By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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              Definition.  This is acute pain and tenderness in the area of the solar plexus.  The pain is centered in the upper abdomen, along the midline of the body.  It can radiate from the solar plexus and affect most of the abdomen, at times.

The cause of the pain is certain changes in the third energy center.  This center is located just above the belly button on the centerline of the abdomen.  To read a lot more about this energy center, please read The Energy Centers on this website.


Common among those on a nutritional balancing program.  This complaint is quite common among those who embark on a nutritional balancing program.  The reason is that this program always causes healing of the third energy center.  The pain is related to this retracing and healing process.


Mistaken diagnoses.  Clients often mistake third energy center pain for pain coming from the stomach, pancreas, colon, duodenum and other structures.  When they visit doctors, the doctors also often confuse the pain with that due to other structures in the upper abdomen.




The third energy center is weak and imbalanced in many people.  The main cause for this is growing up around an overbearing, intense or cruel parent. Usually, it was the parent of the opposite sex.


The third center.  The third energy center has to do with power and control over one’s life.  It is an essential energy center.  If one has experienced abuse in which one’s sense of personal control and power was challenged and perhaps destroyed, this energy center will be damaged, usually from early childhood.

A nutritional balancing program strengthens and cleans this energy center.  This eventually causes this energy center to spin faster, more evenly, and in the right direction.

The vibration of the healed or healing third energy center conflicts with the structure of the tissues in this area of the body.  These tissues and organs were influenced by and, in part, built by this energy center.

The conflicting energies is the exact cause of the pain, which is the pain of adjustment.  It is as though the tissues are being “rubbed the wrong way”.  However, this is a necessary step toward complete healing of this area of the body.

After a number of years, third energy center pain will subside as the tissues in the area adapt to the new energetic vibrations of the healed third energy center.




The most important thing is to realize that the pain is benign.  No medical intervention or drug therapy is needed for it.  It will slowly subside if one continues with a complete nutritional balancing program.


Be careful with doctors.  A problem for some clients is they run to their medical or other doctors looking for solutions to this pain.

Doctors may perform all sorts of scans and other tests, some of which are invasive and harmful.  Most people have various little cysts, x-ray opacities or other harmless irregularities that can show up on these tests.

Doctors will often dwell upon these, scaring the person.  Then the doctors will often prescribe drugs, herbs or other substances or procedures that do little if any good.

I never tell people to avoid going to doctors.  However, be careful about visiting doctors for this pain, as their methods will not be helpful and may well be harmful.


In addition, certain procedures may speed up healing of the third center and alleviate the pain faster.  They are:


1. Breathe deeply into the abdomen as often as possible.  Ideally, do this lying down on a bed or couch comfortably.  This moves more energy into the area, which assists healing of the third energy center.


2. Do the pushing down exercise as much as you can.  Try to do it for an hour daily, or even more.  This also moves much more energy into the third energy center, assisting its healing.


            3. Cry deeply.  This also seems to help heal this energy center.  Some people must watch a very sad movie or television program to cause them to cry deeply.  Superficial crying, such as that which occurs when one does not feel well, will not have the same effect.  I use old episodes of the Touched By An Angel television series.


4. Twist the spine, rub the feet and pop the toes.  This releases tension in the abdomen and throughout the body.


5. Lamp sauna therapy and coffee enemas can help, as well.


6. Plenty of rest allows the body to heal all imbalances faster.



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