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This website and Dr. Wilson aim to tell the truth about all things at all times. We strive to avoid all ideological or other bias. If we find we have made an error, we correct it as soon as possible.

Development science is a research science, so updates to the articles, the diet, the supplement program and the healing procedures do occur. We do our best to announce these clearly in the New Earth Blog and in the website articles.


Information we collect. We collect no information at all about people who browse this website. We also collect no information at all about people who choose to go on the basic or ‘free’ development program.

If a person chooses to embark on a complete development program, he or she agrees to provide at least their name, address, phone number, and age. We also need basic information about a person’s diet, lifestyle, medical history and symptoms to set up healing programs. We also require a tissue mineral analysis at least once every six months in order for a person to remain on the full program.

Occasionally, we will assist someone even if we do not have all of this information, but it is all helpful and usually required. Clients on the full program also agree to allow Dr. Wilson to attempt to contact them to find out what is needed for healing.

If someone chooses to receive the announcements of the New Earth Newsletter then we need their email address in order to send out the newsletter announcements.

We believe this is all in accordance with the European GDPR regulation of 2016.

What we do with your information. Client information is shared with the coach who works with the person’s Helper. No client information is shared with any organization or government agency without the client’s permission. The only exception would be if the information were needed for a legal case and was requested by a properly authorized and signed subpoena.

HIPAA. The development program and this website do not participate in the American medical privacy program popularly called HIPAA. We are not required to participate because Dr. Wilson is not a licensed physician.


We strive first to do no harm. To this end, we are very careful about the advice we give.


Today, many doctors and hospitals lie to patients in order to avoid lawsuits. This is called defensive medicine. We never do this.


Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, but is not licensed to practice medicine in Arizona. We believe that medical licensing violates the rights to assemble and the right to offer and receive services guaranteed by the American national and state constitutions.


Dr. Wilson uses only apple computers because we are told they are more secure than Windows computers.


This website does not use cookies.


All articles and books on this website may be accessed and read at no charge.

All information in the articles and books is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary. Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, but is not licensed in Arizona and works as a nutrition consultant only. None of the material on this website has been approved by any government agency.

All articles and books are copyrighted. If you wish to repost an article, please ask permission by sending us an email.


We speak and live the lifestyle and attitudes we recommend on this website. We have no hidden agendas or secret policies.


If a problem arises that we cannot resolve through discussion, we first will resort to mediation. If this is not successful, we will resort to arbitration. Only if these are not effective would we consider using the legal system, which is costly and slow.

We require the same for our Helpers.


The only product sold on this website is the diploma program. If you are unsatisfied after completing it, you must return the diploma to us within 3 months of receiving it, and we will issue you a full refund.


updated November 20, 2019

The following helps keep us all safe and focused clearly on helping others. If we believe that someone is not meeting the requirements below, we will not add the person’s contact information to the referral page, or we may remove the person’s listing from the referral page. We may also discontinue their Advanced Helping Training. We may also need to notify everyone of this change in the New Earth Newsletter to avoid confusion.

A. Procedures:

1. We prefer to use Analytical Research Labs for hair testing, and to order Profile 2 or Profile 4 when ordering a mineral analysis.

2. Review all hair tests with your coach.  This is to provide the best program, and for safety and research.

3. Administer the program just as your coach sets it up for you. Do not omit, add or change products, dosages, the diet, procedures or other aspects of the recommendations.  The exception is that some people can only afford to take the supplements once or twice daily, or they are very sensitive and need to reduce the amount of supplement doses.  

4. Diet. The most updated development diet will always be found at a link on the home page of, not in the ARL booklet.

5. Call your coach if you need help answering questions from clients. Questions you are not sure about are best passed on to Dr. Wilson. Don't just guess.

6. With all clients, use a disclaimer, disclosure and consent form. This is necessary for basic legal protection.  It need not be fancy or involved, and we will help anyone to formulate these statements to protect you and all of us from frivolous legal attacks.  Samples are found in the Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners book.

7. Use our General Information Sheet and Symptom Sheet. We need these two sheets filled out to set up the programs.  You may use other forms in your office, as well, but the two above are the ones to send to your coach.

