Fifth Edition, 2014






1. Introduction and the New Healing Paradigm                    1

2. The Healing Lifestyle         13

3. Diet for Fast and Slow Oxidizers   27

4. Nutrient Supplementation        41

5. Detoxification    53

6. Mental and Spiritual Development          65




 7. A Very Brief History of Nutritional Balancing Science         69

 8. The Scientific Basis for Nutritional Balancing    77

 9. Other Basic Principles of Nutritional Balancing Science  89

10. More Advanced Nutritional Balancing Principles                    97

11. Stress, the Stress Response and the Autonomic Nervous System        107

12. The Oxidation Types and Theoretical Considerations                  119

13. Specifics of Balanced, Flexible, Fast, Slow, Sub-oxidation and Mixed Oxidation            135




14. The Macrominerals – Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Sulfur        145

15. The Twins – Zinc and Copper        165

16. The Amigos or Friends – Iron, Manganese, Chromium and Selenium            185

17. Other Trace Minerals – Iodine, Lithium, Boron and Molybdenum           195

18. Toxic Metals – Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Aluminum, Cadmium, Arsenic & Radioactive Metals    203




19. Hair Mineral Analysis Overview   215

20. Hair Analysis Interpretation Principles        227

21. The Components of Hair Analysis Readings       235

22. Macromineral Levels, Ratios and Patterns on a Hair Mineral Analysis           243

23. Interpreting the Trace Minerals and Toxic Metals, and Core Issues    275

24. Hair Analysis Retesting            285




25. Adaptive Energy or Vitality  297

26. Digestive and Eating Disorders   305

27. General Endocrine and Adrenal Glandular Assessment 319

28. Thyroid Glandular Assessment and Disorders 327

29. Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, and Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X     335

30. Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Allergies and Anemias        345

31. Reproductive and Kidney Disorders, the Immune Response, Seizures and Headaches       357

32. Dental, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Athletics, Trauma and Neuromuscular Diseases            369

33. Sensory Organs, Skin, Hair and Nail conditions, Pain and Inflammation    377

34. Nutritional Balancing Through the Life Cycle    383

35. Cancer       393




36. Introduction to Mental Health And Nutritional Balancing         399

37. Level One Disorders –Dementias, Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Developmental Delays and Suicide       411

38. Level Two Disorders – Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Disorders of Affect, Violence, Drug Use, Addiction, Alcoholism and Grief          419

39. Level Three – Tuning Disorders - Narcissism, Psychism, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality, Psychopathology and Schizophrenias        433

40. Breakthrough and Combination Disorders – Panic Attacks, Post-Traumatic Stress

Disorder, Phobias, Hypoglycemic Attacks, Nervous Breakdowns and Combination Disorders - Brain Fog, Malaise, Young Women’s Syndrome, Iron Disorder, Cadmium Toxicity, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, and Brain Enhancement      441

41. Sexual Aspects of Nutritional Balancing    453

42. Personality and Individual Minerals    463

43. Personality and the Oxidation Types, the Major Ratios and other Patterns, Including

       Personality Types as Revealed on Hair Mineral Analyses      475




44. Therapy Concepts, Computer-Generated Reports, Enemas, Saunas and Meditation        495

45. Retracing            519

46. Building a Nutritional Balancing Practice  533

47. Legal Aspects of Nutritional Balancing Science          549

48. Healing the Health Care system 569

49. Conclusions, Learning Nutritional Balancing and Further Resources   577




I. Glossary of Nutritional Balancing Terminology   587

II. The Mineral Reference Guide           594

            The Trace Minerals         604

            The Toxic Metals   620

III. Important Movement Patterns on a Hair Mineral Analysis      630

IV. Determination of Oxidation Type by means of Hair Analysis, J Ortho Med., 1;2, 1986           631

V. Effects of Washing on Hair Mineral Levels, J Ortho Med., 1:2, 1986      637

VI. Other Healing Techniques     644

- Uses for a single reddish infrared ‘heat lamp’. 

- Baths: partial, hydrogen peroxide, Epsom salts, salt and soda, hot, genital.

- Liver-gallbladder flush.

