by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2011, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


The will to survive is the will to stay in one’s body and keep the body healthy and alive.  Some people seem to have this naturally, while others are either not oriented toward it, or not sufficiently ready to work in this direction.  In fact, though, it is an achievement of great proportions for the purpose of promoting health and long life.




This may sound complex, but it is really quite simple.  The particular human effort to survive as a body for an extended time is a mental response to the force of god or love that is showered upon human beings.  This force is what maintains life on earth.  As this showering occurs, human beings wake up, so to speak, and respond to the call for life with the effort known as the will to live and develop.




This is a complex situation.  To have a strong will to live is dependent on a combination of factors.  There usually must be some understanding of what life is about, for example.  If, for example, you believe that life is about going shopping and you don’t have a lot of money, you may decide that life is not worth living just for this reason.  Teenage girls, particularly, sometimes lose the will to live because they break up with their boyfriends, who don’t even love them.  So this is an aspect of what is required for the will to survive.

Another aspect has to do with the strength of the will.  If the will is weak, any little disturbance or negativity can negate or extinguish the will to survive.  A report on the news of a car crash where people were senselessly killed might upset one so much that it negates the will to live.  In contrast, a strong will is not moved by these events.

Another aspect has to do with the health of the body.  Some diseases severely weaken the will or cause severe pain, or mental upset, or something else that weakens the will.  A healthy body greatly assists the will to live, because the body provides not only safety and pleasure, but actual happiness on a moment-to-moment basis.

Another aspect is social in nature.  Having wonderful friends or family around you definitely build the will to survive and continue in the body.  Feeling totally alone, frightened, unsafe or vulnerable damages or even destroys the will to live.

Another aspect may be called material possessions and political conditions.  If your life is quite comfortable materially, this tends to favor the will to live, although not always.  Also, if you live in a good nation with just laws, this, too, tends to favor the will to live.

Another related aspect has to do with self esteem.  Having a good basic self esteem strongly assists the will to live.  Feeling like you are a total failure, no good at anything, ugly, stupid or incompetent damages or destroys the will to live.

Another aspect of the will to live has to do with past experience.  If one has experienced the problem of the will to survive in the past, the way one has dealt with it and what one has learned can either help or hurt the will to live.

A final aspect might be called one’s life philosophy and religious beliefs.  Some people learn that survival is very important.  Others learn what may be called martyrdom, self-sacrifice or a low value to human life, perhaps.  The latter all hinder the will to live, and are quite common on earth.

A healthful lifestyle is essential in some cases.  This has to do with one’s eating habits, resting habits, sexual habits, drug use, and even one’s posture and the way one uses the body.




This question has been answered in the section above.  Factors that tend to hinder the will to live include:


1. Poor health.  This just discourages the body and the mind.  Some toxic metals and infections seem to produce sensations in the body that actually discourage the will to live.

2. Physical pain or severe emotional pain.

3. A low energy level for any reason.

4. Poor relationships.

5. Poor material and political conditions.

6. Low self-esteem.

7. In correct beliefs about what life is about

8. A weak will and a mind that is open to negative thinking and negative inputs.

9. Stupid thinking and poor decisions that make all of the above worse.

10. Certain food and dietary habits and some “spiritual” practices can weaken the will to live and confuse the mind.  Anything that weakens or reverses the spin of the energy centers can destroy the will to live.  Anything that increases the spin of the centers and corrects the direction or quality of the spin is helpful for survival.




Some of the factors above can be easily controlled or changed.  Others are more difficult to alter.  Nutritional balancing is a method of changing the condition of the body and the mind so that it functions better, experiences much less pain, relaxes, and more.

It teaches some good eating and living habits, teaches the Roy Masters meditation exercise, and helps strengthen the will.  It can also remove two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemical from the body, along with dozens of subtle infections.  This is a great help.  It can also drastically increase one’s adaptive energy level.  This, also, can enhance the will to live.



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