by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. The Rogues, Negs Or Aliens

III. Physical Aspects

IV. Sexual And Emotional Aspects

V. Loss of Power And Control – Modern Slavery

VI. Social Effects

VII. Work, Career And Marriage

VIII. Mental Aspects

IX. Spiritual Aspects

X. Solutions




As far as we can tell, most or perhaps all women on earth are not in control of their lives. They have been beaten, raped, poisoned and frightened very carefully, deliberately and secretly starting early in childhood. As a result, they are effectively slaves.

They are told they must never tell anyone about this or they will be beaten and raped even more. If a woman continues to disobey, she is killed.

Using electronic implants that are placed in the head and elsewhere, women are told what to wear, what to eat, where to live, for whom to vote, who to date, who to marry, with whom to have sex, and much more.

Women are also told they must lie about it to their husbands, families, friends and everyone else.

They are also taught how to harm others, including how to kill men, women and children. This means they are effectively enemy agents.


This small section of this article is horrible. However, we want it known. It is very new information for me.

Sadly, the negs or rogues know all about queens and have found a way to use them to do tremendous damage to our planet and our people. They begin by capturing and enslaving some women at a young age.

Next they begin to quickly develop the woman up to the queen stage of development. They have ways to do this very rapidly using machines that they do not allow others to use, in addition to the methods we know about.

Once a woman reaches the stage of queen, they often change her appearance to suit their needs. This further disorients and upsets the woman.

Then they complete the brainwashing process with a long series of beatings, rapes and poisoning. It continues until the woman agrees to serve their goals.

Finally, they connect her to one of their developed men as her “husband” and together they wreck havoc on our planet. We call them voodoo couples and black masters.


Our research is that the perpetrators, whom we will discuss, need women for a certain yin energy they require. They obtain it during rapes. They also use women for fun, for rewards, to send messages, to spread disease to men and children, and for other purposes.


Meanwhile, most men on earth are quite ignorant of all this. This is done deliberately, perhaps because men are more difficult to terrorize. Some men find out the truth, but they are very few in number and most will not come forward with the truth.

You might ask, how is it possible to keep the men ignorant, especially if they are married or living with a woman. The answer is that the perpetrators are very high-tech and very clever. Their technology is truly amazing.

For example, if they want to visit a woman for rape, they know when the husband will be away from her. The wife may also be told to lie to him that she is going to a friend's house when really she has been called to a location for a beating, poisoning or rape.


The situation of the women is nothing short of unbelievable. I don't expect the reader to believe it, at first, unless you are a woman, most of whom know that this article is true, at least for you.


In order to understand the plight of the women, you must first know about the presence of an alien group on earth. Some people call them the negs, the aliens and the Bible calls them Satan. On this website, we call them the Rogues.

They are an invading force in every sense of the word, but they prefer to operate secretly. They have been on earth for at least 50,000 years. They are very smart, very clever, and very capable.

They are responsible for the women's plight. We discuss them in more detail in the next chapter.


If women won't talk about their situation, you might ask how I know about it. About 20 years ago, I developed an ability to hear and speak with certain souls that live inside all of us. I use this ability mainly to design nutrition programs.

However, in the past several years the souls have started to tell us about the plight of the women. We are still learning about it, but a fairly clear picture has emerged. This article is a report about what we have learned.


In order to understand the women's plight, and much more about our planet, you need to understand that an alien group of beings has occupied and controls our planet. They have been here for at least 50,000 years.

They go by different names such as the negs, rogues, troph, or scav. The Bible calls them Satan.

Many of them look very human, speak our languages and seem human in other ways. However, they are complete slaves and psychopaths. For this reason, I will not call them men in this article. They are best called human-like slave creatures.

Many are hybrid creatures called sats. They are very strong and very difficult to kill.

Rather than repeat a lot of information, for more details read The Rogues.


Begins early. We believe the rogues or negs begin damaging girls and boys before they are born. They remove part of the pancreas and they molest the girls and boys even before they are born.

After birth, most girls and boys are taken from their cribs at night and given the “baby rapes”. These are visits to certain locations where the babies clothing is taken off and they undergo beatings, poisoning, molestation and more. Afterwards, their clothing is put back on and they are returned to their cribs.

When girls are around the age of four, visits by strange men begin. They can suddenly appear when the girl is alone. They molest the girl, often sticking a dirty finger inside the vagina. They give the girl diseases and begin her “instruction”. At first, it is not too severe but it soon changes to rape. They seem to know every single girl and boy and all are electronically tagged.

Beatings and rapes. The visits continue as a girl becomes older and soon there are rapes and beatings. These become very severe as a girl reaches about the age of 10. They almost always damage the spine, damage the brain, make the woman unsteady on her feet, do a lot of damage to the sexual organs and breasts, and much more.

Poisoning. All the women are poisoned. A toxic grease is often applied to the entire body. They may force the woman to drink a vial of poison. The sweat, sperm and spit of the rogue male creatures also may contain poisons.

Screaming and abusive language. The rogue male beings scream at the women at close range and use plenty of abusive language. The goal seems to be to further degrade and humiliate women.

Implants. Things become worse as a girl becomes a teenager. She is tortured and brainwashed. Electronic implants are placed in her head and elsewhere in the body. Some are stimulators that can make her feel pain or pleasure whenever the aliens want to cause it.

No clothing. Whenever a woman is taken or visited she must take off all her clothing. There are many reasons for this. They rub poisons and nutrients, at times, on the skin. It is also for humiliation and embarrassment. Often the women are kept cold.

Instruction. She also receives plenty of instruction about the fact that they are in charge. She is to do exactly as she is told, and she must not tell anyone or the consequences will be severe.

Lying. All women are told to lie and basically forced to do so. For example, they are severely beaten if they tell anyone the truth about the aliens.

Violating the Ten Commandments. Women are basically forced to violate most of the 10 Commandments given to Moses. They are forced to lie, steal, cheat, kill, dishonor their parents, and more.

Deaths. To impress this upon her, there are very painful and intense beatings and “deaths”. They can simulate death and can actually cause death and then “rewind” the situation using high-tech equipment. However, she is told if she ever tells anyone about her situation, it won't be unwound.

Near death experiences (NDEs). When one dies, the main soul leaves and often moves above the body and looks down upon it. The women are given this experience. This is known in the literature about near death experiences, such as in books such as Life After Life by Raymond Moody and Into The Light.

Replacements. Anyone the negs do not like is usually killed. This includes men, women and children. In some cases, they capture and kill a person, measure him or her, and use cosmetic surgery to make a duplicate. They will send home the duplicate, who usually sounds just like the original person except he or she is one of them.

Tortures. The tortures are as grotesque and as bad as anything one could imagine - or worse. They include breaking bones, tearing skin, freezing or burning the body, stomping on the body, use of animals, whips, and much more. She is naked the whole time, a way to impress upon her that she is a slave in every way.

Murder. The rogues murder anyone who is a troublemaker.

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