by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I formerly called the pulling down procedure meditation. The reason is the person I learned it from called it a meditation. However, it is not meditative. That is why we no longer use the word meditation to describe it.
What is meditation? The word meditation usually refers to relaxing, gentle mental exercises such as visualizing that you are going somewhere beautiful to relax. Other meditations teach one to gently empty the mind, just repeat a word, or watch your thoughts or your breath.
What is the pulling down procedure? One moves energy downward very forcefully from the head to the feet using the mind and the breath. Doing it gently will not work. The only way it works is when it is truly a mental 'workout', meaning one uses as much effort as possible to do it.
Problems with meditations. Meditations can be relaxing, but are also dangerous and often a waste of time:
- They usually lead one away from reality. This may seem healthful, but it is not. It is best to learn to handle or cope with this reality, not to escape it. Escape only works very temporarily. Escaping produces lowered awareness of one's environment and this leads to poorer decisions.
- They are hypnotic. They tend to put one in a light trance state. While it may sound unusual, negative forces in our world would like everyone to be in mild hypnotic trance because they in this condition they are much easier to control. However, it is not best for you. You will not function your best while in a hypnotic trance.
Some authors go further and say that life itself exerts a hypnotic influence upon us. Most meditations just make this worse. Only the pulling down procedure reverses this condition.
- They do not at all accomplish what the pulling down procedure does. Only the pulling down procedure opens, cleans and heals millions of energy channels or tiny tubes that run from one's head to one's feet.
This literally transforms the body from a purely physical organism into an energetic being that is much healthier and can live much longer. It also opens up unusual abilities such as mental telepathy and others.
- They do not cause rapid development. This is a very special genetic upgrade of the body. It is rarely taught except in a few monasteries and convents. However, it has been known for thousands of years. We are now able to teach it publicly on this website. It requires the pulling down procedure. For more details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.
Meditation tends to make a person less aware and what is called spacy or detached. Only the pulling down procedure actually changes the body into a more spiritual vehicle.
Copper toxicity also causes fake spirituality. This occurs often in those who meditate is. The excess copper may have been there before or it becomes worse.
Too much copper in the nervous system causes mental detachment that is often confused with spirituality. When extreme, it causes one type of schizophrenia. This is a more severe detachment from reality. For details, read Schizophrenia.

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