- Other detoxification methods: salt water gargle and flush, castor oil packs, hot tubs.

- The Coca pulse test for food reactions.

- Applied kinesiology or muscle testing.

VII. Book Review: The China Study         651

VIII. Suggested Reading and References           653


About the Author  684

Index         685












Joseph, age 22, is a college student who was exhausted, had trouble sleeping, muscle tension, and often felt depressed, anxious and irritable.  Other important symptoms included anger, brain fog, heart palpitations, mood swings, candida infection and a tendency for obsessive and compulsive behavior.   

Joseph’s first hair analysis revealed an unusually serious combination of mineral patterns.  He was “burned out” with a four lows pattern.  In addition, he had low potassium, indicating he was pushing himself to “fit in with the crowd” or perhaps was prone to excessive worrying.   His calcium/magnesium ratio was elevated, indicating he overate on starches and sugars.  The test also revealed elevated levels of mercury and aluminum.  These may easily contribute to many mental and emotional symptoms such as anxiety and memory loss.

After three months on a nutritional balancing program, Joseph reported feeling generally better, with an improved energy level.  The goal of the program is always to increase a person’s vitality.  His first retest hair analysis showed he was no longer in a four lows pattern, nor was he pushing himself as hard.  In addition, he was beginning to eliminate more mercury, aluminum, lead and nickel.  In addition to the basic program, he uses a near infrared light sauna almost every day.  He also started to meditate to help him remain calm and centered.

Six months later, Joseph reports feeling even better, “making steady progress”.  He said he passed through a “spiritual crisis” where he saw how angry and resentful he could be toward his other family members.  He said the worst is over and he is a much happier young man. 




            I like to see the big picture whenever I study and learn anything.  In regards to the science of nutritional balancing and healing in general, I have realized that:


Š          The principles involved in healing most health conditions, even of longstanding, chronic and “dreaded” ones, are quite simple.  Implementation may take some years and quite a bit of effort, but the basic concepts, which are presented in this book, are quite straight forward.  The medical and even the holistic professions often complicate the picture with myriads of tests, remedies and procedures.  Many have some value, but I find most are not needed if one balances the body correctly and continuously over and over, allowing it to slowly rebuild and restore its vitality level and its enzyme systems.

Š          Nutritional balancing requires that one strictly follow certain rules and principles for the deepest healing to occur quickly and safely.

Š          It also requires more self-discipline than some people have, although once a person adopts the diet and lifestyle, it is not a difficult routine.

Š          The disease process basically involves: 1) slowing of the oxidation rate, 2) reduced oxygenation and hydration of the tissues, 3) clogging of the system with toxins of all kinds, and 4) ‘rusting’, or the buildup of oxides in the body.  Oxides cause oxidant damage.

Š          Healing consists of reversing the above process – removing the oxides, infections and other toxins, restoring the body’s oxidation reactions, restoring oxygenation and hydration, and balancing the oxidation rate.  The latter is often slow and difficult because it requires restoring the activity of millions of enzymes throughout the body.

Š          Dr. Paul Eck discovered basic ways to do whole system healing, which is the only way to heal the body at the deepest levels.  This was his genius.  Healing just the digestive part of the body, or the cardiovascular part generally misses the mark.  This is the problem with conventional post-modern medical care and much of holistic care as well.

Š          I have added a few other procedures such as near infrared sauna therapy and coffee enemas that enhance the process tremendously.  In fact, they are needed in most cases because the bodies are even more deranged and exhausted today than when Dr. Eck was alive.

Š          In human beings, one must also heal the mind, emotions and even a person’s spiritual outlook for the deepest healing and for mental and spiritual development to occur properly. This is also time-consuming, but quite simple if one will follow the instructions presented in Chapters 2 and 6 of this book.  The problem in this area is that our unconscious traumas keep us from thinking clearly in many cases.  For this reason, following the program ‘blindly’, as it were, is helpful for many people.  This will slowly undo the traumas and allow more clear thinking to take place.  Otherwise, the conscious mind tends to think it knows what is best, not realizing how conditioned and traumatized it really is.  The depth of programming that starts at birth or before, is much deeper than most people recognize.

