By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© September 2015, L. D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The Table Of Contents


I. Introduction – Souls Joining Forces

1. How do souls join forces?


II. Composite Souls

A. What is a composite soul?

B. Qualities of composite souls.

1. More intelligent

2. More capable

3. Safer

4. Work together much better.

5. Able to accomplish tasks that singlet souls cannot do.


III. What Do Composite Souls Do?

1. Guiding

2. Leading

3. Ruling


IV. Technical Aspects

1. Is it difficult to become a composite soul?

2. What are the steps to becoming a composite soul?

3. Is there a particular spatial order to a composite soul?

4. If the controllers are in the middle, how do they eat, breathe, drink and see where to go?

5. How are composite souls joined together?

6. Can composite souls ever come apart again?

7. Does every composite soul contain the male and female twins?

8. Once one becomes a composite, is the process over?

9. Can one ever add more than one soul at a time to a composite soul?

10. Is one soul in a composite in charge?

11. How do the souls decide who will be in charge?

12. What if the souls fight or do not get along?


V. Does Following A Nutritional Balancing Program Help Produce Composite Souls

            How it helps:

1. Rehabilitation

2. Upgrading

3. Special aspects of the program:

a. Vibration table

b. Optional products

c. Detoxification procedures


VI. The Divine Hierarchy of Souls

1. Singlet souls

2. Basic composites

3. More advanced composites

4. Very advanced composites

5. Beyond


VII. Clustered Souls

1. What are they?

2. What can they do?






This article has been changed, as I have learned more about how souls get together or join forces.  Souls join forces in the following:

1. Twinning.  This occurs when two souls come together in space who have a special relationship to one another.   This type of twins are always a male and a female who were formed at the same time.  They almost always are friends, love each other, share many qualities, and get along very well with each other.  Bringing the twins together is the most basic of joining forces of souls.


2. Friends vs. strangers.  “Friends” are souls who have generally worked together in some way.  They may have been together in a human or animal body, for example, or they may have worked together in some other way.  They know each other and trust each other, as a result.  Souls are always happy to be brought together with their “friends”.


3. Planetary brothers vs displaced souls.  Planetary brothers are souls who are assigned to the same world or planet.  Souls tend to be happiest when they are on the planet and in the location on that planet where they were assigned by one of their leaders.  They function the best, and are happiest in this location or area.


4. Composites versus single souls.  In this type of joining forces, a number of souls come together, usually in the brain of a human being.  They function as one soul.  That is the important point.

The body then becomes much smarter, wiser, and more able to do certain tasks such as thinking.  A large part of this article discusses this important type of joining forces.


5. Complex versus simple souls.  This is a joining of forces within one soul.  All large souls are made up of at least 20 types of smaller souls.  A complex soul has more than one of at least one of these 20 types of souls inside of it.  A simple soul has only one soul of each size, or perhaps is missing one of the different size souls.


6. Clustered versus solo souls.  A cluster of souls is a group of them, up to thousands together, who are in a tight spatial formation.  They work closely together on certain tasks, and find it easier to do this when they are close to each other in space.  Souls are much smarter, faster, and happier when clustered together.  Two of the most important types of clusters are:


a. Walls.  Walls are groups of souls who organize themselves in a very specific way for a specific purpose.  The souls all face the same direction, holding hands, and with their feet on the shoulder of those below them.  It is called a wall because the effect is to form what looks like a wall.


b. Brains.  These are several layers of walls, one in front of another, to form a more three dimensional structure.  It is called a brain because by lining up this way, the joined souls function much better, with a better memory and faster processing of information.


7. Work groups versus individual work.  Often, souls work together on millions of tasks or types of work.  They may work in a sort of factory where things are made.  They may work within a body, or do many other types of work.


8. Ashtar level grouping versus random rank grouping.  This is an interesting type of joining together.  All souls have a rank or level within a rating system that they call the ashtar ranking system. 

It is based on past experience, mainly, and perhaps on other factors.  The ranking from 1 to 100.  I am told there are other ranking levels, as well.  Joining together with others of the exact same rank is very helpful for the souls.  It helps them in the following ways:

a. Smarter.  (more and better memories, in particular)

b. Better muscle coordination of their bodies.

c. Better protection against capture by rogues.

d. Happier

e. More and better abilities.

f. Easier to tune up.


