by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Nuts and seeds are quite special foods.  Trees, where the nuts grow, are not quite what they seem.  Some of the souls in the trees are quite advanced.  As one develops, one needs more of the products of the trees.  However, this requires many years of development for most people.  Until that time, we find it best to limit one’s intake of nuts and seeds.

Many physicians and dietary experts recommend eating nuts and seeds because they are nutritious foods.  Popular diets that include nuts and seeds are vegetarian diets, the Weston Price diet, the GAPS diet, the Paleo diet and others.

We recommend eating 2 tablespoons of roasted almond butter and one tablespoon of roasted sesame tahini daily.  Here is our reasoning:


1. While very nutritious, all nuts and seeds are quite yin in macrobiotic terminology.  This is the reason w e do not recommend nuts and seeds in larger quantities. 

Yin means expanded and cool or cold.  Today, the bodies are already too yin.  We live in yin times, meaning the world is quite yin thanks to ionizing radiation from power plants and other sources, chemical toxins in the environment, a mineral-depleted food supply, and other reasons. 

For this reason, eating yin foods, while they may nourish the body, unbalances the body in subtle ways and will eventually harm your health, no matter how nutritious or tasty they are.  For more on this, read Yin Disease on this site.


2. Nuts and seeds are somewhat difficult to digest, which is why we suggest eating them in the form of nut and seed butters.


3.  Nuts and seeds do not contain much of the chemicals needed for early development, but they do contain chemicals needed for later development.




            Soaking or sprouting makes nuts and seeds even more yin, so we do not recommend it.

            Most sprouts also contain a toxin to help keep predators away from the young growing plants.  This also makes them less helpful as foods.



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