Š          The healing process at the deepest levels involves a fascinating process called retracing.  Chapter 45 discusses this in depth.  In my experience, any healing system that does not cause a lot of retracing is not at the same level and will not provide the same type of deep changes.

Š          A new type of life on earth. Most people run themselves down over time.  The principles in this book provide a way that a person literally becomes more developed and healthier as time moves on.  This is a reversal of the basic path that most people’s lives take today.  This opens up many possibilities concerning life extension and anti-aging.




Nutritional balancing is mainly the research of Dr. Paul C. Eck.  He was a physician and an avid researcher who lived in Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona.  Dr. Eck began researching nutrition and health at a very young age.  However, his main discoveries were the result of experimenting with a newer assessment tool, the hair mineral analysis or hair biopsy.  Where others saw it mainly as a way to detect toxic metals, Dr. Eck applied all of his knowledge of the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, mineral bioavailability and much more.  He slowly evolved a new science of healing based upon simple, yet elegant principles and techniques that he found effective to balance the ratios and patterns on a hair mineral test.

Nutritional balancing is a total healing system, which means it makes use of all of Western medical science, plus many principles of Eastern healing sciences as well.  It also makes use of modern physics principles, and modern engineering principles such as general systems theory.  To approach it more easily, let us compare the new and the old paradigms of healing.






The current medical paradigm often views our bodies as a collection of somewhat unrelated parts.  Medical specialties are mainly organized around body parts such as lungs or kidneys.  This focus is needed for specialized surgery.  However, in most other areas of health it misses the many subtle connections that occur in any complex system.  This causes unintended consequences, especially with drugs, that increase costs and reduce effectiveness and safety.

The new paradigm always views the body as one complex, self-regulating, whole system.  Principles of general systems theory play a prominent role in nutritional balancing, though they were originally developed outside of medicine completely.  Switching to a whole systems approach is the most difficult aspect of the new paradigm to understand and put into practice for medically trained and even holistically trained physicians and nutritionists.




The present medical system is a holdover from the 20th century.  It works best for surgical cases and some infections.  However, the old allopathic or diagnose-and-treat system of care either ignores or often worsens the major health challenges of this century.  These include:


Š          A mineral-deficient and, at times, extremely toxic food supply.   According to the US Department of Agriculture, most food today contains one-fourth to one-tenth the levels of many nutrients as the same food item grown 100 years ago.  This is due to the use of hybrid crops, superphosphate fertilizers, pesticides and other modern farming practices.

Š          Diets of refined and often chemical-laden foods.  Most Westernized people eat mainly refined foods.  These include bleached white flour, white sugar, canned and prepared items.

Š          Unhealthful lifestyles and eating habits.  Many Westerners live very unhealthful lifestyles.  They stay up late, do not rest enough, do not balance activity and rest, and often have horrendous eating habits as well. 

Š          Levels of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the air and water that are up to 1000 times higher than ever before in recorded history.  This is not discussed often on television, but has been well-documented by Dr. Henry Schroeder, MD and others.

Š          Dozens of serious viral and other infections that respond poorly to medical drugs.

Š          Levels of ionizing radiation never before seen in recorded history. This silent problem is extremely detrimental for our health.  A major source in some areas is radon gas from the earth.  However, the entire planet today is polluted due to atom-bomb tests, nuclear accidents, mining of uranium and other metals, medical and dental x-rays and scans, and the low-level, subtle emissions from nuclear power plants around the world.
      Nutritional balancing science is one of the only methods I am aware of that helps with radiation poisoning by 1) restoring vital mineral levels to reduce the absorption of radioactive ones, 2) reducing metals in the body such as uranium, and 3) killing off mutated cells, especially if one uses a near infrared sauna daily for several years continuously.

Š          Electromagnetic pollution.  The use of cell phones, computers and other electrical devices may cause some health conditions.  Reducing air travel and using care to sit as far away as possible from computers, cell phones and portable phones can help minimize this problem.

Š          An extremely yin population.  In Chinese medical terminology, this means cool, feminine and expanded.  The opposite is yang, which is hard, masculine, hot and contracted.  This imbalance is very important today, though it is subtle and not part of the current medical paradigm.  The causes for the situation include all of the items listed above.

