by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I have gone through a long process of slowly changing my ideas and waking up to various truths.  At times, this was painful and slow, while at other times much came quickly.  Here are some of the steps I went through, as they may help you as well.


1. Don’t be too sure about anything.  If you are too cock-sure of yourself, you will never learn anything.  So always be willing to say, “I am not sure about that”.  I will research further, or I will think about it.  Do not reject ideas that seem foreign to you, or somewhat odd or strange.  This is what many people do, and it keeps them stuck.

Instead, ask for guidance, and awareness and discernment of the truth.  This takes more work, so you cannot be lazy about it.  Allow ideas to percolate in your head, in other words, instead of rejecting that which seems odd or strange.  The truth is often strange.  Someone once said that “truth is stranger than fiction”.  I have seen this many times.


2. Once your mind is open in this way, keep it open.  This is also more difficult than you may think.  We all like security and want to think we have the answers.  So many people are open for a while, and then they just shut back down and follow their favorite author, favorite preacher, or whomever.


3. Know that truth should converge.  This means that if you have two conflicting ideas, one of them is incorrect.  Or, perhaps from a different perspective, they are both true because you are not understanding them quite deeply enough.  However, do not settle for paradoxes.  This means that if things do not add up, or do not make sense, then something is amiss somewhere in your thinking.

This is not always easy because some concepts and ideas are complex and don’t make sense, at first.  So if something seems paradoxical or illogical or confusing, do not give up on it, but try to go deeper.  I have tried to present a number of concepts on this website that are more complex in ways that hopefully simplify them.  These include understanding how nutrition is best used, how health really occurs in the body, how capitalism works, how relationships can work, and others.  Most of these ideas are not taught widely at this time, so this website may help to clarify many things.


4. Truth is logical, but to understand the logic you may need more information than you currently have.  This means that if an idea sounds totally crazy, be careful with it.  However, if there is a shred of logic to it, you may need to learn more to appreciate it.


5. Life on earth is basically good and fun.  This may sound like an odd way to evaluate things, but I have learned that it is the truth.  In Christian and Judaic terms, this is related to the concept of grace.  It means that any idea that emphasizes evil, stupidity, dark forces, satanic forces, hatred, murder, or violence is suspect.

It is not that these do not exist on earth.  They definitely do exist.  It means, however, that one’s beliefs and reasons for living should not focus on them.  To be in the flow of life one needs to focus on more positive ideas.

However, also beware of the totally “positive thinker” types because in many cases they are simply avoiding certain facts that they do not wish to acknowledge in themselves or in others or in the world.  At one level, only love is real, for example.  This idea is discussed in the article on this website called The Real Self.  However, one must understand deeply to appreciate this fact.  Otherwise, just believing in the positive will inevitably lead to trouble.

Also, do not be put off by people who seem to be “negative”.  This does not mean they just focus on evil.  It can mean that they are trying to teach you the truth about something.  Many, for example, do not like the conservative talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck.  They say these people are too “negative” or “angry”.  It takes some discernment to distinguish that often they are just telling about the truth that the mainstream media does not want to discuss.  This is not negative or angry.  It is simply the truth.  This is very different from people who always focus on darkness and evil, which the conservative talk radio and television hosts do not do.


6. Truth should be rather simple or at least open to everyone.  If one must study for years, obtain special degrees, licenses, awards or levels of achievement, join a special group, join just one special church or other organization, the teaching is likely incorrect and probably harmful.

Some older religions and many spiritual groups make the truth complex to hold on to people, and sometimes to brainwash them.  Be careful about joining any spiritual group whatsoever.


7. Try to separate people’s personalities from what they are saying.  This is extremely important if you want to learn the truth.  Many who teach the truth are slightly eccentric, odd or in some way unusual.  If you judge them by their personality, their dress, their lifestyle or other superficial things, you will likely miss out on much excellent information.

Also, while it is ideal, do not expect people to live all of the truth they put forth.  Some cannot do it for various reasons.  However, try to find out why they don’t live it and try to understand it.


8. Beware of 1) liars, 2) confused people, and 3) decent, but misinformed people.  These are three common categories of people who confuse themselves and often confuse others.


              9. In addition, some people have entities, which means they are being influenced by discarnate beings who tell them things that are not true.  As a result, they will swear up and down that such and such is true or good, when it is not.  This is actually a very common phenomenon that is extremely confusing.  These people have a little of all three categories of personality problems mentioned above.  That is, they are liars to a degree, they are definitely confused, and they are often basically good people who are misinformed, but not misinformed from the outside, but from a voice inside of them that lies to them and they, in turn, lie and confuse others.



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