by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© October 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Many people have scars that will not heal properly.  Many types of creams, ointments and salves are available that may help to some degree.  Most contain vitamin A, vitamin E, and perhaps zinc and other nutrients.  Results, in my experience, are variable and not that good.

            Nutritional balancing science takes a different approach to resolving scars that is usually very effective.  This is by working at a systems level to improve the body’s circulation, hydration, oxygenation and mineral balance.  Specifically, copper imbalance is involved in scarring.  As this is resolved, most scars disappear on their own without the need for any topical creams or other products.




            Some doctors offer a therapy in which they inject scars with anesthetics such as procain or Novocaine.  This may reduce electrical interference in areas of the body where scarring is present.  In some cases, by so doing, the patient experiences relief from stress, pain or other symptoms.

            This therapy should not be needed if one follows a nutritional balancing program to resolve scars naturally.  It is only needed when the tissues are not strong and toxins build up under the skin in the area of scars that disrupt electrical currents in the body.

            Generally, we do not like injecting poisons into the body, which includes Novocain, although this is a mild toxins.  However, one problem is that if the toxin is not potent, it may not remain and the problem of the electrical interference may recur.




            In addition to a complete nutritional balancing program, the use of a single red heat lamp on the area of a scar may speed up its healing.  The effect of the heat lamps appears to be to greatly enhance local blood circulation.  However, the near and middle infrared rays penetrate into the tissues and have other healing properties as well.  The combination may be helpful in some situations.  The use of the single lamp is not ever a substitute for a complete nutritional balancing program that is multifaceted, able to restore the health of the entire body, and much more effective in the long run.


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