by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2022, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            Some people are turning to naturopaths as an alternative to conventional medical personnel.  We are very upset and sad to have to report the following about them:




At the licensed naturopathic schools, all students are raped and beaten.  These schools have been completely taken over by the Rogues and are no longer healing schools.

The licensed naturopaths are forced to follow the will of the rogues, who implant them with devices through which they tell them how to treat their patients.  They are told to poison some of them.  If they don’t obey, the naturopaths are beaten and raped more, and threatened with death.

To even enter their schools, students are required to have many vaccines! 

Naturopaths appear to be very ‘holistic’ and caring.  In truth, they are extremely controlled, moreso than medical practitioners.  They are only allowed to use certain labs, certain products and certain therapies.  They are also taught how to hypnotize and hurt people.

Stay away from the naturopaths, especially if you are an attractive young woman.  They are required to report these women, who often end up raped.  At times, the rape occurs at their office.

We don’t know if naturopathic schools in other nations have been similarly infiltrated and ruined.  However, we advise avoiding all naturopaths at this time.




Too often, naturopaths recommend therapies that we find are harmful because they stop development, even if they provide symptomatic relief.  They include:


- Toxic herbs.  For details, read Herbs.

- Chelation therapy.  For details, read Chelation Therapy.

- Harmful diets such as keto, paleo, Mediterranean diet and others.  For details, see the diet section of this website on the Read Articles page.  We have articles about each of these and many other popular, but harmful diets.

- Intravenous vitamins and minerals.  For details, read Intravenous Nutritional Therapy.

- Homeopathy.  For details, read Homeopathy.

- Symptomatic acupuncture.  This provides relief but does not address deeper issues.  For details, read Acupuncture.

- Medical drugs.  Some naturopaths are allowed to prescribe drugs, which of course is not naturopathy.  They tell people they need medical drugs when they do not, and then prescribe them.  Also, many licensed naturopaths offer CBD, a narcotic drug that is very harmful and stops development.  For details, read CBD.




Licensed naturopaths work within the diagnose-and-treat or remedy paradigm – just like the drug medicine physicians.  We find this model of health care outdated and not that good.

The development program uses a whole-system, bioenergetic approach to healing that is only about 40 years old.  It is based upon twentieth century ideas such as the stress theory of disease and fractal design of the body.  This method is much safer and more effective.


            For more problems with doctors, read Hospital Horror.



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