by Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            To succeed with a development program requires persistence.  This article discusses why this is so, and has some helpful hints.




            The answer is that most people’s bodies are very depleted nutritionally and very toxic.  In other words, when one begins the program, one has a long way to go to really achieve excellent health.


Health problems begin before one’s birth. Almost all young women are very depleted and toxic today.  They do not eat well, they use toxic products on their skin, hair and elsewhere, and most take toxic medical drugs.

The mothers’ imbalances are passed on to the children   As a result, most everyone is born a nutritional mess.

After birth, feeding is often inadequate, vaccines and other medical drugs make the body much more toxic, and the situation just gets worse as one ages.  For details, please read Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic.


The truth about one’s health is often not apparent.  You cannot judge by one’s appearance or from one’s symptoms or health conditions, but it is the truth.


Need for a complete overhaul.  We tell people we need to do a complete overhaul on your health, not just fix a few imbalances.  This takes time, even if you do the entire program perfectly, which very few people do.  If you do the program partially, it takes even longer.




One problem is that most us are conditioned by the medical system to believe that healing should be fast.  We just don’t understand that it can easily take five or even ten years to remineralize, rebalance, and develop the body. 

I experienced this.  I was told by a reputable holistic physician that healing the body would take at least 5 years.  I thought the man was crazy, but he turned out to be correct.  In fact, it took even longer, in part because the science was still being developed.  We did not know nearly as much about how to eat and other aspects of the program.  Today, people can move along much faster than when I began about 40 years ago.




1. View the program as a life path.  Settle into the path and just continue with the program.  This is somewhat unusual, again due to medical conditioning.  For details, read The Healing Path.

2. Read the Testimonials on this website.  You will notice that it took some people 5 years or longer before they began to really feel better.

3. Read other articles on the website that discuss development, such as Introduction To Development.  This can help keep you interested and excited about what you have embarked upon.



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