When the souls join forces in this way, they form twins (but different than the twins described in #1 above).  They also form tetras (4 souls), octas (8 souls), and sixtas (16 souls together).


9. Bodily groups.  Souls come together when bodies are formed.  This includes human bodies, animal bodies, plant bodies and even some rocks and earth formations.

These souls work together to animate and run the body.  They get to know each other well, and learn to cooperate together.







Composite souls are special arrangements of souls in which two or more single or singlet souls join together in a special way.  This is a rather advanced topic, even in the realm of soul science.  However, it is a very important one at this time in history.  The reason is there is a great need for more composite souls at this time, as discussed in the section below.

Many who read and enjoy this website are composite souls, or are near to becoming composite souls.  So this article is for you!




Composite souls are:

1. Smarter.  This is because “two heads are much better than one.”  This is a cliché, but it is very true in this case.  The more souls that one contains as a composite, the brighter one becomes.  A composite soul is much better, in fact, than a “soul wall” or a “soul brain” of the same number of souls.  These terms are discussed in the Soul Upgrades article.


2. More capable.  This is due, in part, simply to the larger number of souls.  However, it is also due to their coordination ability, which is significant.  This has to do with the joining of the souls at or near their sparks or flames.


3. Safer.  Composites are smarter and stronger, so they are more able to resist all attacks upon them.  Their size and power also makes them much harder to damage or destroy.  They act together like a little army instead of acting alone like lone soldiers. 


4. They work better with each other than single or singlet souls.  This is because a composite soul is not simply a cluster or group of souls together.  They actually work in unison, with each taking on a part of a task and checking often with the others to make sure all is well.  This is very different from souls acting alone, or even groups of souls acting together.


5. They perform tasks that the single souls cannot do.  These are discussed in the section below.  There is a great need for these tasks at this time, and the existing composite souls are very overworked.




Three of the most important tasks are guiding, leading and ruling.  Let us discuss each of these in some detail.


1. Guiding.  Every person is guided by others.  This is a fact of life, even if one does not believe it.  A few people are able to hear guidance and they listen well.  Others hear, but do not follow through.  Many do not even hear very well, mainly due to a crooked or damaged spinal column, ear problems, or other health conditions.

The spine of a person has to do not only with holding up the body.  It also helps a person receive signals or frequencies from others.  The ears are also involved in this “antenna” aspect of a human being.

Some also have mental disabilities that prevent them from either hearing or listening well.  These are mainly nutritional imbalances such as nutrient deficiencies that are very widespread today on earth.  Other problems are toxins in the nervous system.  These range from simple ones such as caffeine to toxic metals, drugs such as marijuana or cannabis, cocaine, heroin, Ecstacy, alcohol, and many other toxic chemicals that lodge in the human nervous system and prevent it from functioning properly.

Still other people do not hear or listen well to guidance because they are either totally distracted all the time, out of balance mentally, not at peace, or their energy is moving upwards instead of downwards.  Still other mental and emotional difficulties can affect the ability to hear guidance.  More on this topic is found in the article entitled Guidance on this website.


Two types of guiding.  Guiding other souls is divided into two types:  Basic guiding means that one guides others who do not hear and listen very well.  This includes most people on earth today.  Advanced guiding means that one guides others who can hear and listen well.

There are enough basic guides to help most people on earth and elsewhere, but not nearly enough advanced guides. 


2. Leading.  This is similar to guiding, but it is more complex.  It is not about individuals.  It is about planning projects, such as the founding of a nation, for example.  It might have to do with technical projects, such as bringing a large invention to a planet, or even building a large structure in space.  Here leaders are required, not just guides.

Leaders direct entire projects, from start to finish.  They must guide thousands or more people and souls in all the jobs, calculations and tasks required to finish the entire job.  This is leading.  It is one of the most difficult and involved tasks for a soul.  The composite souls are much better at it, because they have more resources at their disposal, they are smarter, and they work better with each other.

For example, a leader soul may become a spiritual, political and/or economic leader of a nation or even of an entire planet.  We have some on planet earth who are the foremost leaders of their nations or populations. 

