By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            How The Program Works. Symptom removal is the goal of almost all healing methods, whether they are conventional medical methods, naturopathic methods, holistic, herbal, nutritional, surgical or others.

Nutritional balancing works very differently.  It heals the body by increasing its energy production.  This, and this alone,  enables the body to remove ALL types of health conditions.  Symptoms go away on their own, with very rarely a need for specific remedies.  It is quite mysterious and only understandable by concepts such as the stress theory of disease and general systems theory.

The program even removes hidden toxins, lesions, infections and other problems.  This means that the program heals very early-stage, latent and sub-clinical conditions.  This is a great advantage over all other programs I have seen.  It means nutritional balancing is much safer, and a deeply preventive type of healing program.

On a nutritional balancing program, your biochemical energy production, or adaptive energy, improves due to a combination of methods, but mainly by balancing the major mineral levels and ratios on a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  We have been unable to use blood, urine or other tests for this purpose, although we continue to research this issue.

The unique nature of nutritional balancing science is that it is more of a physics-based approach to healing than it is a medical or a nutritional approach.  Foods, nutritional supplements and only certain detoxification procedures are used in precise combinations to correct imbalances mainly at an atomic or physics level, not mainly at an organ or tissue level.  A number of other articles on this website explain nutritional balancing in more detail.  One to begin with is Introduction To Nutritional Balancing.




This program has been offered for over 45 years to more than 100,000 people.  For most physical and mental/emotional health conditions, nutritional balancing is superb and the best program I know of.

I do not recommend this program for advanced cancers.  For these cases, I prefer the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy offered by Mrs. Pamela McDougle.  If you are not sure if a program would help you, send me an email and I will advise you further.  In most other cases, it is an excellent program to improve your health.


Who can benefit from a program?  The nutritional balancing approach to healing is excellent for most people, but not for all.  It requires:

1. Eating a rather simple diet of mainly cooked vegetables, some animal protein daily, a little whole grain, and some raw dairy products if you tolerate them.  The diet excludes all fruit, all sugar, all wheat and spelt, and all soy products.

2. Drinking two to three liters, or three quarts, of spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water daily.

3. Following a healthful lifestyle.  I suggest only a little gentle exercise, and instead focus on more rest and sleep.

4. Taking 8-10 nutritional supplements at least twice each day, or preferably three times daily.

5. If possible, doing the detoxification procedures daily.  These are: coffee enemas, daily use of a lamp sauna only, rubbing the feet (foot reflexology), twisting the spine, and the Roy mental exercise.  All this must be done in accordance with our specific written instructions and explanatory information. 

6. Do not combine a nutritional balancing program with other vitamin, mineral, herb, or homeopathic programs.  This will ruin the nutritional balancing program.

7. Prescription medical drugs can be combined with the nutritional balancing program if they are needed.  Many can be discontinued after a few weeks or months on a nutritional balancing program.




1. Open-minded.  The program is somewhat unusual, compared to most healing regimens.

2. Not lazy.  The program requires some work and time on your part.  Learning to do the diet and the procedures may also take a little time and effort.

3. A little nitty gritty, or not squeamish.  For best results, the program involves enemas, sauna sessions and foot rubs that some people find dirty or repulsive.  One must be willing to try these, and most people love them after a time.

4. Willing to follow orders, or a little faith.  The program is integrated and powerful.  If one just does a little of it, and adds other things to it, it usually does not work well at all.  Items and procedures to avoid are just as important as those that are needed.  In particular, the diet is most important.

            5. Honesty with yourself and your practitioner.  This is important because when retracing or healing reactions occur, we need to know exactly what you are doing in order to advise you properly.  Some people do not want to say what they are eating, or which parts of the program they do.  This causes many problems.




Traits that make following a nutritional balancing program difficult are:


1. The second guessers. This group of people believe they know better than we do how to do the program.  These clients tell us that they are unique, which is true, and therefore they need a different program in some way.  The latter is not necessarily so.

This group of clients have difficulty just doing the program as it is set up.  Usually, the reason for this is that the program “brings up their issues”, which is a critical part of nutritional balancing having to do with retracing past traumas. 

In this case, the best advice is usually to just go slowly by taking fewer doses of supplements, but do not start changing the diet or the supplements, or anything else.  The programs are sophisticated, and not easily understood by those who are not trained in this science.  I have years of experience with it. 

I am certainly open to learning new healing methods and products, and we research continuously.  However, most all the time we have tried what you are trying, and if it worked we would recommend it.


2. The researchers.  These clients of ours are continuously confused because they have almost an addiction to the internet or other types of health research.  As a result, they have trouble staying on the program.  The problem is the large amount of false or half-truths on the internet and elsewhere.  For more on this topic, please read Internet Research on this website.


3. The terrified.  Some people are afraid of coffee enemas, afraid of rubbing their feet, afraid of a nutritional supplement, or afraid of giving up all fruit.  Such fears are generally irrational, although they are fed by articles on the internet and elsewhere.  Too much fear will prevent a person from even starting, or from continuing a program.  It is one of the worst problems we deal with.

Others panic if a healing reaction occurs.  In fact, the program often causes “housecleaning” to occur, and the reactions are very good.  I have never needed to send someone to the emergency room in 34 years.  However, symptoms can occur, and blood, urine and even x-ray tests are often temporarily skewed.  Purification reactions are part of the nutritional balancing program, and one must learn to just relax and move through them, with our help.


4. The fussy.  Some people do not like eating cooked vegetables, for example.  Others do not like taking nutritional supplements.  Still others do not like drinking so much water, and still others feel they must eat fruit.  This makes it difficult to succeed with this program.  If one really dislikes cooked vegetables and is not willing to learn how to make them tasty, this program will not work too well.


5. The undisciplined.  Doing this program fully requires plenty of self-discipline.  This develops slowly in most people.  It grows as one works into the program more and more, so just get started.

Learning self-discipline is part of becoming more mature, and taking back control of your life.  It is an integral part of the process of a nutritional balancing program.


6. The brainwashed or weak-willed.  Some of our clients are easily talked out of the program by their medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, friends, family members, the media, or other sources of information.

Some people run back to their medical or other doctors for tests, for example, which are often a little skewed by the nutritional balancing program.  This scares them away from the program. 

The medical professions, through the media, have a large impact on the population.  This may be hidden, at times.  Yet their methods are not that effective, or our health care costs would not be exploding.  So to succeed with nutritional balancing, one must let go of attachment to the remedy methods of healing that are the hallmark of the regular medical, holistic medical, and even the naturopathic professions today.


7. The disabled without enough help.  Some people cannot do the program well enough due to physical disabilities.  One must be able to cook basic meals or have them brought to you.  One must be able to take the supplements regularly, and ideally do the procedures, as well.


If you are in one of the groups above, it does not mean you cannot succeed with nutritional balancing.  It just means you may have more difficulty than those who can just relax and follow the program.



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