By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The ordered life, as explained in this article, is the same as the middle class lifestyle in places such as America, Western Europe, and parts of Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.  India and Red China, in particular, are also developing a middle class, as well.

The middle class is the shining example of how hard work and minimal play, along with using your brain and your brawn to support yourself and your family, can succeed well in life.

The ordered life of this article is characterized by the following qualities or characteristics:


1. Fairly comfortable and secure economically, but not terribly wealthy.

2. Usually holds a job, or has a career, or is an entrepreneur who earns money, rather than living on welfare (the underclass) or living off investments or corruption (the parasitic ruling class).

3. Usually lives in a family setting, at least to some degree, and believes in family values such as raising children, having a husband or wife, and living in a stable home.

4.  Believes in independence or personal freedom, the work ethic, and basic goodness.

5. Believes in a positive God and a Western-style morality, in general.  This does not mean the person is religious.  However, in most cases, middle class people accept the Judeo-Christian value system such as the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, even if they do not practice them perfectly.

In contrast, the ruling class and the poverty-stricken classes have more negative attitudes and are more amoral, believing instead in the law of the jungle - that might makes right and the elite must rule.

6. Does not feel like a total victim like the very poor, nor is a total vampire like the ruling class in most nations.  The middle class contains a little of both the vampire mentality and the victim mentality.  They may be in the same person or family, but it is moderate and not too disruptive to the society or to the family.

7. Is part of a capitalist or free market society.  Some economic and political freedom appear to be necessary to have a thriving middle class.

For example, there is not much of a middle class in the communist nations of the world or dictatorships like Mexico.  Here one finds a small ruling class that controls most of the wealth, and a large underclass or worker class who do the work, but who are forbidden from keeping the rewards of their labor.  Karl Marx blamed this situation on the capitalists or owners of factories.  This is not true, however.  The fault lies with the ruling class, who make the laws and secretly control the capitalists and the workers.




1. To reduce stress on the body, which greatly improves one’s health.  The body likes stability and moderation, as do the souls that inhabit the body.  It makes their jobs easier.

2. To have more joy and happiness.  There is joy in economic security, family, in work and careers, and in the social interaction that occurs in middle class communities.  These are among the most important ways that human beings become happy and content.

3. For development of the body and mind.  This requires a lot of stability, relatively speaking, that can only occur in the middle class.  The other social classes are too concerned with survival and intrigue, and this gets in the way of such activities as proper nutrition and meditation to develop the body and the brain.




For most people, the middle class or ordered life is wonderful.  The ordered life means, for example, that you do not often stay up late, and you do not often get drunk or high on drugs, because these experiences disorder the body and the mind.  It also means you do not sleep around with various people, but rather focus on one wholesome relationship again because this is easier on the body and gives you more time to work and raise your family.

There can be a sort of mundane quality to the ordered life, but people realize it is helpful, in most cases, to prolong life and assure safety and security.  Woody Allen, the comedian, made a joke about his parents middle class values, that they were “God and carpeting”.  This sums it up pretty well.

For a few people, the ordered life is boring.  These are the people known as gypsies, hippies, vagabonds or wanderers.  They want total freedom, do not hold on to jobs, often like drugs and loose sexual morality, do not believe much in the nuclear family, usually have little money but don’t care, often live on welfare, and prefer to live “free as the wind”.  A few do this well, and are among the artists and musicians, often.  Most, however, are running away from their middle class families or other things, and are not really happy or healthy.  They usually do not live long, and are subject to rape, robbery, shootings, and other catastrophic events that come with the vagrant lifestyle.

The poor, and even the wealthy ruling classes, often want to be like the middle class, who are the happiest.  The vagrants, however, do not want to be middle class, and are running from it.  They form a counter-culture or hippie movement, in most nations.




Simply because the ordered life and the middle class is now under attack all over the world.  We are told that traditional middle values are hopelessly “old-fashioned”, “homophobic”, “anti-women”, and so on and so forth.  None of this is the truth, however.

The reality is that communists, Islamists, autocrats and bureaucrats the world over hate the middle class because they stand in their way of total control over the people.  The middle class tend to be somewhat politically active and often vote Republican in the USA, for example.  The middle class votes for good laws, protection of children and the family, sexual moderation, outlawing of drug use, and other things that promote a truly free society.

So it is important to review what is the ordered life, why live this way, and to ignore and stop the attacks on Judeo-Christian values, rugged individualism, natural rights and other aspects of middle class life.



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