Some political candidates for office are true leader types of souls.  They must 1) be able to hold a tremendous amount of information in their minds at once, 2) be able to speak well and clearly, and 3) they must be able and willing to motivate people properly to accomplish the tasks of leading and running the city, nation, or a world.  Composite souls are better at this.  They often become political candidates, and hopefully they win elections.

Animal leaders.  Leaders perform other tasks as well.  Some direct herds of animals.  You might think this is not important.  However, the survival of the entire herd depends upon the leaders to find food, to find water and shelter, and to be protected from predators.  It is a very difficult and involved task, although it is not one that most people observe or know about.

Planetary leaders.  Some leader souls also work behind the scenes to build and supply planets, for example.  Planets do not just “evolve”, as we are taught.  Planets are planned. 

First, a planetary body is picked for its soil or mineral content.  Then it is moved into a position where it can have an atmosphere compatible with oxygen-breathing animals and carbon dioxide-breathing plants. 

Then, animals, plants and even minerals are brought in by space ship to populate the planet.  Later, human beings are brought in as colonists.  In addition, much more is required such as planning the quality of the atmosphere, the seas, the land masses, and the entire ecosystem.  This task, as well, is done by leaders, and there is a great need for this task, as well.

Other jobs of leaders include planning universes, of which there are many.  Some leaders plan and supervise even larger aspects of the omniverse, which is a word that means the sum of all the universes.


3. Ruling.  This is the most difficult task of all.  Ruling means controlling many forces on a planet, so that all remains in balance.  There is basic ruling, such as controlling the climate on a planet, for example.  There is also advanced ruling, which is like a supervisory position at a company, in which one is in charge of many rulers.

Here is an example of how basic ruling works.  While it is not well known, a ruler soul controls the climate of the earth.  Some people worry about global warming or global cooling.  They need not worry.  It is all controlled from far away from earth.

In fact, it is controlled perfectly.  You may not think it is done perfectly, but that is because you have a limited perspective.  It is not controlled just for your pleasure or well-being.  The climate is regulated for the benefit of many creatures, and even other forces that need to be either accelerated or benefitted by a climate change, or harmed or suppressed by it.

Do not think this cannot be done!  Controlling the climate of earth is rather easy, in fact.  It is done by altering the tilt of the axis of the earth just a tiny bit, in relation to the orbit around the sun.  It can also be done by varying the distance of the earth from the sun just a little bit.

You may think this is nonsense, but it is not.   Ice ages, for example, are needed to move out certain animals and bring in others.  They also affect the people, of course, and everything else.  They serve a function, in other words. 

The point is that global warming and cooling are never random, and they are not necessarily cyclical, as is taught in most universities.  Climate change, and many other events on and within the planet such as earthquakes, are regulated by a group of advanced composite souls called the rulers.  Composite souls are required because they do a better job of it. 

Supervisory rulers.  These ruler souls review the performance of the rulers, just like a supervisor at a company.  They oversee or supervise ten to one hundred rulers.  In addition, there is another level of rulers.  These gigantic composite souls oversee hundreds or perhaps thousands of rulers to make sure they follow a set of rules for planetary guidance that were agreed upon millennia ago.  They make sure all of the supervisory rulers are doing their job correctly.  This, in fact, is the real hierarchy of living light souls spoken of in the Bible and elsewhere that governs our planet and all others.

Rulers perform many other tasks in regard to planets, solar systems and even universes to keep everything working properly.  It is not by accident that the world continues without catastrophes such as planetary collisions.

You may ask, But how is this done?  The answer is that ruler souls control fantastically powerful machines that can pull planets, move entire solar systems, and more.  If this sounds like fiction, that is fine.  But it is true.

Our world is steeped in false doctrines, and “global warming”, “reducing the carbon footprint” or “climate change” is one of the worst.  Burning all the fossil fuels is not necessarily wise, but it is not a problem except for the pollution of the cities and the entire planet with mercury, for example.  This can easily be controlled, however, with power plant scrubbers and other methods.

