By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


For best results, here are the ideal attitudes and actions to take when on a nutritional balancing program:


1. Have a powerful determination to get well and maintain excellent health.  This means making the program your priority, even if it is a little embarrassing or inconvenient, at times.  Do not let other things get in the way of doing the program consistently and faithfully.  Decide that you will use this program to be well.


2. Have an almost belligerent or fighting attitude that you will do this program.  This means not letting anyone get in the way of your healing program.  Avoid making excuses, for example, that you cannot follow the program because of a dinner party, travel, or anything else.  Figure out how to do it.


3. Do the program perfectly.  This means not cheating, not changing things, and not skipping any procedures, supplements or the diet.


4. Ask questions, if needed.  This means to keep in touch with this website or your practitioner to get your questions and concerns answered.


5. Push through most healing reactions.  Some clients become so frightened of healing reactions that they stop the program.  The successful people keep on going, asking for help, when needed, from their nutritional balancing consultant or doctor.

At times, one needs to reduce the program for a few days to pass through a purification reaction.  In other situations doing more foot reflexology, and perhaps more of the other procedures, is helpful to move through many healing reactions.


6. Stay positive.  During healing reactions, or when the program seems inconvenient, it is tempting to turn negative and question everything.  DonŐt do this.


7. Watch out for doctors. Too often, they will scare you and may talk you out of the entire program.  Realize they do not understand this program.  For example, be careful interpreting blood tests because a nutritional balancing program will skew blood tests.


8. Watch out for well-meaning friends and family.  This means do not tell the whole world about your program because many people will worry, scare you and try to talk you out of it.


9. Be careful with internet and other medical research.  Today, a person can find any sort of opinion on the internet today.  Many are not accurate, and some websites that look professional are actually malicious.  Even if the information is accurate, it probably does not apply if one is on an integrated and well thought-out nutritional balancing program.


10. If possible, be in touch with others who are on this program.  These people will support you on your program.  The best is a marriage partner, but anyone can be helpful.


11. Find a good chiropractor or osteopath.  Most people need this care, especially in the early stages of a program.



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