by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Definition.  Metanoia is a Greek word that has the following translations and meanings in English:


1. A turning about at the level of the soul, with a resulting awakening to matters spiritual and less importance given to matters that are material and fleeting.

This turning about in the soul is very special.  It is akin to feeling and saying to oneself “I have been there and done that”, in regard to worldly pursuits.  The soul then makes a critical decision to take a turn or move in a completely different direction. 

Some would say that direction is to re-unite with the Father energy.  Others would say that it is a turn inward toward perfecting the self, instead of seeking love and fortune outside of oneself.  Still others would say it is a turn toward the divine nature that is in each of us, to explore it to the fullest, with the belief and knowing that this is the true path to happiness and joy on all levels.


2. Repentance, as used in some Greek Orthodox churches.  Here the word has a religious significance and is similar to what other churches call conversion or being reborn again in Christ.  Conversion is not converting to a religion.  Conversion is a deeper spiritual process in which a person becomes more aligned with the principles of Christianity.




A person can follow a nutritional balancing program in a mechanical and superficial way, and many begin this way.  However, those who come to understand the process often go through a shift in their consciousness that may be described as a metanoia or deep change in direction.

Instead of viewing the diet, supplements, lifestyle and detoxification procedures as efforts that just take up time, some people realize that the nutritional balancing program, as set up by the Approved Practitioners listed on this site, is a deeper shift in their consciousness and must come from deep within.  This is why it is a metanoia, and not just another nutrition program or healthier lifestyle.

In order to follow a nutritional balancing program perfectly, one must change one’s priorities.  One must set aside time each day for the Roy Masters meditation process, which takes one within, but in a very special way that does not shut out the world, but rather moves one into the world in a healthier manner.

The same type of process occurs with the diets we recommend.  They do not take one out of the world, which can happen with vegetarian and raw food diets, for example.  Instead, the oxidation type diets on this website help a person squarely face old traumas, injuries and ailments, and overcome them at deep levels.  This can be frightening, at times, as can religious conversion, but is necessary, for some people, in order to heal deep wounds.

The supplement programs that are part of nutritional balancing, as I offer it, are also quite different from most nutritional supplement programs.  Ours are aimed at energy enhancement, and only rarely toward symptom alleviation.  Most other doctors and authors use supplements mainly for symptom relief, which is fine as far as it goes, but it is not the same as nutritional balancing.

This is why I use the word metanoia to describe the process of appreciating and understanding nutritional balancing.  It is much more than simply following rules, taking pills, or learning techniques for healing the body or brain.


To be continued …


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