Another false doctrine is that the world is an “accident”, or that “God is dead”, meaning that no one is in charge and we are just falling apart on earth.  This is a completely ridiculous idea. The rulers, of whom some names you know, are very much present.  They are in the background right now, but that might change, if it is necessary for peace on earth.  So if you want the leaders to reveal themselves, pray for it daily, as millions already do.  Prayers are always heard, even if the answers take a while to arrive, and even if the answers are not what you imagined they  would or should be.




1. Is it difficult for a soul to become a composite soul?  Not if the souls are ready.  It is impossible, however, if the souls are too ill, or too immature.  This means they are simply not ready for the composite experience.

Once the souls are ready, it is not that difficult.  The exact steps are explained below.  However, it requires assistance.  Oddly, at this time, some of the souls who live inside common house cats seem to have the greatest ability to assist with the process of becoming a composite soul.


2. What are the steps to becoming a composite soul, or adding another soul to a composite soul?  Here are the main steps:

a. First, one must locate the twin soul or a “friend” soul with whom one will join.  This is not always easy, because both souls must be ready to become composites.  This requires a certain maturity of the souls.  When souls are first designed or made, they like being alone because there is more freedom this way.  After some years, however, the souls become more interested in other souls, and less interested in just roaming around and being alone most of the time.  This is the time when they are ready to become composite souls.

Certain other souls assist to prepare a soul to become a composite.  They teach them what is involved, what will happen, how wonderful it will be, and so on.

b. When both agree to become a composite, then another being, usually a soul inside a house cat, at this time, twists the tiny strings or chords together of the two souls.  This is not such a simple matter, however.  For example, the flying apparatus of the souls, which is located in the chest area, must be “hard-wired” together so that all the souls push or pull in the exact same direction at the exact same time.  Otherwise, chaos would ensue and the composite would soon fall apart.  This is a delicate wiring job, in fact, and a very important step in the process of joining new souls to the composite.

Other wiring difficulties must be overcome, as well, so that the souls all communicate with each other easily, so that they do not step on each other too much, and so they are all comfortable in the composite set-up or arrangement.  This is discussed below.


3. Is there a particular spatial order of the composite soul?  Yes.  Usually, the controller, who is ideally a couple, is in the center.  Then, new arrivals are added around them.  The new arrivals are arranged outside the controllers and outside of ones that have been there the longest.  The whole composite tends to look like an egg or a sphere as it grows bigger and brighter.  Rarely, a composite is another shape, but not often.  This shape just works well.


4. If the controllers are in the middle, how do they eat, breathe, drink and see where to go?  This is a very good question.  The composite is an amazing arrangement, and basically the controller(s) know what is around them and where to go because they rely on the eyes, ears, and other senses of the outermost souls in the group.  In other words, they are deeply joined to the group and can “tune in” on the eyesight, hearing, sensing and other things of the outermost souls.

Also, often the controller(s) have the ability to see, hear and sense things very far away without actually having to look in that direction and have a clear path.  This topic is mentioned in the Soul Upgrades article.

As for eating and drinking, the souls pass the food, water and supplements around from one to the other continuously.  It can get a little rank with all the soul eliminating next to each other, but souls don’t seem to mind this too much.  They can clean up themselves quite easily, in fact, spraying water or other things on themselves easily.


5. How are composite souls joined together? They join to one another at or near the sparks - the tiny strings or chords that connect them to the One, which is an area of the universe from which they arise.  The chords simply twist around each other.

Souls may also have very thin chords or strings, as they are sometimes called, that connect them to a Father energy that is more distant from earth.  These chords may also be twisted together.

In addition, as mentioned above, certain soul aspects must be hard-wired together such as their movement apparatus.


6. Can a composite soul ever come apart again?  Normally, it does not.  In most cases, it continues as a composite soul, and in fact, more souls join to it to produce an even larger composite soul.  Eventually, each composite soul can reach as size of several thousand souls.

However, if the soul is attacked, the attackers can pull apart the individual souls.  This returns the soul to a single or singlet soul.  This is very sad for a soul, because they prefer to be composite souls, if this is possible.


7. Does a composite soul always contain the male or female twin of a soul?  No.  However, ideally a composite does contain male and female twin souls.  The reason it might not occur is if a soul cannot locate its twin.  In this case, it will first join with another “friend”, rather than remain a single or singlet soul.