8. Use a Client Letter with every consultation.  This is to make sure you cover all aspects of the program during your consultations, whether they are in person, on the phone, via email or using a CD or DVD.  The letters are found at  Some Helpers separate the first long consultation into two parts, focusing on the diet and lifestyle in the first part, and adding the supplements and procedures in the second part so as not to overwhelm the clients.

9. We prefer to use mainly products from Endomet Labs.  These work the best, and they have correct formulas.  Other brands of products often do not work well, even costly brands.

10. No Facebook Groups.  At this time, we do not allow our Helpers to participate in a nutritional balancing Facebook group.  The reason is that here is absolutely no privacy on Facebook, no matter what they claim.  You and all of us can get in a lot of trouble from random posts on Facebook, and this has already happened.  However, you may have a Facebook page, if you wish.

B. Professional conduct:

1. Conduct your practice legally, professionally, ethically, and responsibly. Do not commit fraud, negligence, misrepresentation, making false claims, impersonating a medical doctor, lying, disparaging other Helpers, or engaging in any other unprofessional or illegal conduct. A more complete list of professional considerations is listed in the Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Helpers book.

2. Update and increase your knowledge of nutritional balancing science. Study regularly and often the articles at

C. Personal conduct:

1. Personal life. Conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the highest regard and dignity for the advanced soul that you are. This means avoiding selfishness, greed, lust, all drug use, alcohol use, junk food, and anything else that compromises your integrity, your safety, or your health. We consider this very important for you, and to maintain the integrity of this wonderful program.

2. Remain on your own development program. This includes the diet, supplements, drinking water, and procedures – daily sauna therapy, daily coffee enemas or at least several weekly, and daily use of the pushing down mental exercise. Also, do foot reflexology, the neck pull and the spinal twists daily.

Retest your own hair at least every 6 months, and be sure to send your tests to your coach for review by Dr. Wilson. This is so that you will heal and develop at deep levels as fast as possible. It also will make you a better coach for others on all aspects of the program. We consider this very important.

D. Presentation of the program on websites and in other written, oral, video or other promotional and informational materials.

1. Be accurate, clear and professional. You may use material from our website to clearly describe the program.  Be sure to include a sentence on the mental and emotional benefits of the program.  These are critical, yet many Helpers do not mention them. 

2. Use the words development or development science on your website to describe this program. Do not make up other names for the program, or omit these names.  This is mainly to avoid confusion among the clients. It is also important that other healthcare Helpers and the public understand what you offer in a clear way that does not confuse them.

3. Link your website to www.drlwilson.comWe are an online community.  This website is the hub or portal that connects us.

4. Do not intermix other modalities in the same paragraph or section of your website our program.  If you offer other healing modalities such as chiropractic, bodywork, electrical machines, or other methods, preferably devote a separate page to each of them.  This is to prevent confusion.

5. Reprinting articles. You may use articles from our website, but please give credit for authorship, and include a link back to if someone wants more information.

6. Avoid contradictory and confusing information.  For example, we do not advocate eating raw vegetables or fruits.  If you are selling or offering programs with raw foods, this is directly contradictory to our program and is extremely confusing for clients.

7. All photos need to be wholesome looking – no low-cut blouses, poorly-combed hair, etc.

8. Be sure your website has the following disclaimer and disclosure, or something similar:

Development programs are a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry.  When this is done, many health conditions improve.  It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical.

9. We may ask you to change the colors, design, setup or wording on the development page or section of your site if we feel it is not wholesome or correct. This is for your benefit, as well as that of the reputation of development science.

10. Please keep your site updated as this science expands and changes.

11. Ideally, offer a Resource Page or Resource Section on your website. This should include a link to, and perhaps basic articles such as Retracing and others.

12. Ideally, offer a page, or a section, about yourself - your background, training, etc.

E. Other

1. Integrity Agreement. If a dispute arises that we cannot resolve via email, regular mail or telephone contact, you agree to submit it first to mediation, and then to arbitration.  However, you will not use attorneys. This is for our mutual protection, as the legal system is costly and often dysfunctional today.

2. Confidentiality. All client information and other matters discussed between you, your coach, Dr. Wilson and others is confidential, unless previously agreed upon otherwise. This is to protect everyone from gossip and rumors, and to protect the privacy of client information.

Also, never leave ANY client information lying around your desk, on computers or on phones in a way that others might spy upon it or look at it at all.

I have read and agree to the above rules.

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