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            The individuals and companies listed below are the ONLY ONES offering near infrared lamp saunas whose design we approve of. PRICES VARY, BUT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SAUNAS WILL WORK EQUALLY WELL.


July 2019. Warning.  Avoid the new SaunaSpace heat lamps.  These are hotter than standard brands of lamps because they put out more far infrared energy, which is harmful.  We also observe that they can trigger EMF that is toxic.

            Right now, we recommend only the standard brands of red heat lamps such as Sylvania, General Electric, Philips, SLi, Satco, Havel, and Feat. 

At this time, we do not recommend Therabulb or Rubylux bulbs and we do not recommend the very inexpensive Westinghouse bulbs.

We also do not recommend TDP lamps, halogen lamps, and clear rather than red heat lamps.  These are not helpful for development.  LED lamps are not harmful, but they are not powerful enough.

On August 27, 2019, we received a nasty letter from Therabulb demanding that we remove any reference to their bulb.  Here is: Their letter and our response.






Cedarbrook Saunas

Types of saunas: Wood enclosure or frame with canvas cover.  Ships from Washington state, USA.

Cedarbrook is an older, larger sauna company that offers free-standing, wooden saunas, custom built-in installations, and a canvas-covered frame lamp sauna.

Website: http://www.cedarbrooksauna.com/infrared-saunas/.

Phone: (800) 426-3929


Country Ray Saunas

Type of sauna: 4-lamp, wooden sauna.  An Amish furniture maker offers an excellent wooden sauna at a very reasonable price.  Ships from Pennsylvania, USA.



Phone: (814) 349-5212, Extension 2.


FYBALANCE Sauna Panel and Stand.  This Sauna Panel and stand is custom-made to be set up without any tools, anywhere it is needed.  Ships from Texas, USA.

Shipping is included in the price, as well as the correct infrared heat lamp bulbs.


Healing Hut Saunas:

Type of Saunas: A complete 4-bulb sauna or just 4-lamp light panels that can be used with the frame and canvas cover or by itself.

              Built in Virginia, this is a nice-looking, well-built frame and 4-lamp light panel for a reasonable price.

Website: www.healinghutsaunas.com.


Redwave Saunas

Types of saunas: A complete 4-bulb canvas-covered sauna with a PVC frame or just a 4-lamp light panel that is free-standing.  Ships from Washington state, USA.

Website: https://www.redwavesauna.com.

Phone: 360-878-2350.


Sauna Comfort

Type of sauna.  Sauna Comfort offers two models of near infrared saunas: a basswood wooden sauna and an affordable frame sauna covered with canvas.  Ships from Wisconsin, USA.

Website: www.saunacomfort.com

Phone: 920-246-5159

Email: rich@saunacomfort.com



Type of saunas: Frame with canvas cover, Shower/bathtub/closet conversion kit, 4-lamp light panels, and a single lamp unit.  Ships from Missouri, USA.

           Lifetime Warranty, 100-day Product Trial and Free Shipping in North America.

Website: saunaspace.com

Phone: toll-free 844.999.5858, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST

Email: sales@saunaspace.com







Website: http://www.nirsauna.com.au.

            Dr. Todd Lizon, DC offers a lamp panel that can be installed in an enclosure to make a near infrared lamp sauna.




Near Infrared Saunas UK, London

Website: www.nearinfraredsauna.co.uk/ 

Email: lilahpav@yahoo.com.  

A team of craftsmen and craftswomen create and build saunas from natural materials to suit customers' requirements.  They offer a canvas-covered frame “tent” saunas and wooden saunas.



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