8. Once a person has a composite soul, is the process over?  No.  One then seeks out another soul to join with you, and the process just continues as you add more and more souls to yours.


9. Can one add more than one soul at a time to the composite soul?  Yes.  In some instances, several or even 100 souls can be added at one time.


10. Is one soul in a composite in charge? Yes.  One soul is called the overseer or controlling soul.


11. How do the souls decide who will be in charge?  When the first composite is formed, one of the souls decides to be in charge.  Often, this is the more mature soul of the two.  It could also be the more healthy soul.  Other souls can help the souls decide who will be in charge.

Male controllers. The one in charge is often a male soul.  This is no slight against female souls, who are often smarter and more sensitive than their male friends or twins.  However, male souls often do best as the controlling soul for certain reasons.  They are often better at making quick decisions, and they often have a better sense of timing and coordination.  These are leadership qualities. 

The male soul always consults with his twin on everything, so this is not about males pushing females around.  If anything, he will often go along with his twin’s recommendations if there is a doubt.  For more on this topic, please read The Sexual Order on this website.


12. Does the controlling soul ever change?  Yes, this is possible.  If, for example, a soul joins the composite who is far more mature, or much more healthy, then the entire composite may vote to change controllers.  This is not exactly a democracy with majority rule.   However, it is close to this, in some respects.  Once again, other advanced souls and rulers help if there is a desire or need to change controllers.


11. What if the souls fight or do not get along?  This does not happen too often, amazingly.  I say this because immature souls do display competitive behavior, for example.  However, when they decide to join together, they usually are happy to yield to a leader.  In fact, souls like to be led by a good leader – as do most human beings.

Twin control.  Often, the “controller” is a set of twins, or a couple.  This helps pacify some nervous souls who may not trust males or may not trust females as much. 

At times, however, there are disagreements that threaten the entire composite.  Causes for this include very difficult circumstances such as a war in the heavens.  Another possible reason is jealousy, but this is unusual.  Another possible cause would be a serious change in the health status of the controller due to a fight or something else, although this, too, is rare.

Usually, in a squabble, all the souls in the composite are attacked, and they all suffer together, not just the controller, who is often hard to identify since the composite acts as a group in most situations.

In the unusual situation that souls cannot resolve their differences in a composite, either a new controller is selected who is agreeable to all parties, or very rarely, the composite breaks apart and the souls must form new composites with others.


11. Do souls that form composites know each other before they join together?  Not necessarily, although at first, they often will join either with a twin soul, whom they trust implicitly, or with a “friend”, which means another soul they have worked with in the past and whom they recall fondly.

At times, one or more of the composite souls will know or be familiar with a new soul who wants to join the composite.  He or she will “recommend” to the controller that this soul be given a chance to join.  It is even better if three or more members of the composite know or are familiar with a soul who wants to join the composite.

Other factors that may enter into the decision whether to admit a new soul to the composite are:

- the colors and size of the energy field of the new soul

- the amount of development of the subtle bodies of the new soul

- the overall appearance, tone, voice quality, and behavior of the new soul. 

- the upgrades or tune-ups, as they called, that the new soul possesses.

- the new soul’s location of origin, it is called, and even its home base.  This is a place in the universes where it likes most to reside.  This can change, but all souls have what is called a home base.  It is like a person’s “home town”.  Certain habits and attitudes and the like vary depending on one’s home base.

So the process is somewhat like getting to know someone on a date or at a party.


Usually, if the composite controller does not know a soul who is considering joining the composite group, he or she will allow the soul to join up, sort of “on probation” for at least a week or a month, to see how things work out.  There will be a review process at the end of this time to see how the entire group feels about the new soul that wishes to join the composite.  A kind of vote will be taken and this is how the decision is made.




Yes, and it is often vital and required.  A complete program helps by several mechanisms:

1. Rehabilitation.  Nutritional balancing is necessary, in many cases, for healing and improving the soul’s brain and body in a process called rehabilitation.

2. Upgrading.  A nutritional balancing program helps by breaking old patterns of thought and behavior in the bodies and in the brain.  This is a part of the larger upgrading process.  It makes the joining process much easier.  To read much more about soul rehabilitation and soul upgrading, please read Soul Upgrading on this website.