Š          Bioterrorism, which I believe is real, even if it receives little publicity.


The current drug medical system also creates much more disease for two reasons:


Š          Polypharmacy. This is the indiscriminate prescribing of thousands of prescription and over-the-counter drugs that weaken the body and mind.  The trend is driven by relentless and often completely phony drug advertising in all the major media.  In 2007, 3.8 billion drug prescriptions were written in America at a cost of $286.5 billion.  This is an increase of 72% just in the past decade. 

Š          Vaccinations. Current multiple vaccine protocols are nothing short of insane.  Statistics are manipulated to hide the fact that autism, ADD, delayed development and many other problems are directly related to the increase in vaccines over the past 40 years or so.




The current allopathic model believes that health is the absence of diagnosable disease.  To assess health, tests are run to find diseases.  If none are found, a person is generally pronounced healthy.  However, this model has some serious flaws because people who are supposedly healthy often suddenly develop cancer, heart disease, strokes and other maladies.

The wellness model of health care states that health is not the absence of a diagnosed illness.  Instead, it is an entirely different state of being, with its own qualities and even its own symptoms.  For example, a very healthy person might react quite vigorously to someone spraying toxic pesticides next door.  Those who are somewhat ill and have much lower vitality often do not have the ability to react as vigorously to such a toxic event. 

Wellness may be considered a state of high resistance to all disease.  This is observed, for example, in wild animals in their natural habits, provided they have enough to eat and are free from too many predators.  Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873-1944) was a French surgeon and one of the foremost medical doctors of all time.  He won a Nobel Prize for demonstrating that a chicken heart could be kept alive indefinitely by simply removing the waste products from the culture medium, while providing the heart with proper nourishment.  In his book, Man, The Unknown, Dr. Carrel carefully explained the difference between the old and new health care paradigms.  He called the difference natural health versus artificial health.

Natural health is identical to wellness.  In contrast, artificial health, he said, is the condition of most “healthy” human beings.  People may look well.  However, they require the constant assistance of medical exams, tests, procedures, remedies and surgeries because they are prone to hundreds of medical problems.  Their “health”, in other words, is false in a way because it depends on the services of an army of doctors.  No one, he said, really likes this kind of health.  However, it is the only kind most people know and it is all that conventional medicine offers.

Nutritional balancing science easily moves most people from a state of artificial health or outright disease toward a state of high resistance to most all diseases.  It does this by focusing heavily on the basic factors of health - diet, the proper drinking water, rest and sleep, other lifestyle factors, nutritional supplements and other simple elements that build health.  




The present medical system is not primarily interested in prevention or wellness and will never be so.  The focus is instead on diagnosis.  A diagnosis depends on finding a disease entity.  If a disease is not developed enough that it shows up on medical tests, little is done for the patient.  In addition, most medical prevention is secondary, meaning early detection of disease entities.  Primary prevention is the complete avoidance of disease entities.  With the cost and severity of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes and others, early detection is just not a good enough solution, though it is better than nothing. 

The new paradigm emphasizes primary prevention and starts with a different premise.  Instead of focusing on diagnoses, one looks for telltale signs of stress.  This is much more like preventive maintenance of a bridge, an automobile or an aircraft.  To locate the stress at the deepest levels, one must read it in the cellular structure of the body.  This is similar to taking samples from the inside of an aircraft engine or inspecting its structure with a microscope, as is done commonly with aircraft, in order to detect subtle problems before they become major ones.

The old paradigm mainly uses blood tests and x-rays for detection of disease.  However, subtle stress is not usually apparent in the blood because the blood is buffered.  This means that chemical imbalances are moderated and altered in the blood.  Dr. Paul Eck used to say that blood is maintained at the expense of the tissues.  This means that blood is kept in balance, while the tissues suffer.  By the time imbalances are found in the blood, often it is late in the development of a disease process.  A properly interpreted hair analysis can identify the beginnings of disease often many years in advance of other methods.  The imbalances can then be corrected, completely preventing the development of the disease.  Until this model of health care is adopted, I fear that our health costs are going to continue to increase greatly. 




