to occur, although scientists may not recognize it for a few more years.

Expansion of the universe often brings with it more chaos on earth, while contraction may bring with it more order and peace.

Indeed, the past 100 years on earth have been the bloodiest on record with:


1. Over 30 million killed in World War I (1915-1918)

2. The horror of the Communist Revolution of 1919 in Russia, and subsequent progroms, forced migration and “cleansing” by Vladamir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and others.

3. Over 400 million killed in World War II, and probably a lot more.  This is due to war casualties and Adolf Hitler’s genocide attempt to kill every Jewish person in the world, and later every Catholic and Christian person, as well.

Fortunately, his Third Reich was stopped in only about 10 years, so he could not complete his “project”, which he called the “final solution” to the “problem” of the Jews and Christians.

This is important because cycles and history repeats itself.  Today, the ISIS fighters and the Iranians talk the same way as Adolf Hitler, and they have the same answers in mind – except using atomic bombs.  It is wise to listen to these people and heed their words.  Otherwise, we could all be killed as “non-believers” and “infidels”, though we have hurt no one.

4. Up to 80 million killed during the forced march and other horrors of Mao Tse Tung starting in 1949.

5. More killed in the Korean War, the Pol Pot uprising in Burma, the Vietnam War and others.


This kind of horror is characteristic of certain times in cycles.


Yin and Yang.  The first half of the cycle is more yin, in its effects on us.  The second half of the cycle is more yang in its effects. 

Yin is generally associated with more chaotic, more expanded, and with more sickness, as well.  Yang is more associated with contraction and with more orderliness, in this case.

We just passed the point of maximum yin or maximum expansion.  For the next million or so years we will be in a very yin aspect of this important cycle. This affects world events, planetary events, and our bodies, as well.  This is the most important aspect of the eon cycle, for the purposes of this article.




A new section of this website details the situation of the rogues, as I call them.  (Others have different names for them.)  They are a group of beings from other planets who have set up their own slave “kingdom” in space.  They control vast areas of space containing millions of planets and multitudes of innocent people.  This area includes planet earth.

The Hebrew and Christian Bibles discuss this fact.  They state clearly that our world is ruled by one named Satan, a fallen angel and rebel who does not recognize the authority of God or anyone else, and instead rules by force, by lies, by deception, by enslaving people, and by stealth.  This is not far from the truth. 

This fact is also described in many earth stories and movies such as the Star Wars Trilogy, Planet Of The Apes, Independence Day, and the movie “V”.  Television series also have dealt with the subject, such as the Star Trek series, Battlestar Gallactica, and others.

Many other science fiction books also speak of these things, partly in an attempt to wake up the people of earth to the reality of outer space.  If you have never watch a Star Trek episode, or a Star Wars movie, I suggest you do so, as they are not all wrong or phony.




Our health.  The eon cycle has contributed to yin diseases in many people today.  In other words, it has made all the bodies more yin, and this leads to specific health issues that include some of the more common health problems of today.

Among these are cancer, obesity, diabetes, constipation, depression and yeast infections.  It has also contributed to other infections, anxiety, other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, seizure disorders, autism and more.

This is the reason that nutritional balancing focuses on making the body more yang!

Ancient wisdom about yin and yang in the Chinese medical tradition is simply not correct any more, because of the eon cycle.  Things were different even 1000 years ago, and definitely 5000 or more years ago when acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine was developed.  This is why I don’t recommend these methods today.  They still help, but they are not as effective as in the past.

Yin also means babies that are too large, causing birth problems.  It also means weak and delicate bodies that are subject to many diseases that are relatively new or much worse today than in the past.



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