3. Special aspects. In addition to a fast or slow oxidizer diet, and the supplement program, other aspects of the program have been found to be important.  They are:


a. Vibration table.  This needs to be used for 10 minutes daily for at least six months.  Two different machines may work:  The first is a Homedic brand, or perhaps another brand of foot reflexology massager.  This is the less expensive option.  However, you must stand on it, for which it is not designed.  This could ruin it, especially if you weigh more than 120 pounds or so.

The other machine is called a vibration table.  Many brands exist, and any one will do, I believe.  Unfortunately, they cost $1500.00 US or more, so we are researching to see if the much less costly foot reflexology machines will suffice.


b. Optional products.  Composite souls may need the optional nutritional balancing products, unless I advise against them.  These include Renamide and Endo-Veggie from Endomet Labs (and not other similar products), and a food-based selenium or garlic capsules.


c. The procedures.  Composite souls also benefit a lot from the nutritional balancing procedures.  These are primarily the red heat lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas, vaginal coffee implants, foot reflexology and the Roy Masters meditation.




To understand why more composite souls are needed, we must discuss something called the Divine Hierarchy Of Souls.  This is not a new concept, though you may not be familiar with this name or term.  The idea  is discussed in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, for example.  Here the advanced souls are called angels.  Others use different terms for them.  Here is the basic arrangement of this hierarchy:


1. Singlet or single souls.  These souls are usually the newest ones, the least mature, the least competent and the least advanced souls.  There are trillions and trillions of them, and they continue to be produced at a location called the One in our universe and in every universe.  The One is usually a female area of space, which just means it is generative or able to produce new life.

The journey to maturity of a singlet soul is discussed in a separate article on this website entitled The Journey Of The Soul.


2. Basic composite souls.  These have two to ten or so souls joined together.  They are still relatively immature, in some ways, in most cases.  They, along with the singlet souls, live always in the lower heavens, as they are called in the Bible and elsewhere.  These include planets such as the earth, and most others that you can see.


3. More advanced composite souls.  These contain 100 or more composite souls.  They may move to the upper heavens, which are other areas of space that are safer and better places to live.  They may also remain in the lower heavens for various reasons.  Usually, the reason is to guide, lead and rule other souls.


4. Very advanced composite souls.  These contain 1000 or more souls, up to millions of them.  They do not reside in the lower heavens.  They remain in the upper heavens, mainly because life is much better in the upper worlds, as they are called.  These are safer, cleaner, more peaceful, and more beautiful, as well. 

Rarely, a very advanced composite soul will come down to earth to help the people there, but this is rare.  When it occurs, usually it is a very special person such as Jesus of Nazareth, Kwan Yin in China, Buddha in India, or someone of this stature.

In the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, a term used for this level is the Order of Melchizedek.  The word Melchizedek in Hebrew means ruler of the world.  The Bible states that both Abraham and Jesus of Nazareth were members of this Order.

Another term that some people know for this level of the hierarchy is the Brotherhood Of Light.  This term is used in a few books on earth, and means the exact same thing.


5. Beyond.  There are even more advanced levels of souls.  They have names such as the Creators, the Rulers, and more beyond these.  They are in charge of planetary matters, universe matters, and more.  That is, they keep things spinning and working correctly on planets, and in entire universes (there is more than one universe).

This is plenty of hierarchy to know about at this time.




A final topic in this article is the subject of clustered souls.  This is a specific type of composite soul.  However, it is special because a cluster of souls operates as one. 

This is somewhat like a wall or a brain of souls, which are discussed in the article entitled Soul Upgrades on this site.  A clustered soul, however, is even more sophisticated and powerful than a simple brain or composite soul.  They usually possess special abilities such as the ability to smell at a distance, to bring in souls using the process of soul recovery, or they have skills such as writing, which is a sophisticated skill that is impossible for a single soul or even a small brain of souls.

Clustered souls are also safer, better equipped to handle problems from rogues, and healthier, in general.  They are still subject to problems, but somewhat less than single souls.  This topic will be expanded upon in the future.



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