         Even the Journal of the American Medical Association published findings recently confirming that post-modern medical care is not only unsafe.  It is the third or fourth leading cause of death in America.  Other research indicates the situation is even worse.  A 93-page review of many studies of the safety of medical care by Gary Null, PhD, Martin Feldman, MD, Debora Rasio, MD, Dorothy Smith, PhD and Carolyn Dean, MD, ND indicates that traditional medicine is the first or second leading cause of disability and death in America.  The title of this review is Death By Medicine, published in 2009 by the Life Extension Foundation.

         This does not in any way diminish the wonderful responses that can occur with drugs.  However, it is important to know that drug medical care is quite dangerous.  Nutritional balancing is about the safest method of healing I have seen.  Reasons for this are:


Š          Focusing on diet, a healthful lifestyle and balancing the body is an extremely safe approach.

Š          The products used are very safe.

Š          The ability to predict and prevent major illnesses adds greatly to safety.

Š          Balancing the mind and emotions adds another layer of safety.

Š          Removing toxic metals to much lower levels than are possible with chelation adds safety.

Š          Toxic metal removal in the body’s own order and timing is much safer than the use of drugs or even natural metal chelating agents.

Š          Removing hundreds of toxic chemicals adds more safety.

Š          Nutrients are never forced into the body intravenously and rarely used in megadoses.

Š          Monitoring with regular hair analysis retests add another layer of safety.

Š          Trends or tendencies for 50 or so conditions can be detected and monitored easily, inexpensively and without the need for any invasive procedures.

Š          Nutritional balancing does not require the use of less safe methods including most drugs, most surgeries, most herbs, ionic footbaths, alkaline water, drinking salt water, chelators of all kinds, and most hormone replacement therapy.




Illness develops slowly and insidiously.  Often, symptoms only occur in the last stages of diabetes, cancer or heart disease, for example.  This is because the body compensates and adapts as it becomes ill.  Most symptoms only occur when the body can no longer continue to adapt to its nutritional imbalances, fatigue, and growing toxicity, for example. 

The old allopathic paradigm of medical care cannot correct latent or sub-clinical stages of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, headaches and most other conditions.  Instead, they must usually wait until the patient has symptoms, which is often very late.  Nutritional balancing will correct most latent and sub-clinical health conditions, including even emotional imbalances.  This is a wonderful benefit, and one that can save billions of dollars as well.




Drug-based medical care is insanely expensive.  Reasons for this include:


Š          A sick population, in large part because the medical system does not really heal people at deep levels.

Š          Toxicity of the drugs, radiation therapy and surgery cause more sickness and disability.

Š          Dangerous methods cause very high legal costs including malpractice and the use of “defensive medicine”.  This is not medical care at all, but rather the use of tests and procedures just to satisfy lawyers.

Š          A cartel, or small group of organizations, runs the system.  Cartels and other monopolies always lead to higher costs and worse outcomes.

Š          Lack of true primary prevention and prediction of illness causes millions of unnecessary cancers, heart attacks and much more.

Š          Government involvement, partly as a result of the failures of the medical system, adds billions to the cost in lobbying fees for government officials at all levels of government.  It also breeds corruption, waste and fraud, especially in socialized medical programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.


The new paradigm uses less costly methods of assessment, much less costly natural products instead of most drugs, removes causes at deep levels, focuses on primary prevention and is generally much safer.  This all adds up to much lower costs.




The old paradigm separates disease entities of the mind from those of the body.  A different set of professionals specialize in each of them.

The new paradigm recognizes that all nutritional imbalances affect the body and the brain as well.  All toxic metals are neurotoxic as well as physically toxic.  All infections can affect the brain as well as the body.  In addition, the brain is a biochemical organ.  Therefore, a reduced level of adaptive energy, high or low blood sugar, and most other stressors affect the brain as much or more than they affect the body.

This new way of thinking about mental illness results in exciting new ways to correct devastating ailments such as autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and others, often permanently, without drugs and at a very low cost.  Chapters 36 to 43 discuss this very large and exciting area of research.




