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            This article is about one of the most important topics we could possibly discuss.  It is about the future of the human race.

In order to rejuvenate human society, there is a need for very healthy children who will grow into tomorrowÕs leaders in every sphere of life.

Today, most babies and young children are not healthy.  Dr. Paul Eck called them burnout babies.  It means the children are born malnourished, with excessive levels of a dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals. 

Many children are actually born diseased, to some degree, with infections or even with cancers, although the illnesses may not be revealed for months or a few years.  This is the problem of burnout babies on planet earth.




The most basic cause of burnout babies - and superbabies, to be discussed later - is the health of the mother and, to a much lesser degree, the father.  Today most babies are burnout babies for a few simple reasons:


1. The food is ALL nutritionally depleted, even the finest organic food.  This is because almost all of our common foods today are modern hybrids and perhaps genetically modified, as well.  The latter is a modern form of plant hybridization or breeding that uses more invasive methods to insert extra genes in plants to produce desirable qualities in the food.  Sadly, however, improved nutrition usually is not one of them.

The main concerns of the agribusiness giants are greater yields per acre, better bug resistance, better tolerance of poor growing conditions and toxic pesticides on the plants, easier to pick by machine or hardier, longer shelf life, and even unusual shapes and sizes that make it easier to pick or package.  Nutrition usually takes a back seat.

 The food is also depleted because more plants are grown on the same acre of land and the trace minerals are not replaced.  Instead, almost all is fertilized with N-P-K superphosphate fertilizers that stimulate plant growth, but upset the plantÕs uptake of nutrients.  As a result, each grain of rice or stalk of broccoli contains many fewer vitamins and minerals than a similar-looking plant grown 100 years ago before modern plant breeding techniques were instituted to produce more crops per acre of land and to produce food grown with stimulants instead of real fertilizer.

As a result, even if a mother and father eat the best food available, their bodies and that of their babies are malnourished.  Most, of course, do not eat that well, and the rule is that most eat some processed and refined foods such as white flour and white rice that further deplete the body of vital nutrients, as they are missing from the food.

Some common foods, such as ordinary wheat and beef, are so altered today they are no longer healthful, even organically grown whole wheat.  However, we do recommend 100% grass fed or organic beef two or three times a week in portions of 4-5 ounces for adults. 

As a result, the children develop food allergies and sensitivities, and all manner of diseases from them.

Other insults to the food are the use of toxic pesticides and other toxic agricultural chemicals.  The water supply used on farms is also often contaminated with toxic chemicals and, at times, residues of chlorine and fluoride added to drinking water in the United States.  For details, read Water Fluoridation.

The connection between the food oneÕs mother ate before and during her pregnancy, and the growth, development and functioning of the bodies and brains of our children is very real.

We know this because of the way the children change when they undergo a complete development program with the proper diet and the correct supplements to undo the damage.  For more, read Organic Agriculture, Organic Food – Flawed Studies, and Genetically Modified Foods on this site.


2. Need for supplements. Another cause is that all adults need at least 4 or 5 basic nutritional supplements to offset problems in the food supply, pollution, stress and other things.  Without these, no one is well nourished, either. These include zinc, selenium, vitamins A and D, omega-3 fatty acids, a powerful digestive enzyme, calcium and magnesium, and a mineral supplement such as kelp.  For more on this important topic, read Why Take Supplements?


3. Other.  Other factors that cause burnout babies are the widespread use of medical drugs, vaccines, flu shots, smoking cigarettes or marijuana or other drugs, lack of rest, unhealthy lifestyles such as shallow breathing and too much worry and fear, and more.  For more on lifestyle, read Healthy Lifestyles.




When the mothers and fathers become malnourished, which is almost universal today, their bodies absorb more toxic metals from the air, food and water.  This is how nature works.  The toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and certain forms of copper, iron, manganese and others act as substitutes for the vital minerals that are in short supply.

This just compounds the problem.  Sadly, all of these toxic metals are passed directly from mother to unborn child through the placenta.  Any doctor who tells you the placenta provides protection to the fetus from toxins is wrong.  We see this problem every day on the hair mineral tests of babies and their mothers.  If the mother has it, the baby has it, too. 

The toxic metal problem in the babies and the children is far worse than anyone is admitting.  For much more on this critical topic, read Toxic Metals on this site.


Who and where they are.  Burnout babies are the rule, not the exception.  They are born everywhere, not just in poor African villages or poverty-stricken cities.  In fact, some of the wealthy people in America and Europe have some of the most ill babies. 

Those born to farming families are often better because the mothersÕ nutrition and lifestyle habits are much better.  Often the wealthy people have had more vaccines and medical drugs, and sometimes more alcohol and recreational drugs, all of which contribute to burnout babies.


How it affects them and society.  The problem is that these children cannot think clearly, do not develop well in other ways, and are often plagued by various diseases.  This prevents them from reaching their full human potential.

They experience ear infections from birth, autism, attention deficit problems, learning disorders, delayed development, failure to thrive symptoms, birth defects, odd syndromes, cancers and hundreds of other problems.




Now let us contrast this dark picture of our children with another equally amazing and present reality that we will call the advent of the superbabies.  This was an observation that we made after working with about 100 or more pregnant mothers-to-be. 

All of these young women followed a complete development program at least during their entire pregnancy, and preferably for a few years before, as well.  When a young woman does this, her babies are much healthier than average.


What is required to produce a superbaby?  The following are required:

1. At the very least, begin a development program as soon as one becomes pregnant and remain on it throughout pregnancy. 

If possible, begin a development program at least one year before becoming pregnant and preferably several years before pregnancy.

2. Once the baby is born, the mother must remain on a development program and must breastfeed the baby, ideally for about 3 years.  At the very least, one needs to breastfeed for one year.

3. The baby must go on a development program beginning at about 4 to 6 months of age.  Most babies need extra nutrients today, even if the mother was on a development program during her entire pregnancy.  They donÕt need much, but what they need is critical.  If the baby does not have enough hair or fingernails for a mineral analysis, or if funds are not available for a mineral test and supplements, we can still help.  Send us an email if this is of interest.

4. Mother and child need to avoid all vaccines and stay away from medical drugs, as much as possible.  This is very important.  Vaccines are not needed because natural methods can be used to combat any infections or other problems that arise.

5. Quality chiropractic is excellent for the children and their parents.

6. Keep your children out of daycare centers and out of preschool, kindergarten and other schools.  Children need to be home-schooled.  These places are not healthy for our children today.

The schools and other children in daycare centers and schools will infect your child with ideas, language and infections that are not at all desirable.  Arguments about socializing your child by sending him or her to school are completely incorrect, in our view.  More and more home schooling networks are forming around the world, and excellent learning materials are available for home schooling at all levels.

These are the basic requirements to have and raise a superchild.  For more about healthy children, read The Newborn Routine, and Having Healthy Children and Children's Nutrition on this site.



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