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Definition.  An explosion is a rapid increase in the sodium/potassium ratio on a retest hair mineral analysis.  The ratio may move from very low to less low, or elevated to greatly elevated.

It may also show a forward flip.  This means that the ratio moves from significantly low to significantly elevated.

Explosions are not uncommon and may occur at any time during a development program.  They occur in both men and women, and in children as well as adults.




Often, first there is a sharp decrease in the sodium/potassium ratio in which the ratio drops to less than 1:1.  It can drop to less than 0.5:1.  This is followed by a sharp rise in the ratio, which we call the explosion.  Two possible causes for the sharp decline in the sodium/potassium ratio are getting in touch with and retracing a trauma and eliminating toxic potassium.

The role of trauma retracing.  Traumas usually lower the sodium/potassium ratio, often to a level of less than 1:1.   This pattern we call a trauma sodium/potassium ratio.

This low a ratio usually indicates that the person has experienced a trauma in the past.  The low ratio indicates suppressed emotions and suppressed energy level.  It also indicates the presence of frustration, resentment and hostility or chronic anger.  This is a real metabolic pattern that needs corrective action.

The role of toxic potassium. The  elimination of toxic potassium through the hair and skin will cause a sudden and often much lower sodium/potassium ratio.

This, however, is mainly an artifact rather than a deep metabolic pattern.  Therefore, the corrective program should not be based upon it.  Trying to correct this cause for a sudden drop in the sodium/potassium ratio can be the cause of an explosion.




Development programs are generally very safe.  However, explosions are the one situation in which extra caution is warranted.

What can occur is the following:

A hair mineral test will show a very low sodium/potassium, less than 1:1.  In these situations, we are tempted to give a lot of Limcomin in order to correct the sodium/potassium ratio.  However, this can set the person up for problems, including a violent outburst.  For this reason, we now limit the amount of Limcomin we give to 2-2-2, in most cases.

What can occur is that as the person retraces the trauma, one gets in touch with their feelings of anger.  This causes the sodium/potassium ratio to rise, sometimes quickly.  The personŐs development supplement pushes this process along due to giving Limcomin.

If the ratio rises very high, usually to 5 or higher, the person may experience an episode of acute anger and rage that can lead to a violent outburst.  As with many retracing and purification reactions, one is not fully aware of what is occurring because the mind is partially in the present, but also partially back in the scene of the trauma, a very confusing situation.

As a result, the person may take out their anger and rage on whoever is present, even if this person was not the cause of the trauma.

To prevent this situation, we suggest limiting the maximum amount of Limcomin to 2 with each meal or 6 per day.  If this changes, we will update this article. 



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