Balancing the body and increasing its vitality are not spoken of much within the current

medical paradigm, and are rarely taught in medical schools.  Many holistic practitioners ignore these concepts as well.  In addition, the current medical system lacks the tools to measure vitality and balance at deep levels, and they do not have the means to correct them, either.

Dr. Eck spoke often of increasing a person’s adaptive energy or vitality.  Indeed, he considered nutrition to be the science of human energy.  He meant by this that nutrition is perhaps the most basic and powerful way to increase enzyme activity or enzyme strength in the body.  This, in turn, often furthers healing more than any other single factor.  Other sciences use the word vital force to describe the life force that does all of the healing. 

One of the most ancient and excellent ways to measure vitality is to assess the balance of the body chemistry.  While the concept becomes complex, it is somewhat like the tune or adjustment of a combustion engine.  For example, if an auto engine is out of tune, the engine does not produce much horsepower or force.  This will happen even if all the parts are in working order.

Assessing the balance of the minerals in the cells is the basis for nutritional balancing science.  To my knowledge, it cannot be done nearly as well, if at all, in the blood or urine.  These are too subject to fluctuations due to the last meal one had, or how much water one just drank.  The hair mineral biopsy, in contrast, gives practitioners a much more definitive view.  It works excellently to guide the rebalancing of the body chemistry.  When this is done, a person’s vitality improves dramatically, and with this, healing begins in earnest.

The concept of balance is so critical, in fact, that it is the basis for many religions and philosophies.  The Taoists chose the symbol of yin and yang to represent balance.  The Hebrews chose two equilateral triangles to symbolize balance.  Early Christians adopted the symbol of the two crossed sticks, which also represents balance.


Clarifying balance.   Balance is not a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Stated differently, it is not moderation in all things.  Balance in the new paradigm means moderation in all that is adaptive or helpful for life, and total avoidance of that which is not beneficial or adaptive. Thus, balance is first about wisdom and knowledge.  Then, and only then, is it about moderation, timing and other qualities.

For example, the US Food and Drug Administration tells us that some toxic chemicals in our food products are okay as long as there are not too many.  This is not really “balanced”.  It is often just a compromise arrangement with the food refining industry that wishes to save money on their products by using toxic ingredients.  They may not kill us outright, but it is not a healthful approach to food regulation.  All toxic chemicals in the food supply harm the body and degrade the food.

Another important example is that many parents and teachers tell young people that a little drinking, a little junk food and a little lying are fine as long as these are “balanced” by fairly responsible behavior.  The new paradigm is not supportive of this idea.  Alcohol is toxic, as are refined sugars, for example.  There is no reason to include them in one’s diet at all.  Lying ruins many relationships and has no place in the life of a person of high integrity, except perhaps to mislead an attacker, for example, in order to save a life.




In the current medical paradigm, care ends when a person’s disease entity or symptoms

go away, or when nothing more can be done for the patient.  The new paradigm allows for healing and care to proceed further.  For example:


Š          Dr. Eck found that his work would improve aspects of a person’s awareness and personality.

Š          Criminals who followed his method for an illness would, in some cases, return to being law-abiding citizens, even though that was not the goal of the program.

Š          Children’s grades would improve from Cs to As on his program, even though the child was only following the program for the correction of perhaps allergies or an infection. 


This has to do with personality integration or perhaps Abraham Maslow’s concept of self-actualization.  It also has to do with development, a topic discussed in more detail in Chapters 10, 13 and 40.  Nutritional balancing science, especially with the use of a near infrared sauna and coffee enemas on a daily basis, promotes the opening of the vital energy centers of the body, also called the chakras in Sanskrit and Eastern literature.  In fact, the process occurs quite naturally using these methods.  This is a great hidden benefit, as the process of opening these centers also promotes health and long life.  The chakras are small, funnel-shaped vortices of energy that help maintain life and health in the body.  Nutritional balancing can help them to grow into large, beautiful centers of high frequency energy that greatly enhance human functioning in many ways.  This is the fullest development of a human being and something that is rare on this planet.

