By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definitions of spiritual.


The word spiritual has different possible meanings for different people:


1. Relating to matters of the spirit.  Usually, this means anything that is not of a purely physical nature.

2. Relating to religious matters.  Some people believe that spiritual and religious are the same thing.  However, others believe that one can be spiritual without having to belong to an organized religion.

3. Relating to sacred matters.  Sacred means special or holy, as compared to that which is mundane or profane.

4. Matters relating to the soul.  This is in contrast to matters relating to the body.  Bodies are animated by souls, which are in charge and make the decisions for the body, which is a shell or DNA configuration.

Modern science does not accept the reality of the existence of souls because they cannot be seen with current microscopes.  However, we assert that they are real and that future equipment will make them visible.  For details, read Soul Science and other articles on this website about souls. 

5. On this website, spiritual may relate to the process of development.  Development is the complete genetic expression of a human being.  It requires a particular diet, lots of rest, retention of most sexual fluid, and the detoxification and healing procedures described on this website.

It is spiritual because it is special, sacred and not concerned just with the physical body.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

6. Matters relating to God.  Spiritual can especially mean someone or something that is close to God.  Close to God means that your mind remains at a level of maturity and wisdom that is quite high at all times.

This is not easy for most people.  Most people shift their mental functioning and think about physical matters such as meals, friends, sex, violence, and other matters that have little to do with God.

Close to God also means that you think in a certain way.  You always must think as your Creator would think if you are to be spiritual.  This is not the standard thinking.  It is not taught much in schools, nor is it taught much even in most churches and synagogues.

7. Relating to a type of power.  This power is not physical in nature, yet it is very effective and has to do with using forces of nature that may not be readily seen or felt, yet they are real.

8. Biblical understanding of spiritual.  "… The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

-Galatians 5:22




            We would suggest that those who are really spiritual demonstrate the following qualities:


1. Humility.  They are not arrogant or egotistical.  They treat everyone equally and respectfully.  They do not hold grudges or have prejudices, even if they disagree with the points of view of the others.

2. Honesty.  This is not a difficult quality to develop, but it is fairly rare on earth.  Honesty means being truthful with oneself, as well as with others.  It is related to integrity, which means that one’s entire life fits together well and is coordinated or integrated.

3. Open-minded or broad-minded.  This means they think big and think widely.  They are not petty, nitt-picking, or legalistic (meaning more concerned with words than with actions).

4. Forthright or direct.  This means that one does not have so-called hidden agendas or secret desires that one is not talking about.  If you want to discuss something, then bring it up.

5. Powerful or effective.  Power here means effective or able to achieve something.

6. Careful and thoughtful.




            A number of articles on this website discuss the Subtle Human Energy Fields, The Energy Centers, The Dantiens, and the Merkaba.  Some consider these to be spiritual matters.



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