by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Warning.  Some information in this article is not the same as standard Christian teachings.  Information in the Bible about souls is vague.  We have used other sources for some of the information, including that the author seems to be able to communicate with souls.


This is an important article, along with the article on Selfishness, about lifestyle.  Living the soul life means living as though you are more a soul, rather than a body.  Some people are familiar with this advanced spiritual concept, while others are not, so I will introduce it slowly and gently.


The reality is that we are souls, not bodies.  Some people who have a religious background are aware of this, but many people who are not so religious do not believe this.  However, I assure you it is the truth.  You are a soul with a body that you keep for a short time – up to 100 years, perhaps – and then you discard the body. 

Then you wait a little while.  After a time, in most instances, you then enter a new body by entering a body that is growing inside of its mother’s body.  Suddenly, the body is born into this world, and you are back in this world, or another one somewhere. 

You stay in this body for some years, until it gets old or has a fatal accident, or dies for some other reason.  Then you rest again for a time, and the cycle begins all over again.

This is the reality of life.  It is not a religion, but simply the way things work, I am told.

            You need not be religious to understand this, and it is not a religious concept, but a scientific one.  However, it is known and written about in both the Eastern or oriental religious texts, and in the Western Bible and Koran.

The reality is that the soul is who you are, no matter what your religious belief is, or even if you have no religious beliefs at all.  Also, the bodies are temporary things, and not that important compared to the soul, regardless of what you may believe.  This does not mean to ignore the body, by any means.  It means to care for it properly, realizing it is not you, but it is your fleshy vehicle, or “space suit”, perhaps, that allows you to live on earth in a certain way.




            The soul life is thus defined as a life lived as a soul, not a body.  Of course, you will have your body.  However, you are not to cater to it, indulge it too much, or worry about it too much.  Jesus discussed this idea a lot, as have all the great leaders such as Moses, Buddha and others.

            You will view the body more like an appendage or a “suit” that you wear for a number of years in order to exist in a particular way on earth.  You can exist without it, but you cannot walk down the street, wave to people, talk to people, influence people, and have many other experiences in the world unless you have a body.  But do not go beyond this with it.

            In fact, the proper use of the body is always to be the presence of God’s love in physical form.  This is the true and only real purpose of the body.  You are to use it to glorify or praise God and the miracle that produced the body.

In contrast, using the body to “get anything” is usually improper, and causes disease, and eventually depression and death to the body.  The true purpose of life on earth is to radiate the love of the Creator into this world.  Other goals and objectives in life should be secondary to this, or you will tend to make fatal mistakes, in most cases.

              In other words, the body is not there so you can smoke marijuana or cigarettes, as these always weaken the body.  The body is not there to eat junk food, at this always weakens the body, which weakens the soul.  The body is there to support, balance and nourish the soul within it.




            Living the soul life also means to become aware that the body is basically an encumbrance or burden, like having a large home to care for.  For example, the body must be fed, housed, bathed, shaved, dressed, warmed or cooled, defended, rested, exercised, stretched a little, entertained a little, distracted, at times, its emotions controlled, and more.

In order to do all this properly, the body also needs a job to earn money, and it needs a lot of random knowledge that one must feed it to tell it how to do all this.  Most people spend a lot of time just caring for the body!!!

As a soul, one must be a little less concerned with the items in the two paragraphs above.  Instead, one must focus on the needs of the soul, rather than just the needs of the body.

The soul does not need clothing, food, housing, money, warmth, sex, etc.  To the soul, these are all secondary, at best.  Thinking and living as a soul, first, you should focus on more spiritual things such as being of service, understanding people’s needs, understanding your own deep soul needs, and taking care of these important needs and desires.

So to live as a soul is to refocus your life away from caring so much for all the needs of the body.  Instead, just find the simplest way to care adequately for the body.  This means find and wear the simplest clothing, and find simple housing, simple transportation, simple entertainment if needed at all, a simple job or way to earn money, and so on.  Then you can have the energy left to redirect your attention to the needs, wants and loves of the soul.




This above may sound esay, but it is not so simple.  It is really a shift in your identity that is very profound.  People will notice it, to be sure.  You will no longer care so much for your hairdo, for your clothing, for your home, and so on.  Instead, your whole life will start to refocus around spiritual matters such as being of service, and learning about the needs of souls – yours and others.  You will still love and appreciate the body, but not as an end in itself. 

Instead, you will view bodies only as vehicles that house the soul of the person.  When you do this, you will realize that a lot of money, a big house, a new car, or a new relationship may not be what the soul needs.  It may need harsh lessons, at times, to wake it up to its reality.  It may need a little deprivation, a little hardship, or something else that may seem contradictory just from the perspective of the body, but it is not contradictory when you look at the soul inside the body that needs a lesson or two.

For example, viewing people as bodies, you may think the person needs a lot of sex and love.  Viewing the person as a soul first, you may realize that sex depletes the soul and body, and is really a bad idea.  Instead, most bodies need real friendship, appreciation, honoring and deep love rather than sex. 

Similarly, from the body perspective only, it may seem like what is important may be vacations, or concerts, or going to the movies now and then.  From the perspective of the soul, however, a person may really need peace and quiet, satisfying work, and a few really soulful or soul-minded friends – and not the others.  These are just a few examples of how you will begin to think differently when you live the life of the soul, or live as a soul first and a body second.



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