Another way that nutritional balancing can assist people is to help them release certain burdens or obligations that involve impaired health.  In some circles, these are called karmic burdens because they have to do with old agreements that must be fulfilled.  I have observed that as healing occurs at deep levels, some clients appear to be freed from such conditions or burdens. 

Development happens automatically today.  I have observed with many people that the development of which I speak is not difficult and, in fact, occurs automatically.  All that is needed is to use the methods described in this text.  These include a simple diet of mainly cooked and selected vegetables eaten in simple combinations, loads of rest and sleep, and either spring water or steam distilled water to drink.  Nutritional supplements are needed for a number of years, with most people, but not forever, by any means.  The use of a near infrared light sauna daily for at least a few years, daily coffee enemas, if possible, and practicing the Roy Masters meditation daily for a number of years are also most helpful.  This is a simple regimen, in terms of both cost and convenience.





The New Paradigm of Healing

Conventional Medicine & Much Of Holistic Medical Care As Well


Whole systems behaviors and characteristics are most important.

The focus is most often on individual body organs and systems, rather than the whole human system.

Designed specifically for the illnesses and challenges of the twenty-first century.

The diagnose-and-cure model is designed for 18th and 19th century problems of mainly acute infections and the need for surgery.

Wellness-based.  The focus is on the qualities and symptoms of health, rather than upon diagnosing and removing disease entities.

Disease-oriented.  Health is often assumed to be the absence of a diagnosable disease entity.


Primary prevention and prediction are most important.  This is a principle of “preventive maintenance” used with all complex machinery such as ships, aircraft or automobiles.

Lip service is given to prevention, but it is never the focus.  Also, some of the methods used are dangerous, such as vaccination and water fluoridation.

Able to correct latent or sub-clinical conditions at deep levels, often long before they manifest.  This is true primary prevention.

Does not correct most sub-clinical and latent conditions.  This causes nasty surprises and adds greatly to the cost of medical care.

Very low cost due to an intense focus on primary prevention, use of safe remedies, very low legal costs and low-cost assessment methods.

Costs growing fast because the population is becoming sicker, the remedies are often toxic, high legal costs, high hospital costs and lack of a focus on primary prevention.

The body and mind are always considered together as parts of the whole human system.

The body and mind are almost always treated separately by a different set of doctors.  This leads to fragmentation of care and much worse outcomes.

Increasing vitality or adaptive energy is a key to healing.  Balancing the body is one way this is done, as in ancient healing systems.

Vitality and adaptive energy are not mentioned and are not assessed.  Balancing the body chemistry is only done on a limited basis such as balancing blood sugar.

Full human development or self-actualization is the highest priority after saving one’s life.

The system is mainly disease-oriented.  Care usually ends when symptoms improve.





            Nutritional balancing science combines many therapeutic principles borrowed from both ancient and modern scientific, physiological and philosophical approaches from around the world.  They are all discussed in Chapters 7-14.  A few of the most critical ones are:


Š          Improving vitality. As vitality improves, the body can better heal ALL types of imbalances. 

Š          Balancing the body. This ancient principle greatly improves the body’s vitality by reducing stress on the body in very subtle ways.

Š          Seeking to work with the teleology or healing intent of the body. This has to do with avoiding toxins, stimulants and other methods of healing that in any way interfere with the body’s own wisdom.  It can be a rather subtle therapeutic principle.

Š          Replacing less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals in millions of enzyme binding sites. This is a very precise, gentle and, at times, slower process to restore enzyme strength and vitality in the body.  It is quite different from ‘chelating out’ toxic metals, for example, or just feeding a person certain foods and nutrient formulas. 

Š          Combination therapy. All nutritional balancing programs involve a combination of therapies such as a diet, a healthy lifestyle, nutritional supplements and more.

Š          A holistic approach. Nutritional balancing always addresses all levels of a person’s being, such as the physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual.  This is not the case with post-modern medical care, which is often quite fragmented.

Š          Non-toxic therapy. No drugs or bio-identical hormones are used, unless needed temporarily to maintain life in an emergency.




