By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© October 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The three main problems with the conventional medical system around the world are like three HUGE elephants who are in the middle of the room, but few see them.  They are:


Elephant #1. Malnutrition.  This is due to chemical agriculture and N-P-K or superphosphate fertilization of even organic food.  It is also due to food processing, miserable diets, and allowing chemicals in food.  A further problem is bad eating habits, such as eating while driving a car or sitting at your desk at work.

Another reason is stress, which rapidly depletes zinc and other nutrients.  A further reason is trauma such as rape.  Once a woman has experienced rape, for example, her body is malnourished and very few women recover from this, although it is possible with a nutritional balancing program.  If she does not recover, her children will be born malnourished.

A final reason is the widespread use of medical drugs, vaccines and exposure to other toxins that deplete many nutrients in the body.

            Today all the bodies are malnourished, in our experience.  Most babies are born malnourished because their mothers are malnourished, and it only gets worse from there.


Elephant #2. Toxicity with heavy metals and chemicals. 

The metals.  These are everywhere today, such as:

- Aluminum (tap water, anti-perspirants, aluminum cookware and foil and contact with aluminum products)

- Mercury (all fish and seafood, air pollution)

- Cadmium (brake linings of cars and other exposure such as in junk food, seafood)

- Lead (pesticides, insecticides and air pollution in some areas)

- Arsenic (pesticides and other sources)

- Nickel (red tea or rooibos tea, plating on costume jewelry).


Toxic chemicals.  These are also widespread in the environment.  All bodies have them.  All babies are born with some of them today because their mothers have them in their bodies and they are passed directly to the babies through the placenta.

The medical profession makes the toxicity problem much, much worse with their insistence upon prescribing toxic chemicals as drugs and vaccines for most health conditions.

In fact, public health officials know that most city water supplies on earth are now contaminated with residues of medical drugs.  In other words, conventional medicine has become an environmental hazard.

Holistic is not the answer.  Unfortunately, other toxic chemicals include most herbs, homeopathic remedies and substances such as essential oils.  We mention these because holistic and naturopathic doctors use them instead of drugs.  However, they are not harmless.  For details, read Herbs and Homeopathy.


Elephant #3. Subluxations of the joints.  These are small twists in the vertebrae and other joints that pinch the nerves that emerge near or in the joints of the spine and elsewhere.

Subluxations are real and can be corrected quite easily, in most cases, with quality chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation of the joints.

However, the conventional medical profession is either not aware of them or chooses to ignore the reality of subluxations.  As a result, millions of people suffer with back pain, neck pain, and other related problems.  In addition, millions are subjected to toxic drug therapy, often for years, or unnecessary spinal or other surgery in an effort to correct what would be fairly simple to heal without drugs or surgery.




Malnutrition, the presence of toxic metals and chemicals, and subluxations of the joints together give rise to every conceivable health condition.  This is what we find.

The medical profession makes the mistake of naming these conditions, often with fancy Latin names, instead of properly identifying the cause and removing it.  We know this because when we apply proper nutrition and detoxification methods, along with correction of the spine and joints, most health conditions disappear.

The situation exists by design and is maintained by the medical licensing laws in every state and every nation.

The problem is somewhat worse when the government interferes in the health care industry, as occurs in England, Canada, and Europe – and increasingly in the United States.

This is because government health care reduces the citizen’s choices.  The government only pays for “approved” care, which is usually the same old drug medical care.  At the same time, the citizens must pay high taxes to pay for government care.  As a result, they have little money left to visit nutritionists, chiropractors and osteopaths who can really help them.



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