by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            One of the most unusual advanced technologies we have come across is artificial life support.  It would seem to defy the basic laws of physics.

To get through this article, you will have to suspend your judgment.  Perhaps, however, the ideas in this article will help you understand how people who live on horrendous diets and have very unhealthy lifestyles can stay alive and even apparently healthy.




Definition of artificial life support.  To maintain life, our bodies require sufficient nutrition and they require trillions of souls who perform various activities inside the body.  When either of these conditions is not met, disease and death occur.

Artificial life support refers to several methods of keeping a person alive and healthy-looking when, in fact, the person is very ill, nutritionally depleted, and often has lost so many souls that their bodies can hardly function.

Who is on life support?  Millions of people on planet earth are currently on artificial life support, although this is very difficult to detect.  This includes children as young as two years of age.  Later in this article are ways to possibly identify those on life support.

Methods of artificial life support.  Most of those on life support are kept alive via an implant.  This is a tiny electrical device that is implanted in the brain or, at times, elsewhere in the body.  A person can have many of these.  For details about implants, read Implants.

The implant emits a frequency that spins the person’s Energy Centers and Dantiens, and in this way it maintains life.

Another method of artificial life support is for a developed human being, often called a master, to spin the weak person’s energy centers.  It is a gift that is given to some people when they develop sufficiently.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development.

Another method of life support is a machine in which one lies down and the machine spins the energy centers.  Usually, one must use the machine for about one hour daily.  This machine is not found on earth, although a few probably exist here.

Definition of the walking dead.  This term refers to anyone who is alive thanks to the presence of artificial life support described above.




1. Very low adaptive energy.  They may be obviously tired.  However, they may seem to have energy, but it is a contrived or stimulated or adrenal-based energy and not a truly high energy level.


2. The bodies are not healthy.  Some of them look healthy enough, especially the young ones.  But none of them are really healthy and vigorous.


3. The bodies are often very yin.  This important condition today is called Yin Disease.  It is discussed in a separate article on this website.


4. Very prone to depression and anxiety.  This is directly related to their low level of adaptive energy, and their yin disease, in many cases.


5. A strange look about them, at times.  They can seem distant, preoccupied, or just spacey and with brain fog, which most of them have.  Over half of our clients report brain fog, especially younger people.  They are the most malnourished.

The medical profession does not even recognize brain fog as a standard diagnosis.  One reason for this is they don’t have good answers for it.  Nutritional balancing will correct it, however, often rather easily.


6. Odd speech, at times.  This is related to their health condition and to their thinking, primarily.  In other words, it is not a physiological condition, but rather a mental situation.


7. Tatoos, body piercings, and dark-colored clothing.  This is not always true, but it is more common among them than among the general population.  I am not sure of all the reasons for it, although many have a calcium shell pattern on their hair mineral analysis which makes them less sensitive to the pain involved in getting a tattoo or a piercing.


              8. Drug use.  A large number use marijuana, or perhaps other drugs, mostly to relieve their symptoms of depression, anxiety and malaise.


9. Loose sexual behavior and attitudes.  Some of this is because many of the women have experienced rape.  Some, however, have just been conditioned to think this way by their faulty school teachers, and their music, movies, books, and other media.


10. Strange thinking and behavior, in general.  They often think and act somewhat strangely, and often according to standards or norms set up by someone else (though they may not realize this).


11. Reduced willpower.  This is an important and consistent effect of all artificial life support, particularly the use of the implant.  This is a major reason that the group we call the Rogues wants many people on life support.  This way the people are easier to control.




1. A very slow oxidation rate.


2. Usually, a low or normal sodium/potassium ratio.


3. Often, a sympathetic dominance pattern.


4. At times, a four lows pattern.


5. At times, a bowl or “stuck” pattern.


6. In some cases, the Dead Pattern or the Shut Down or Flattened Pattern.  You can read about both these patterns at the Read Articles page.




              This is not always easy.  However, a complete nutritional balancing program will do it.  It will take a few months to a number of years.  Stay with the program, and do it properly.  Be sure to work only with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  Otherwise, you will not be on the correct program and it won’t work at all, or it won’t work well.






Today, our educational institutions, from elementary school through college, are today infected with false ideas that confuse students endlessly.  The “zombie creators”, as we call them, must laugh daily at the nonsense that is taught in colleges, in particular, whether it is left-wing politics, junk food propaganda, false Marxist economics, and so much more.

Another aspect of the problem is the spending of billions of dollars – often stolen from our government through waste, fraud and abuse – use to pay for bribes and “blood money” to fund thousands of false websites, pay for thousands of false ads on Facebook and elsewhere, false radio and television stations, and to produce ruinous and harmful products of various kinds that weaken people, and attempt to discourage and defeat the human spirit. 

I know this sounds like conspiracy theory, but it is the truth.  The culprit, however, is not “the corporations” or even the great communist or right wing conspiracy, as many believe.  The source is coming from off the planet, and this will be revealed at some point. 




Politically correct thinking is a common example.  This is just a euphemism for lying under certain circumstances so as to avoid embarrassing or insulting certain chosen groups, but not others.

Social justice can be another walking dead intellectual concept that has nothing to do with justice. 

Group rights is another strange concept, especially in America, a nation that is supposed to cherish individual rights, and not favor any one group over another.

In fact, many common behaviors make little sense today.  For example, many people spend money they do not have, hoping that somehow they will win the lottery or something similar in order to pay their bills.  Indeed, entire cities today in America and elsewhere overspend, figuring that someone will bail them out when the city totally runs out of credit.

As a doctor, it is bizarre that millions of Americans and others around the world think they can be healthy living on mainly junk food.  It is also totally bizarre that doctors and public health officials, and even veterinarians and dog trainers are so stupid in the area of nutrition and its relationship to health.

Many people engage in self-destructive sexual behaviors, apparently not caring if they contract sexually transmitted diseases.  Others act as sexual predators, another strange and awful behavior.  Others deprive themselves of sleep, thinking they can get away with little rest, and then wondering why they are ill and cannot think clearly.

While I could go on and on, just one final behavior that I find amazing is how easily some people lie to themselves and to others.  This is seen mainly in the political sphere of life, when politicians go on television and say things they know are untrue, just to win votes or to placate the people.  While I may understand their motives, the sheer nonsense that comes out of their mouths makes me wonder if they even have a brain, or are just spouting someone else’s agenda like a robot.



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