            The next five chapters discuss the major therapeutic modalities used in nutritional balancing.  They include:


Š          Lifestyle. Correction of basic living habits is the single most important recommendation in nutritional balancing for most people.  This includes improving one’s eating and sleeping habits.  Others have to do with exercise and activity.  Still others concern avoiding toxic exposures, emotional control, and one’s attitudes, beliefs, thinking habits and behavior.

Š          Diet.  A diet suitable for one’s oxidation type is a primary healing modality and lifestyle aspect.  The diet is fairly strict.  Some people object to this, but increasingly people realize how serious the problems are in their diets, and just how powerful a healthful diet can be.
      Most food today, for instance, is simply not worth eating at all, even on rare occasions.  Most is hybridized, genetically altered, processed, stripped of its few remaining nutrients and laced with hundreds of questionable flavor enhancers, preservatives and other additives.  Deep healing requires a much better overall diet in most cases.

Š          Nutrient supplementation. A number of simple, targeted nutritional supplements are another important component of nutritional balancing programs.  Supplements are recommended in a very precise and specific way based on hair analysis readings and rarely based on symptoms or signs such as high blood pressure.  However, when used symptomatically, supplements are always recommended in a way that balances the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios.  This is a most important difference between this science and most other nutritional approaches.  It makes nutritional balancing safer and more effective, as well.

Š          Detoxification.  I have added other detoxification procedures to nutritional balancing science since Dr. Eck’s death in 1996.  In 2002, I became aware of the benefits of the daily use of a near infrared light sauna.  I believe Dr. Eck would be thrilled with it.  Infrared saunas are very safe, powerful, cost effective and quite comfortable when used properly.  With daily use, they quickly begin to reduce the load of metals, chemicals and infections that everyone carries today.  Several years of daily sauna use is needed in most adults to remove the bulk of their toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  Sauna therapy also relaxes the autonomic nervous system, assists cardiovascular health, improves circulation, oxygenation and hydration, and helps to restore the skin and support the kidneys and liver.

Š          Colon therapy or coffee enemas. Dr. Eck was aware of the value of colon cleansing, though it was not a formal part of his work.  Numerous clients have reported that coffee enemas  “saved my life”.  In most adults, coffee enemas for a few years are extremely helpful to speed progress.
      I am aware of the objections to these procedures, particularly coffee enemas, but I have not seen these in my practice of almost 30 years when people do them as recommended.

Š          Meditation using the Roy Masters exercise.  Dr. Eck knew about Mr. Roy Masters and his excellent work.  His meditation is simple, non-denominational, grounding, and helps to calm the mind.  It also helps to center and focus one’s energy, and gently assists healing at deep levels.  In addition, it is very safe because it is a whole system type of meditation exercise, unlike many others offered today, and can be done as much as one wishes.  Just any meditation won’t do.  In fact, 99% of those that are offered today are much less helpful.  Chapter 44 discusses this exercise in detail. 




            Seven sections discuss the important areas of nutritional balancing science, including:


I. Introduction and the basic modalities in nutritional balancing science.

II. The theory of nutritional balancing science. A large set of ancient and modern medical and scientific principles are the basis for this science.

III. An introduction to the minerals.  This covers the sources, functions, detection and assessment of the major minerals in the body.

IV. An introduction to hair mineral analysis and its interpretation by the method of Dr. Paul Eck.  Dr. Eck used hair analysis to develop and continuously refine nutritional balancing science.  Understanding how to read a hair mineral analysis using his method is essential for success with it.  I have added to his knowledge in a few minor areas.  To keep his work pure, I have indicated whenever an idea or a mineral pattern was not, to my knowledge, a part of his original work.

V. Physical health conditions and their assessment and correction with nutritional balancing science.

VI. Mental and emotional health conditions and their correction with nutritional balancing science.

VII. Therapeutics, retracing, business, legal and other aspects of nutritional balancing science. This text is not a therapy manual, as that would require a much larger book.  However, this section introduces important therapy concepts in nutritional balancing science.

Appendices include a glossary of important terms, a Mineral Reference Guide, two journal articles about nutritional balancing science, information about other healing techniques, over 500 references and suggested reading.   This book also has a large index.





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