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In nutritional balancing science, it is often possible to identify a personality that goes with certain mineral imbalances.  For example, there are definite copper personality types, mercury types and cadmium types.

Another is the personality associated with iron toxicity.  One might call them affectionately “iron heads” or “iron men”.

This article may seem rather negative, and the iron personality type often causes problems on planet earth.  This is not meant to stereotype anyone.  There are exceptions because iron is only one of many minerals of which a person may have too much.  However, it is helpful to know certain qualities of people and how they may connect with the qualities of a mineral.

A nutritional balancing program can help restore a more balanced biochemistry, and can help temper this and other unbalanced personality types.




Iron is a hard, brittle, stable, and magnetic metal.  These qualities actually influence the body and the mind of a person whose system contains too much of this metal.




These individuals tend to be tall, attractive, muscular and vain about it.  They are often sharp and sexy looking.  They are also usually athletic and strong.

Many of the men enjoy bodybuilding.  If you want to find a number of them, go to a body building club or gym.

Many eat a lot of protein to build muscle.  This is one reason they are high in iron because red meat and eggs are among the highest foods in iron.




Deceptive. They are often loyal “family” types, which includes families like the Mafioso families.  They are common in labor unions and among professional groups that are licensed, bonded and insured to supposedly protect the public. 

However, often the license is to protect the group from competition.  Therefore the license is deceptive and does not guarantee quality.




They are often found in politics, where they deceive the public by saying what people want to hear, and then doing something totally opposite.

They are much more common in the Democratic party in the USA, as most are closet authoritarians and socialists, no matter what they say. 

They are shrewd, have good timing, know how to turn a phrase and thrill a crowd, and are so attractive and emotionally cool that unless one looks carefully, they will “snow the audience” with their often excellent rhetorical talk. 

Underneath, they tend to be authoritarians and power-hungry.  They tend to favor government solutions, for example, because these are always top-down and authoritarian ways of doing things.  For this reason, they are quite dangerous people to have in office.

They may speak of “diversity”.  However, the classic iron personality cannot tolerate real diversity, which is what occurs in free markets, and with free enterprise capitalism.

In part they lack the flexibility and intelligence to understand how free markets work, and in part they want to be in complete control of the situation.  They can be very nervous around other powerful people. 

They are often ideologically-driven by a single concept or dogma, which is usually Marxism in some form or other.  They can be very brutal in this area as well, believing that anyone who is not on their side is obviously deranged and dangerous, when it is they who are dangerous and deranged.




Iron is magnetic, and high-iron people are often charismatic, charming and leaders or directors.  In contrast, zinc and copper types are often more open to taking direction and less comfortable as leaders and directors.

Unfortunately, the iron types do not make good leaders as they are power-hungry and insecure.  Iron gives a lot of strength and stability, but not much intelligence and wisdom, sadly.  The copper types are much more creative and gentle.  The zinc types are more wise and compassionate and make the best leaders in all areas.




Many men and women are fooled by the calculating and perhaps brutal iron-dominant type into thinking they are loved because they are being pursued.  Too many, sadly, enjoy being chased as it gives them something to excited about, and can be quite alluring.

Iron types pursue the opposite sex hard.  They are good at focusing in, and love the conquest.  However, they are not good lovers because underneath they are cold and calculating, in contrast to the loving coppery women and the more spiritually advanced zinc-dominant men and women. 

For example, the zinc type of personality is much more laid back, which many ladies or even men mistake for a lack of interest.  This is important for all young women, particularly, to remember.  Any man who pursues to you too vigorously may be a high-iron type and is definitely one to avoid.  The more shy men are usually not iron types and will often make much better partners in the long run. 




Iron personality types are very oriented toward their children because this is their way to carry on the dynasty, which is often how they look at families.  Of course, they want to be the head of the family, which often causes strife if two iron heads are married to each other.

This can end in divorce, in some cases, if they just can’t seem to “get along”.  Since power is a focus for them, they do best with each partner having one sphere of influence.

What will not work is one dominating the other.  The underdog will get out in this case, if she can, since it is usually the woman, though certainly not always.  She may turn bitter and resentful and make life for her man miserable, in which he will find a softer partner, in most cases. 

Iron types can make good lovers and family men and women as they are loyal to their mates, but may play around sexually on the side, as they tend to be very sexual and can usually seduce women by engaging them in the enjoyment of the chase and the conquest.

Many men are seduced by iron-dominant women in the same way, after a long chase.  The women will “pull out all the stops” if needed, to win, which throws most men for a loop.  Underneath, the women are quite cold and selfish, however.

Out of balance, iron-dominant women and particularly men can be brutal in the sexual arena, however.  This means they enjoy sex for its own sake and are not too loving about it.  They are fine visiting prostitutes, for example, because it is just sex.

They are often the “beautiful people”, both men and women, and enjoy prancing around and attracting mates and lovers, even if it is just for show.  Since they are quite charismatic, they often know just what to say at the right time to impress others, both sexually and in every other way.  The ‘iron men’ tend to fall for the softer-appearing coppery women.


Brittle and Brutal.  Brutal, in particular, is appropriate for many iron heads.  They are quite ruthless underneath, like the mobsters on television and in real life.  Power is the name of the game, with money secondary.

This is important to remember when dealing with them.  They may fight over money, but power and control is always first priority.  Copper types are often happy with just a big farm in the country, but iron types like to stay in control. 

In costly divorces when the woman seems to win because she gets the millions of dollars, the iron man often wins in his mind because he gets rid of her and stays in control of his life.  He figures, usually correctly, that he can make the money back in a few years.  She thinks differently about her safety and security.  He thinks not about security, but about control of his life.

Brutal also describes many of our politicians today who tend to be iron toxic.  They are superficial, brutal and angry underneath, but very good at hiding their true feelings or even how they will vote, for example.   They are poker-faced, often, and can talk a good line.  They are quite determined and power-hungry underneath their faćade of caring for the people.




 Iron-toxic individuals are often organized, and bright enough to make good manufacturers and other types of businessmen.  Some are excellent sales people who can “close the deal” by sheer persistence of will, not by brilliance, though.  Most iron types are also very focused or one track, which is helpful in many business jobs, sales and in the sexual arena as well.






Some people are born with high iron.  This could be genetic, or it could be because their mother ate a lot of red meat and eggs.  This caused her to have high iron that was passed to the children through the placenta.  This is called congenital high iron.




Some people Are not born with high iron, but acquire it from dietary and other sources.  The foods highest in easily absorbed iron are red meat and eggs.  A few other foods have some, such as molasses and dark green vegetables. 

Another food source is white bleached flour that is “enriched” with iron.  Those who eat a lot of bread can obtain quite a bit of iron this way.  Some multi-vitamins including Geritol, and most pre-natal vitamins have a lot of iron, as well.

Some people also get a lot of iron from contaminated well water.  Some pipes in old homes are iron and some cookware is iron.




Iron settles in an area of the brain called the amygdala, an area associated with anger and rage, in particular.

Emotions and iron.  Interestingly, holding on to anger seems to cause the body to hold on to more iron.

Iron builds up in many organs of the body.  It hardens the tissues, and is very inflammatory in its effect. 

Iron oxide.  Iron often builds up in the body in the form of an oxide compound that is highly irritating to the body.  For more on this, read the second article below.


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