by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Colloidal Silver is a low toxicity, and often very effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-parasitic agent.  Everyone should keep a bottle around the house for cuts and other emergencies.

Colloidal silver consists of small, electrically charged silver ions dissolved in distilled water.  If it is a low concentration product, that is all it should contain.  Low concentration means up to 100 parts per million silver.

More concentrated colloidal silver products also contain a protein.  I believe this is necessary to keep the silver properly in solution.  However, we donŐt usually recommend them, as they are not often needed.




Silver has been known as a potent germ-killer for thousands of years.  In ancient times, people would put a silver coin in a jug of water before drinking it to help purify it.

For hundreds of years, kings and queens ate their food with ŇsilverwareÓ to help reduce the possibility of infection.  They also ate from Ňsilver plattersÓ for the same reason.  These were not just for show.

Colloidal silver has been approved for use by human beings and livestock by our government for over 100 years.  It is only relatively recently that antibiotics have replaced it in hospitals and doctors offices.  While antibiotics are sometimes helpful, they are much more toxic, costly, and have other problems, as explained below.




These are many and include:


á           Low cost

á           Very safe, compared to antibiotics.  This is true even for babies and pregnant women, when used correctly.  The internet has stories of people turning blue and gray from taking colloidal silver.  This effect is called argyria.  In my experience, this only happens if one uses homemade colloidal silver or if one takes too much of it.  I have never seen argyria develop when one uses a quality commercially-made product such as Arabesque, in the correct dosage.

á           Bacteria and viruses rarely become resistant to it.

á           Very wide-spectrum.  This means it may help with a large number.

á           Non-allergenic.

á           Extremely mild or non-irritating to the tissues.  In fact, silver in this form is healing to the tissues.

á           Does not interfere too much with a nutritional balancing program.

á           It has almost no taste at all.


This is in stark contrast to most antibiotics and other anti-infection drugs that are far more costly, extremely toxic in many cases, and often cause the development of resistant bacteria and viruses.




1. Homemade Colloidal Silver – please avoid this. We do not recommend making your own colloidal silver.  We consider it possibly dangerous.  There is no quality control on the particle size or on the concentration of the particles, so you really do not know what you are getting.  Please do not use homemade colloidal silver.


2. Do not use colloidal silver every time you donŐt feel well during a nutritional balancing program.  In our experience, it is often not needed or helpful for retracing reactions, which are the reactions that cause most symptoms during a nutritional balancing program.

 Instead, contact your practitioner and ask that Dr. Wilson check to see if colloidal silver or another product would be helpful.  Other helpful remedies for infections are vitamin A (about 25,000 to 50,000 iu daily for adults and less for children), bee propolis, or Limcomin from Endomet Labs.  Please do not just take all of these.  They can interfere with each other.  Ask your practitioner to have us check them for you.


3. DonŐt stay on colloidal silver for more than 14 days at a time.  If it is not working in that time, most likely it will not help.  Remaining on it longer risks some toxicity. 




The brands of colloidal silver I recommend on this page contain less than 50 parts per million of silver dissolved in distilled water.  This is very safe, as too much silver can affect the color of the skin, and can be somewhat toxic in other ways, as well.

However, do not stay on colloidal silver for more than 2 weeks.  Some people like it so much they want to live on it.  Please do not do this.

Silver and copper.  Silver is a copper antagonist, and this can cause significant problems. (see Colloidal Silver Ingestion with Copper And Caeruloplasmin Deficiency, by Stepien, KM and Taylor, A, Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 2012; 49: 300-301.




Colloidal silver can be used in dozens of ways. 


Oral use.  For systemic infections, adults can take 2 or 3 tablespoons of the Arabesque OR the Sovereign Silver product daily, the two brands we generally recommend.  Higher dose products require smaller doses.

Be sure to take it alone, not diluted, and do not eat or drink for about 20 minutes before or after taking it.  This helps it to be absorbed best. 

Take it for at least 3-4 days, once you start.

You may take it up to two weeks if absolutely needed.


Children: The dosage must be reduced for children, depending on their size and weight.


On the skin.  Colloidal silver works excellently as a topical anti-infective agent.  It is sold in a spray bottle and in a cream form to make skin application easier.  It can also be combined with zinc oxide ointment, for example.

Always take it by mouth as well as using it on the skin for best results.  It can be applied to any skin infection.

Ears. To do this, lay the person down on a bed or couch with the affected ear facing upward.  Put a drop or two in the infected ear.  Then have the person remain lying in this position for at least 10 minutes while it is absorbed.

Eyes. We donŐt have experience with this, so we canŐt recommend it.  However, others use it in the eyes.

Vaginally.  For vaginal application, use it full strength.  Do not mix it with water or anything else.  The best way to apply it is for a friend, nurse or doctor to use a vaginal speculum to see where to apply it.  Doing it yourself is difficult.

It can help some sexually-transmitted diseases, but only if applied quickly after the infection has occurred.  Always take it by mouth at the same time for best results.  It can definitely help if one thinks one has gotten a disease this way, and it is quite non-toxic.

Inhalation. For bronchitis, pneumonia or pleurisy, one can inhale some into the lungs and bronchial tubes.  To do this, you will need to buy or place some of it in a spray bottle.  Hold the spray bottle in front of your open mouth.  Exhale deeply, and then inhale through your mouth.  As you inhale, spray some into your mouth at the same time.  It is quite non-irritating taken this way.

Sniffing up the nose. One can sniff some up the nose for acute sinus infections.  Place some in the palm of your hand, and then sniff it up the nose. 

One can also put some in a neti pot and irrigate the nose.  However, it wonŐt go up as high, and it wonŐt necessarily stay inside very long, so the sniffing method is usually best.

For a toothache.  One can place some in the mouth near an infected tooth and let it soak in around the tooth.  This is not a substitute for caring for your teeth properly, but it can help in an emergency.

Gargle. One can also gargle it in the throat for a sore throat.




Colloidal silver is unusual in that it does not need to be refrigerated, and yet a bottle can remain fresh for many years.  Storing in plastic appears to be fine. 

Do not store it in direct sunlight.  Also, do not store it next to a strong magnetic field such as that found in a motor or other electrical device.  This could cause the silver particles to lose their charge, which destroys the product.  If you notice flakes of silver in the bottom of the bottle, it should be replaced because this means the silver is coming out of solution.




1. Arabesque brand.  Arabesque brand colloidal silver has worked consistently well for years, compared to many other brands I have used. 

It is also one of the few brands we have found that actually demonstrates the Tyndall Effect.  This is a test in which you place a light behind the bottle of colloidal silver.  Normally the product should appear clear.  However, when you place a light so that it reflects at an angle, the solution should appear cloudy.  It is a good test and helpful if you are not sure about the quality of a low-dose colloidal silver product.

Arabesque brand is also very low-priced compared to many other brands.  This product is wonderful to have around the house for emergencies and for infections. 

We have not seen this brand of colloidal silver in health food stores, unfortunately.  To order Arabesque brand colloidal silver:



2. Call the distributor at: 1-888-891-0286 (in Arizona, USA).


2. Sovereign Silver.  This is found in some health food stores.  It also works well, and appears to be similar in its manufacture to Arabesque brand.  It is more expensive than the Arabesque brand.



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