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This website and this article introduce a set of sciences that are not commonly taught on earth.  We are grouping them together here for this reason, and because they are related.  For more basic theoretical concepts, please read The Theory Of Development.




Before defining each science, here are some general comments that apply to all of them.


1. These are life sciences.  That means they have to do with living organisms only.  They are not physical sciences, in other words, although they create and maintain the physical bodies we see and use daily.


2. These are largely invisible sciences.  This means that the subjects of these sciences are quite invisible to the naked eye and even invisible to most detection equipment, but nevertheless are quite important.

Most people cannot see the aura, the energy centers, etheric bodies, merkabas, the silver cord, or other things described in this article.  However, a few, mainly children, can perceive the aura, the energy centers, the merkaba, and other amazing aspects of human and animal life.  In the future, I believe many more people will be trained to see at least some of these phenomena.


3. Development science works directly with these sciences.  Other approaches to healing do not do this nearly as much.  So the existence of these sciences and phenomena is a reason to follow a development program, no matter how strange or unusual it appears to be.

Unfortunately, one cannot know clearly how a development program is affecting the aura, the energy centers, the merkaba, and other phenomena, but the effects are definite.  

4. The effects described in these sciences are actually automatic results of a development program.  This is most important to understand.  One does not have to believe in the phenomena, or in the development program.  One just needs to do the program faithfully.

5. These sciences overlap.  However, we are listing them separately for clarity.  The advanced sciences in this article follow.




This is the science of the interaction of opposite forces that, in turn, create all other forces, matter and events in the universe.  It is a very ancient science that originated with the Taoists in Asia at least 20,000 years ago.

It is not well known or utilized much in Western healing arts.  However, it is extremely important in development theory and in the design of development programs.  We believe it is one of the main reasons for the success of development programs and the failure of other nutritional, holistic, naturopathic and medical approaches to healing.

The science of yang and yin is the subject of several articles on this website including Understanding Yang And Yin, Yin Disease, Yang And Yin Healing, and Yang And Yin Foods.




Every living creature, as well as all plants, has a subtle glow, emanation or energy field around it.  This is also called the aura of a person, animal or plant.  The reason is that life is an electromagnetic and a subtle energy phenomenon, not just a physical phenomenon.

The subtle energy field will become better understood in the future as scientists develop better electronic measuring instruments that reveal the aura.  These have not been openly allowed on earth, but they exist secretly.

A few people can see or feel subtle energy fields.  Many people can feel another person’s energy field when they are close to one another.  One may describe this as a feeling.  Another person may feel “warm”, “icy cold”, “hard”, “soft”, “open”, etc.

Aura science has to do with reading and interpreting the colors, brightness, markings and movement patterns in the energy field of a person.  This is one of the most complex of the advanced sciences, in part because the energy field is composed of a number of parts that are described below.

For more details, read The Aura on this site.  Another author whose books are excellent is Barbara Brennan, author of Hands Of Light and other books.  Aspects of the subtle energy field of a human being include:


Science of the “energy bodies”.  In addition to the physical body, all human beings have at least two and up to seven subtle energy “bodies”.  These are not physical, but are fields or arrays of etheric energy. 

Most people cannot see them, but they are there and have been spoken of in holy books for millennia.  They constitute the spiritual part of a human being.  Animals and plants also have a few of them.

A development program helps greatly to establish and then fill with subtle energy the five upper subtle energy “bodies” of a person.  This is the essence of development.  For details, read The Subtle Energy Fields Or Bodies. 


            Dantien Science.  The dantiens are three spinning balls of subtle energy centers located in the head, the chest and the lower abdomen.  They generate and help maintain the health of the physical body.  For details, read the Dantiens.


The 7 energy center sciences. These are seven funnel-shaped spinning vortices of subtle energy located along the midline of the body of every human being.  They help generate and maintain the physical body.

Few can see them, but they can be illuminated with electronic equipment.  They offer a great deal of information about a person’s health, psychological condition, and more.  For details, read The Seven Main Energy Centers.


Other, smaller energy centers.  In addition to the seven large energy centers located on the physical body, there are many smaller ones throughout the body.

Also, there are more subtle energy centers located above the head of a person who has developed to a certain degree.  This is a mark of spiritual development of a human being or animal.


 Merkaba science. Merkaba is a Hebrew word that means a ‘vehicle’ or chariot.  It is mentioned 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible, mainly in the book of Ezekiel.

The merkaba is a spherically-shaped bubble that is slightly larger in diameter than the height of a person seen in the subtle energy field of a person who is developed to some degree.

A development program helps greatly to grow the thickness and strength of the merkaba.  This is protective in many ways, has many other benefits, and is a mark of a developed person.  For details, read The Merkaba.


            The plumes.  This is another set of structures in the subtle energy field of a developed person.  It looks like a plume of feathers that emanate from the head.  It is another mark of a spiritually developed person.  For details, read The Plumes.




Souls are real and are the basic units of consciousness.  They literally control all living beings.  They are very tiny and microscopes today cannot view them so modern scientists deny their existence.

Souls are composed of a spark, which is a tiny wire that connects them to a source that is called a Father.  They also have tiny crystalline bodies that resemble a human being in shape.

Trillions upon trillions of souls exist.  They live on planets and throughout all of space.  Some are trapped in bodies and operate all parts and functions of the body.  Others move about freely.

Every aspect of the development programs offered on this website has to do with the needs of our souls.  Sadly, this is not true of most medical, holistic, naturopathic and homeopathic healing programs.  For more details, read Soul Science, Soul Upgrades, Living As A Soul, Journey Of The Soul, Soul Recovery and other articles on this site about souls.  Unfortunately, many articles and books about souls are not accurate.


Twin soul science.  Souls are birthed in pairs called twins that are a male and a female. This is not widely known.

Twins love one another deeply and help each other in many ways.  For example, they share information at all times.  They are always connected to one another by an extremely fine wire or cord that is a Wave Guide that transmits a lot of information between them.  This explains some “psychic” or telepathic communication.

Twin souls is a very powerful and important concept that has been rather corrupted in popular psychology books in the false belief that one can find one’s “twin” partner in life.  This is extremely rare today due to the action of the Rogues.  For more details, read Twin Souls.




The word movement in this article refers to the phases of life that one moves through as life moves along.  For example, at times one may be very involved and busy at school, at a job, healing from an illness, or perhaps raising a family.

At other times, one might spend a month or even a year reviewing and releasing a past situation or event such as divorce or a childhood trauma.  At another time, a new relationship might take up a lot of one’s time, or a move might necessitate spending a lot of time getting to know a new location.  These are examples of movement patterns.

A hair mineral analysis can tell one a lot about one’s current movement patterns.  This seems highly unusual, but it is quite accurate.  The names of a few of these patterns are:

- Stuck in a bowl

- Wasting one’s time

- Hiding

- Stepping Into Life

- Stepping Out Of Life

- Reaching The Goal

- Diving Into One’s Issues And Traumas

- Acute Anger

- Frustration, Resentment And Hostility


If you choose to follow a development program, your Helper will tell you about your movement patterns.

Note that most of the movement patterns are psychological tendencies.  This is because humans are complex beings and the brain and body need to retrace and process and release many past events and situations in order to be free and fully healed.  A development program causes this replaying, reviewing, reframing and release of these situations.

 For more details, read Movement and check Chapter 23 of the 2010, 2014 and 2016 editions of Development And Hair Mineral Analysis.  This chapter gives the movement pattern for many the hair analysis patterns.




It might seem unusual to have an entire science of downward motion.  However, it is real and very important.  The reason is that downward motion, from the head to the feet, even if one is sitting or lying down, is a key to health.

It makes the body more yang in macrobiotic terminology, and it balances the body, spins the energy centers correctly and evenly, helps undo traumas.  It also brings in advanced souls, nourishes the body in unusual ways, and more.  For more details, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing and The Pulling Down Exercse.




            This is an advanced science concerning the way shapes influence our thinking and actions.  It is also a structural science.  For details, read Shape Science.




            Array science is a very advanced science that has to do with combinations of points in space.  The goal of arrays is that electronic devices, humans or other beings who interact in combination and conjunction with one another can greatly increase their power and abilities.

            Array science is somewhat known on earth in the field of radio and television.  Radio engineers know that antenna arrays have been found to be much more powerful than simple ‘stick’ antennas, and these are used widely.




The Love Level is a set of principles that one hears, at times, on Christian and other religious radio and television programs.  Several articles on this website discuss various aspects of Love.  They include The Real Self and Love As Radiance, The Love Tetra, Love And The 7 System and The Word Love.




Development of the will and self-discipline are very important steps for all human beings.  The Will Level is a set of principles about living that are described in The Will.




Adamantine particles are the smallest individuated particles, smaller than atoms.  They are souls who come together to form all matter.  More will be written about them in the  future.




This is a very high level science about how our bodies are created.  It is a fractal science.  This means that it is about the repetition of simple whole number patterns, in this case 1 through 5.  Fractals are the rather amazing concept that one can create the most complex forms through the repetition of specific sequences of simple numbers.  For details, read Fractals.




 Vectors are a mathematical concept involving direction and magnitude.  Vectors are usually illustrated as arrows that have a size (magnitude) and direction.  The vector concept is used in hair analysis interpretation.  For details, read Vectors.



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